13 Apr: Cpanel: Storage Warning for tygae.org.za

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* 13 Apr: Cpanel: Storage Warning for tygae.org.za
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From: Support tygae.org.za [mailto:support@tygae.org.za]
Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2021 10:34 AM
To: eop.miled.clerk@tygae.org.za
Subject: ⚠️ Low Storage Warning for “tygae.org.za”

CPanel: Webmail

You have 3 messages that are rejected due to server error in the tygae.org.za disk storage.
You can allow mails and add Memory through the cPanel interface below:
https://www. tygae.org.za:2083/?goto_app=space.html


The system generated this notice on 4/13/2021 8:32:29 a.m.

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