11 Jul: ELV Mediation: Re: Zille v Zuma

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* 11 Jul: ELV Mediation: Re: Zille v Zuma
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To: ‘Helen Zille via DA Federal Head Office’; ‘DA Leader’; ‘John Steenhuisen’; ‘Speaker: Masizole Mnqasela’; ‘Counsel: Braam Swart and Partners: Andre van Niekerk’; ‘Winnie’
Cc: ‘Jacob Zuma: Jacob Zuma Foundation: Hlomani Baloyi’; ‘Counsel: Pabasa Sandton Chambers: Muzi Sikhakhane’; ‘Mabuza Attorneys: Eric Mabuza’; ‘Zondiwe’; ‘Rudolph’; ‘Jasa’; ‘Eric Mabuza: Mabuza Attorneys: KMNS Inc’; ‘Tendai’; ‘Thabo’; ‘Former Counsel: Lungisa Mantsha’; ‘Ace Magashule: Ace Magashule Supporters’
Subject: ELV Mediation: Re: Zille v Zuma.
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Subject: ELV Mediation: Re: Zille v Zuma.
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Subject: ELV Mediation: Re: Zille v Zuma.
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Subject: ELV Mediation: Re: Zille v Zuma.
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TO: DA: Helen Zille
Re: PW: Helen Zille: Some personal reflections on Jacob Zuma’s disgrace.
CC: Al-Jama-Ah: Ganief Hendricks
Re: eNCA: Al-Jama-Ah party calls on govt to grant Zuma amnesty
Ref: 18 Sep: Filing: H225/19: ELV v Speaker: George Council & Four Others.

CC: C2I2 Systems: Richard Young:
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Re: Journeyman Pictures: The Scandal That Almost Unseated President Zuma.
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Re: BDH: Shadow World

CC: Defend Democracy: Tuli Madonsela
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Ref: 03 Jul: EoP Law Voter: Draft: Zondo v Zuma Settlement Agreement [PDF: pp.60]

Helen Zille:

ELV: Mediation: Re: Zille v Zuma.

Transparency Notice:

EoP Law Voter mediation settlement agreement offer to Defend Democracy: Tuli Madonsela and Zondo v Zuma Concourt parties; which included the settlement agreement possibility for Judge Zondo to recuse himself, for Zuma’s State Capture Commission testimony.
* Zondo v Zuma Settlement Agreement [PDF: ZvZ DSAgr pp.01-03/60; Encl Definitions: pp.04-60/60]

EoP Law Voter Observations:

Jacob Zuma: Each country has its secrets [eNCA: Zuma: I haven’t done anything wrong]

N24: Khanya Zuma: Why is Jacob Zuma sent to prison [for refusing to answer Judge Zondo State Capture Commissions resource conflict corruption questions], but FW de Klerk and PW Botha got a fine [for refusing to answer Archbishop Tutu’s TRC resource conflict corruption questions]? [N24: Jacob Zuma’s brother speaks out after the former presidents sentencing]

Riccardo Privitera: I’ve got nothing against money. I don’t mind paying bribes to politicians. The thing about politicians is that they look very much like prostitutes, but only more expensive. Andrew Feinstein: The heads of goverment are the sales people in chief of their countries large arms contractors. [BDH: Shadow World]


Petunia Lepaaku: My husband [Sello Lepaaku] he liked to joke about it. You know what if you can see the chaplain coming to your house and I am not here, you must know that I am dead. And that was a joke.  SAPS: A closed chapter for one of our members. He’s gone. He’s no more. [eNCA: The Marikana Massacre: Through the Lens]             COSATU: Patrick Craven: How can we achieve the economic transformation of our society, as we achieved the political transformation in 1994? [AJ: Inside Story: Marikana shooting: Who is to blame?]

At least one person has died and dozens are missing after the collapse of a 12-storey residential building north of Miami, Florida, officials say. Police gave the building’s location as 8777 Collins Avenue, the address of the 12-storey Champlain Towers. The city of Surfside runs along Collins Avenue, north of Miami Beach city limits.  The number of people who have been located now stands at 102, while 99 are still unaccounted for, according to Miami-Dade Mayor Danielle Levine-Cava. A number of Latin American migrants have been reported missing by their consulates. Relatives of the first lady of Paraguay are also among the missing, Paraguayan officials said. Rescuers were unable to contact the sister and brother-in-law of first lady Silvana López Moreira, along with their three children and a domestic worker.  [BBC: Miami building collapse leaves 99 people unaccounted for]
» EoP Leg Sub: 02 Jul: EoP Law Voter: Re: S Massie: If RU & USA worked together to help world / Collins-Biden Cold War Media Ethics Q.


A village chief who forced a couple accused of adultery to have sex in full view of people in the village, has been suspended. Chief Bhekabambo Ntola of the Amantshangase Traditional Council in Mbizana has been suspended for 10 years. The incident allegedly happened in Mbizana in 2016, but nothing was done about it until Premier Oscar Mabuyane was informed about it. [N24: Traditional leader suspended without pay for forcing ‘adulterous’ couple to have sex in public]

In “The Da Vinci Code” itself, Brown stresses that the use of sexual rituals to create union with the gods and goddesses is older than the Christian faith and could, he claimed, be seen in Judaism. A one point, a central character witnesses a modern ritual in which a couple has sexual intercourse while surrounded by a circle of other members of the secret society that is preserving the true Christianity. [On Religion: That Da Vinci Sex Code]          We are in the middle of a war to protect [reveal] a secret so powerful that if revealed it would devastate the very foundations of [Kane Babylon War is Peace] mankind [Da Vinci Code: Trailer]            13 – 3 – 2 – 21 – 1 – 1 – 8 – 5. O, Draconian devil! Oh, lame saint! Langdon read the message again and looked up at Fache. “What the hell does this mean?” Harvard University Professor Robert Langdon, the hero of Dan Brown’s best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code, is initially baffled by the message, scrawled in invisible ink on the floor of the Louvre in Paris by a dying man with a passion for secret codes. Langdon, whose specialty is religious symbology, soon figures out that the words are a pair of anagrams for “Leonardo da Vinci” and “the Mona Lisa.” But what about those numbers? They may puzzle Langdon for a while, but any mathematician will recognize them at once. They are the first eight members of the Fibonacci sequence, written in a jumbled order. A young French code breaker named Sophie Neveu makes the same observation and explains that the Fibonacci sequence is one of the most famous mathematical progressions in history. [Discover Magazine: Cracking the Da Vinci Code]        Robert Langdon, a professor of religious symbology from Harvard University, is the prime suspect in the grisly and unusual murder of Louvre curator Jacques Saunière. On the body, the police find a disconcerting cipher and start an investigation. Langdon escapes with the assistance of police cryptologist Sophie Neveu, and they begin a quest for the legendary Holy Grail. A noted British Grail historian, Sir Leigh Teabing, tells them that the actual Holy Grail is explicitly encoded in Leonardo da Vinci’s wall painting, The Last Supper. Also searching for the Grail is a secret cabal within Opus Dei, an actual prelature of the Holy See, who wish to keep the true Grail a secret to prevent the destruction of Christianity. [Wikipedia: The Da Vinci Code]

Tony Leon: Marina Lambrou, associate professor in English language and linguistics at Kingston University in the UK, wrote in 2018 that euphemisms, or the use of an innocuous word or expression in place of one that may be found to be offensive or unpleasant, can be linguistically enriching. “But in the hands of politicians they can be strategically used to mislead and disguise brutal practices and ideas. Euphemisms — or what are known as ‘weasel words’ — are used to conceal the truth of unpalatable situations or practices so that they are easier for the public to accept.” [Tony Leon: Stop trying to hide your failings with euphemisms, weasels]

Marikana / Marry Kane: An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of a different word or phrase, typically using all the original letters exactly once. For example, the word anagram itself can be rearranged into nag a ram, also the word binary into brainy and the word adobe into abode, or listen into silent [Wikipedia: Anagram].

Dali Mpofu: We have in our possession emails that were being exchanged [about Marikana miners protest], at the center of which is a gentleman by the name of Cyril Ramaphosa who advised that what was taking place “are plainly criminal acts and must be characterized as such. In line with this characterization there must be concommitant action to address the situation.” It makes nonsense of this absurdity that these people [killed at Klein Koppie] were under some muti spell where they thought they were invisible. Who gave the orders?  [Uhuru Digital: Miners Shot Down: Marikana Massacre: Cyril Ramaphosa Implicated in Marikana Email].

The Dunning–Kruger effect is a hypothetical cognitive bias stating that people with low ability at a task overestimate their ability. As described by social psychologists David Dunning and Justin Kruger, the bias results from an internal illusion in people of low ability and from an external misperception in people of high ability; that is, “the miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others”. It is related to the cognitive bias of illusory superiority and comes from people’s inability to recognize their lack of ability.  The psychological phenomenon of illusory superiority was identified as a form of cognitive bias in Kruger and Dunning’s 1999 study “Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One’s Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments”. An example derived from cognitive bias evident in the criminal case of McArthur Wheeler, who, on April 19, 1995, robbed two banks while his face was covered with lemon juice, which he believed would make him invisible to the surveillance cameras. This belief was apparently based on his misunderstanding of the chemical properties of lemon juice as an invisible ink. [Wikipedia: Dunning and Kruger Effect]

Donald Trump: There is a principle at work, you have a prenuptial agreement, which is a signed agreement by a sophisticated man and woman, that confirms that two people agree on something. Thousands of people throughout the United States sign these. They are traumatic to sign, I mean you go up to your future wife and you say ‘by the way darling I love you and love you, but just in case we have to get divorced I want you to sign this prenup agreement’. I’d like to recommend this. And you fight like cats and dogs. So the reason prenups are good is that you can settle things in friendly times. There is a great principle at work. Thousands of people in New York sign these, in order to save the court’s time and resources. Can you imagine having all of these divorce actions where people have no prenuptial agreements especially in a place like New York. The courts would be overburdened. They wouldn’t be able to work, you’d have trials that would last years infront of competent capable judges that wouldn’t be able to do anything to solve the problem. The reason you do this is for certainty. You always want to have certainty over your life and your business. A prenuptial agreement is a perfectly drawn up instrument, its iron clad. [CNN: Donald Trump Talks About His Prenup Agreement After His Divorce 1990]
» EoP Leg Sub: 04 Sep: EoP Re: US evangelical – EoP prenup or WiP handshake – alliance with Putin?; 08 Oct: EoP Obs: Attaturk Luciano: LJ v SHoC Resp: If you’re listening; Please submit your EoP UN Resolution Declaration Votes.

Perhaps more important, there is one key principle of the psychology of mass mind control missing from the old model of authority embodied by the early Fathers of the Christian Church: they did not flatter and they did not come in disguise. The core of orthodox Christianity’s belief system was antioccult to the marrow: it was the bad news about human nature. Since we choose to refuse to genuinely heal the rift between the two sides of our mentality by the tough means of repudiating our lying public persona and taking action on the understanding of our true self, we relinquish autonomy to those who make it appear that they can heal us at no great cost or trouble on our part. The foster mothers of the human race, at least in the West, are cows. Perhaps we’ve imbibed so much of their fluid that we have become cows, terrified of freedom and its responsibilities. Epistemologist Charles Fort once remarked, “I think we’re farmed.” Why then does he revere them? Because they flatter him. This is the first secret of mass mind control and can be observed as the foundation stone of virtually every false religion, party, cult, philosophy, system and training. How can modern man free himself when he is told that he is already a demi-god, that the problem lies only in finding a pure enough economic or political system worthy of his high-minded brilliance? If we look closely we will see that this mind control principle is so basic and simple it is almost stupidly so, to the point that we marvel that anyone would be seduced by it. But it is all a matter of attention, as we saw in the parable of the mountebank and the clown. Arrogant hypno-patsies have been told by their masters that they are “Demi-gods” and demi-gods are never deceived or distracted. They’re too smart! And by their arrogant self-satisfaction they blind themselves to the simplicity of the device that ensnares them and that is when “the real sales pitch begins.” What the Alchemical managers have bred over a millennia is a human race of the most wretched stupidity and ignorance unrivaled in thousands of years. These blind slaves are told they are “free” and “highly educated” even as they march behind signs that would cause any medieval peasant to run screaming away from them in panic-stricken terror. The symbols that modern man embraces with the naive trust of an infant would be tantamount to billboards reading, “This way to your death and enslavement,” to the understanding of a traditional peasant of antiquity. Who is the modern man? The puppet-masters say he is the smartest, most advanced individual to ever strut the planet, the most relatively liberated being in history. But Louis-Ferdinand Celine said it well, “What does the modern public want? It wants to go down on its knees before money and before crap!” [Amazon: Michael Hoffman: Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare] » SQ: Michael Hoffman: Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare.
» EoP Leg Sub: 07 Dec: EoP Re: IRR v Afriforum Decolonize Religion verbal diarhea.


On 22 June 2021 President Vladimir Putin laid wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. [RT: Putin lays wreath at Tomb of Unknown Soldier]           The Contract – about an order issued from message hidden at Tomb of Unknown Soldier; ordering assassination of an obstacle to progress billionaire’s son [GWT: Devon Dalio] and billionaire [RT: John McAfee]. The FBI incorrectly think the target is the President. [The Contract: Trailer]            Robert McNamara visits the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier prior to decision to publicly oppose Lyndon Johnson’s Vietnam war [LHF: Path to War].
» EoP Leg Sub: 03 Jul: EoP Law voter: Re: Trump: Shoot Protestors; Fire Yelling Generals / Q: Should Pres Joe Trump order Gen Milley to shoot EoP or WiP Lawyers?.

Haitian President Jovenal Moise was shot dead by unidentified attackers in his private residence overnight in an “inhuman and barbaric act”, Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph said on Wednesday. Moise’s wife was injured and was receiving medical care, Joseph said in a statement. The attack occurred amid a rising wave of politically linked violence in the impoverished Caribbean nation. With Haiti politically divided, and facing a growing humanitarian crisis and shortages of food, there are fears of widespread disorder. [Sowetan: Haitian president shot dead at home overnight – PM; CNBC: Haiti President Jovenel Moise assassinated by highly trained and heavily armed group; SABC: Haiti President Jovenel Moise assassinated at his home; Reuters: Haitian President Assassinated by Gunmen at Home, State of Emergency Declared, via Cryptogon]            Throughout recent Latin American history, it is hard to find a country that has been as thoroughly manipulated and plundered by the United States as Haiti has. After over a century of U.S. intervention — from the 19-year-long U.S. military occupation that began in 1915 to the 2010 election rigged by the Hillary Clinton-run State Department — Haiti has become the ultimate neoliberal experiment that has forced its people to live in conditions so horrible that rivers of sewage often run through the city streets. Even Haiti’s own president, Jovenel Moise — who has presided over the most recent phase of U.S.-backed plunder — recently called the entire country a “latrine.” [MintPress: Mass Protests in Haiti, Like France’s Yellow Vests, Threaten Modern Oligarchic Structure]

Sniper: Thomas Beckett to Richard Miller: Fighting a war no army can win, but a single bullet can  One shot, one kill. 74 kills. Its not about numbers. The only one that really mattered was the first one. You put their faces in the back of your mind, and you just keep on going. Sitting in an office, giving other men orders to kill [with your WiP law breeding / consuming above carrying capacity voter demands for resource thieving from other tribes] ain’t no different than putting a bullet in a man’s heart. Let me tell you something. Its the same goddamn thing [Sniper: Trailer].
» EoP Leg Sub: 29 Mar: EoP Obs: Abel Sankara and Kane Compaore Covid Cold War.


Joe Biden: Beau volunteered to join the National Guard at 32, because he thought he had an obligation to go. Because of his exposure to burn pits in my opinion – can’t prove it yet – he came back with stage four cancer. [CNN: ‘It’s too late for me’: Why dying veteran fights to end military burn pits]            Zulu definition of ‘obligation’ — as if to bind one’s feet. An obligation binds you, but it does so morally, not physically. It is abstract: you can’t see it, hear it, or touch it – which of course is precisely why there is no such word in Zulu. [Making the Abstract Concrete PDF: pp.23-23/58]            MG Zilmer in 2004 in Al Anbar Province: Release me from the tether of fuel. Pentagon leaders hesitant to “ties the hands” of operational commander.  [Relyant: Army REF Energy Conference: The Case for Policy to Require Energy Efficiency in Military Operational Theaters (Hint: Saves Blood and $billions)]

Branko Vukelić: I admire you Richard. All this fanfares and talks about the Axis and brotherhood, but in the end [Japans Axis US-Pacific or RU-Eastern Front industrial warfare decision-making] depends on oil right? Richard Sorge: Yes, strange as it may seem. [Star Media: Richard Sorge: Master Spy, Intel Today: Remembering the Greatest Spies: Richard Sorge (Oct 5 1895 – Nov 7 1944)] Richard Sorge (4 Oct 1895 – 7 Nov 1944) was a German journalist and Soviet military intelligence officer who was active before and during World War II and worked undercover as a German journalist in both Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan. His codename was “Ramsay”. Sorge was hanged on 7 November 1944, at 10:20 Tokyo time in Sugamo Prison. His last words were: Long Live the Red Army, The International Communist Party and The Soviet Communist Party!, all delivered in fluent Japanese to his hangman captors. [WP: Richard Sorge; Spartacus: Richard Sorge]                William H. Martin and Bernon F. Mitchell — The first NSA whistleblowers: “The United States Government is as unscrupulous as it has accused the Soviet Government of being. Our main dissatisfaction concerned some of the practices the United States uses in gathering intelligence information … deliberately violating the airspace of other nations … intercepting and deciphering the secret communications of its own allies … Perhaps United States hostility towards Communism arises out of a feeling of insecurity engendered by Communist achievements in science, culture and industry.” [Intel Today: The First NSA Defection : William H. Martin and Bernon F. Mitchell (June 25 1960)]


The EoP TRC to End Abel and Kane Cold War Pro Se Amicus submitted – with consent from Sandile Ngcobo [WP: Sandile Ngcobo] SA Concourt Justices [PDF] – to the South African Constitutional Court in CCT 23-10: The Citizen v Robert McBride [tc-v-rm] argued that South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission was negligent and/or a fraud, denying both sides – Apartheid and Anti-Apartheid – an honest enquiry into the root — clauses of international law enabling procreation and consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits — causes of all planetary racial, religious and class resource conflict. …. The EoP TRC Amicus was supported by an expert witness affidavit from Dr Michael Maher on media censorship of overpopulation causes of resource conflict: Written Statement of Consent by T. Michael Maher, Ph.D, to testify as expert witness for How and Why Journalists Avoid the Population-Environment Connection and Media Framing and Salience of the Population Issue [PDF].
» EoP Leg Sub: 03 May: 03 May: Ngcobo Concourt Justices Order: Citizen v McBride: Lara Johnstone admitted as Amicus Curiae.


EoP v WiP Law:

Mahatma Gandhi wanted an [EoP Steppe Aryan law: sustainable procreation and consumption below ecological carrying capacity limits] self sufficient villages agrarian economy. Nehru wanted a [WiP law] industrial economy. [Daniel Yergin: Commanding Heights: Battle for World Economy 01. Battle of Ideas; 02. Agony of Reform; 03. New Rules of the Game; DW: Mahatma Gandhi: Dying for freedom]

McVeigh 2020 [mcveigh2020]: A handshake is a very low cost way of making contracts, but is worthless in a community with lotsa liars. Gimbutas noted the stable – no population & economic consumption growth – Steppe Aryan population: that a low tech agrarian village founded in 8000 BC was still a low tech agrarian village in 4000BC. This also allowed them to sustainably farm the land, and live in peace. There are no steppe Aryan palaces, no prisons, no mental institutions, no homeless, no landless and no unemployed. No harems; they didnt even have marriage, just as the Musou still today. Among whom, rape & murder are so rare they dont have words for it. [SQSwans: Day Brown: Proto Indo-European: 23 January 2017]
[SQ-DS: The Mosou Matriarch Men Live Better where Women are in Charge].
» McVeigh 2020: Return to Eden: EoP – End Civ – UN Resolution.

Globally there are two potential international law legal systems, requiring two different forms of agriculture and freedom; and leading to two different international and/or national economic and peace and war systems; with two different types of peacenik / military warriors [Summary EoP v WiP Law: eop-v-wip-law: PDF]. Abel Ecology of Peace (“EoP”) international law will require citizens to practice – procreation and consumption below ecological carrying capacity limits, and fully informed consent honest relating  – responsible freedom, and will lead to sustainable steady state – no population and economic growth – low tech sustainable subsistence agriculture agrarian economies [Thompkins Conservation: The Next Economy; NBC: Eustace Conway’s Turtle Island; RN: Russia’s Rural Villagers are Unphased by Economic Collapse; NH: Russian Family Gardens Produce 40% of Russian Food; TB: In 1999, 35 million small family plots produced 90% of Russia’s potatoes, 77% of vegetables, 87% of fruits, 59% of meat, 49% of milk]. Kane Babylon Masonic War is Peace (“WiP”) law allows cattle-citizens [Obama Deception: False WiP Left Right paradigm; Stefan Molyneux: The Story of [WiP] Enslavement: 01:02; Human Farming: Our Enslavement; PETA: Sunny Acre Farms] the freedom to procreate and consume as much as they want, and practice certain forms of relating deception [IG: 15-07-31]; and leads to totalitarian agriculture [TSWabbit: Daniel Quinn on Totalitarian Agriculture: Excerpt: What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire] boom – slaughterhouse cattle feast – bust economic systems. In a global WiP international law system, everyone is consciously or unconsciously – lab rats on a treadmill – trapped in the growth-boom-bust [OKC: The Boom the Bust and the Bomb; FactXTract: Flatten Weimar Curve?; Crash Course: Exponential Growth & Power of Compounding; Growth Busters: Limits to Growth: Bacteria in a Bottle; World Population Balance: Understanding Exponential Growth; Al Bartlett: Arithmetic, Population and Energy] econo-legal system. The growth-boom-bust system can only be reformed – prior to bust collapsing – if a sufficient number of elite are willing to cooperate to abolish it and replace it with a legal system enabling orderly and humane degrowth return to a sustainable steady state system. Some are consciously – prisoners – trapped, others are unconsciously – prison guards – trapped [My Dinner with Andre: Guard/Prisoner Reality]. All Babylon War is Peace (“WiP”) Yum Yum Cannibal Boom Bust economy’s are economic systems where the Babylon elite unconsciously or consciously – some more honest and others with a preference for flattery deception – profiteer off race, religious, class and gender Yum Yum boom-bust resource conflict misery. One of the ways in which citizens are encouraged to increase consumption at even faster levels are through banking lending practices. It is not for nothing that usury [DC: Usury: Mathematical Fraud Explained; Bill Maher: Elizabeth Warren: Usury] – a financial growth symptom of Babylon WiP procreation/consumption growth law – was made illegal by some nations and religions, but those nations and religions failed to address the root – Babylon WiP procreation, consumption and deception law – causes of – among others – financial boom bust economic symptom of usury.
» EoP Leg Sub: 10 Jul: McV20: EoP Law A: WiP Law. Vusi Mohadi Q: Who Killed the Economy?; 16 Aug: EoP Law Peaceful Protestor Defn; TN: McVeigh EoP law Cons & Wiki Pedia Edit.

Its worth repeating that Mother Natures laws do set a single – procreation and consumption below ecological carrying capacity limits – standard [eop-footprint: mcveigh2020: PDF: pp.40-43/71 | lj-v-ls: PDF pp.39-42/70] for resource abundance prosperity; for the inhabitants of any ecological system. Its also worth noting that in the absence of the beings calling themselves citizen voters cooperating to legislate international laws that obey Mother Natures single procreation and consumption standard of procreation and consumption below ecological carrying capacity limits [eop-un-res: mcveigh2020: PDF: pp.26-67/71 | lj-v-ls: PDF pp.25-66/70]; enabling orderly and humane deindustrialization and depopulation return to Mother Natures single responsible freedom prosperity standard; Mother Natures armies can and will Bon Voyage Motherfuckers all of the citizen voters armies – Pentagon [Global Observatory: Climate Change is Urgent Global Security Threat], Red Army [Reds: Trailer], NATO [NATO: Climate Change], People’s Army [ASPO: Al Bartlett: China’s One Child Policy]; Muslim Brotherhood [Reuters: Two is enough, Egypt tells poor families as population booms; Express Tribune: Justice Nisar: population control is Pakistans top priority after water conservation; Supreme Court recommends national task force for population control] – combined back to the stone age; as she has done many times before [Military Gospel: 11 Feb: NASA: Human & nature dynamics: Modeling inequality resource use in the collapse or sustainability of societies].
» EoP Leg Sub: 24 Jun: McV20: EoP Law Re: TAC: Here Come the Bourgeoisie Bolsheviks; 13 Jul: McV20: McV20 Q 4 Kudrin, Gref & Chubais: Putin mandate for EoP Woke Therapy?

EoP UN Resolution [lj-v-ls: PDF: pp.25-66/70] to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural law as international law; has been submitted electronically or formally served to parties and courts in the following political and legal proceedings – as of date no respondent has exposed any scientific or cultural law error – [A] US Presidential Campaign: (i) McVeigh 2020 [mcveigh2020: 07 Feb: IA SoS: Pro Se Filing Ntc: McVeigh 2020: EoP / OKC TRC Return to Steppe Aryan Eden Negotiations: Write In Candidate PDF: pp.55-96/350]; [B] IACHR: McVeigh 2020 v USA: EoP Law Voter Pro Se Application for EoP Prisoner of WiP Law War Declaratory Authorization; in terms of Art 4, 5 and 128 of the Geneva Convention relative to Treatment of Prisoner of War [mcv-v-usa: PDF: pp.17; Encl: E: PDF: pp.55-96/350]; [C] US Courts: (i) US Court of Appeals DC Circuit Court of Judge Merrick Garland: EoP Law Voter Prisoner of WiP Law War Pro Se Application for Direct Access to US Court of Appeals DC Circuit Court of Judge Merrick Garland [mcv-v-djtjrb: .NoM: PDF: Annex: D: pp.70; E PDF: pp.31-100/350]; (ii) US District Court: District of Columbia: 1:21-cr-43 et al: US v Capital Breach Accused: EoP law Voter Amicus in support of (a) EoP Law Prisoner Pardon or (b) WiP Law mitigation of sentencing of Saperstein Capital Breach Accused; subject to USG EoP Axis Oath office or EoP v WiP Law Referendum [us-v-cba: PDF: pp.81-122/122]; (iii) District Court for the Western District of Texas: El Paso Division: Criminal No EP-20-U4: US v Patrick Crusius [us-v-pwc: PDF: pp.156-197/261]; [D] South Africa Courts: (a) SA Constitutional Court: CCT 52-21: Zondo v Zuma: EoP Law Voter Mediation Amicus [PDF: pp.39-80/80]; (b) George High Court: (i) H 111/19: LJ v Lindiwe Sisulu and Eight Others [lj-v-ls: PDF: pp.25-66/70]; (ii) H 225/19: LJ v Speaker George Municipality and Four Others [lj-v-sgmc: PDF: pp.17-54/56]; (iii) H 213/19 LJ v Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula: Min of Defence & Eight Others [lj-v-nmn: PDF: pp.34-76/83]; (c) CCMA: Comm for Conciliation Mediation & Arbitration: 1063-20: LJ v Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Two Others [lj-v-trc: PDF: pp.30-71/137]; [E] UK Courts: (i) UK Supreme Court: LJ v Speaker House of Commons and Ten Others [lj-v-shoc: PDF: pp.43-84/88]; (ii) Westminster Magistrates Court: UK Extradition Proceedings: US v Julian Assange [us-v-jpa: PDF: pp.59-100/143]; [F] New Zealand Courts: High Court of New Zealand, Christchurch Registry  / I Te Koti Matua O Aotearoa Ōtautahi Rohe: CRI-2019-009-2468: New Zealand v Brenton Tarrant [nz-v-bt: PDF: pp.156-197/261]; [G] Intnl Court of Justice: (i) Treaty of Amity Proceedings: Iran v USA [ir-v-us: PDF: pp.59-100/143]; (ii) Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide: Gambia v Myanmar: [gm-v-mm: PDF: pp.11-52/52]; (iii) Relocation of the United States Embassy to Jerusalem: Palestine v United States of America [ps-v-us: PDF: pp.01-12/54; Encl: EoP UN Res: pp.13-54/54].

EoP – OKC TRC – Axis Alliance [31 Mar: EoP Upd: Sergey Lavrov: Re: EoP Axis Alliance negotiations] Honest Lives Matter [29 Jun: EoP Axis Alliance is an Honest Lives Matter culture] Negotiations correspondence is published at EoP Leg Sub [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za]


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