21 Jul: ELV Re: TC: What is core of – looting corruption swamp / Nordstream Covid Climate – problems?

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* 21 Jul: ELV Re: TC: What is core of – looting corruption swamp / Nordstream Covid Climate – problems?
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From: EoP MILED Clerk [mailto:eop.miled.clerk@tygae.org.za]
Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2021 8:32 PM
To: ‘Ernst Roets’; ‘Tucker Carlson’
Cc: ‘Thabo Mbeki: Mbeki Foundation’; ‘Siyabulela Gebe’; ‘Vusi Gumede’
Subject: ELV Re: TC: What is core of looting corruption swamp problems?
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Subject: ELV Re: TC: What is core of Nordstream Covid Climate problems?
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Cc: ‘Thabo Mbeki: Mbeki Foundation’; ‘Siyabulela Gebe’; ‘Vusi Gumede’
Subject: ELV Re: TC: What is core of Covid Climate problems?
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TO: Tucker Carlson
TO: Afriforum: Ernst Roets
Re: Fox: Tucker presses South Africa civil rights activist on why people are leaving
CC: Thabo Mbeki
Ref: Jack Alpert: Thought Process limitations and social conflict: How many children per family  leads to, or keeps the peace; on an island where all families have an equal forty acres & a mule property ration?.
Ref: EoP – Exit Globalist Ecocide WiP Law: Responsible Freedom property ration basic income – Axis Alliance Treaty [EoP OAS PDF: pp.58; EoP EUR: PDF: pp.54; EoP AU: PDF: pp.54]

TO: Green: Robert Habeck
TO: Fridays for Future: Germany & Russia
Re: F24: Nord Stream 2: A pipeline too far?.

TO: Fort Russ: Joaquin Flores
Re: Strategic Culture: Cuba and Color Revolution: A Cautionary Tale of the Next Phase of Forever-War
Ref: EoP – Exit Globalist Ecocide WiP Law – Axis Alliance Treaty [EoP OAS PDF: pp.58; EoP EUR: PDF: pp.54; EoP AU: PDF: pp.54]

CC: RU Pres Vladimir Putin, RU-EG Amb Sergei Kirpichenko, RU-PK Amb Alexey Y. Dedov:
Ekip: Ataturk: Founder of Modern Turkey; ABC-RN: The Gatekeepers: Israel’s spy leaders call for peace; Israel Policy Forum CIS Commanders: Mossad: Shabtai Shavit; IDF Central Command: Avi Mizrahi; NATO: Climate Change; Global Observatory: Climate Change is Urgent Food Water Wars Refugee Mass Migration Global Security Threat; Reuters: Two is enough, Pres Al-Sisi tells poor families as population booms; Express Tribune: Justice Nisar: population control is Pakistans top priority after water conservation; Supreme Court recommends national task force for population control; Energy Skeptic: Wilkin: Zero to One Child per woman; the only possible solution at this late date; Jack Alpert: Thought Process limitations and social conflict: How many children per family leads to peace?; Energy Skeptic: Fossil-fueled industrial heat hard to impossible to replace with renewables; SQ-WA: Clugston: NNR Scarcity End of Industrial Civilization; SQ-PC: Thermodynamic – TechnoDevelopment Energy – Footprint; SQ-PM: Procreation Footprint: Every Child Increases a Parents Carbon Footprint by a Factor of 20; SQ-JB: A Proposal: How to Determine Who Can and Who Cannot Reproduce.
Ref: 31 Mar: EoP Upd: Sergey Lavrov: Re: EoP Axis Alliance negotiations

Tucker Carlson et al:

ELV Re: TC: What is core of Nordstream Covid Climate problems?

Tucker Carlson: What is the core problem that gives rise to resource conflict symptoms? [Fox: Tucker presses South Africa civil rights activist on why people are leaving]      “Notice he never defined white supremacy,” Carlson said, adding “No one ever has. There is no actual definition for it. So it can apply to everyone who didn’t vote for Joe Biden. That’s why it is terrifying, that’s why you should resist it.” [Zero Hedge: Pentagon Reportedly Tracking Extremist Web Searches Including ‘The Truth about Blacks Lives Matter’]          Tom Barack: You have President Joe Trump who is saying he’s going to drain the swamp / battle for the soul of Sowetho. He’s got to define where that soul swamp is. [EoP Amended: Bloomberg: Tom Barrack on Trump’s Nuclear Weapons Tweet].

Derrick Jensen: If your experience is that your food comes from a grocery store and your water comes from a tap, you will defend to the death the system that brings those to you, because your life depends on it. If on the other hand your experience is that your water comes from a stream – imagine that people used to drink from streams – and that your food comes from a landbase, you will defend to the death that stream and that landbase [how cuba survived peak oil] because your life depends on it.. [EoE: Identification]        We could all have South Africa’s Tutu TRC transformation of the heart, and if we still – like WiP Law voter South Africans – continue to breed and consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, we would still need a massive police force and army to stop us from stealing each others cheap labour [physical cheap labour: Jack Alpert: Thought Process limitations and social conflict: How many children per family  leads to, or keeps the peace; on an island where all families have an equal forty acres & a mule property ration?.]  and accumulated capital production [oil cheap labour: end of suburbia: crude impact: crude awakening: collapse] resources. [EoE: Civilization and Enlightenment; Excerpts: EoE: What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire]

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks [WP: The Oil Factor behind the War on Terror], President Bush didn’t call for [register as responsible-freedom voter: ZvZ SAgr: PDF: pp.18-18/60] sacrifice. He called for shopping [TUZ: Surplus: Terrorized into being Consumers]. “Get down to Disney World in Florida,” he said. “Take your families and enjoy life, the way we want it to be enjoyed.” Taken on its own, this wasn’t such a horrible sentiment. But Boston University historian Andrew Bacevich has made a convincing case that it was part of a broader pattern of encouraging financial irresponsibility [TC: The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism: Trailer]. “Bush seems to have calculated — cynically but correctly — that prolonging the credit-fueled consumer binge could help keep complaints about his performance as Commander in Chief from becoming more than a nuisance,” Bacevich wrote in the Washington Post in October. Now we’re paying the bill. [Time: Telling us to Go Shopping]

Kane Babylon WiP international law – enabling procreation and consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits – is the root cause of all racial, religious, class and gender resource conflict. [EoP UN Resolution Definitions: lj-v-ls: PDF: pp.25-66/70].

There’s no tomorrow: Everybody’s got a nuke in their pocket. – [Codi von Richthofen: Missile Crisis: The Man who Saved the World. Charles Atencio: Peter Jennings: The Missiles of October: What the World Didn’t Know. David von Peins JFK Channel: The Missiles of October. History Channel: The Cuban Missile Crisis. VHEMT: Voluntary Human Extinction Movement: There’s No Tomorrow].

Matthew Simmons: Peak Oil is basically as serious as thermo-nuclear war. [Economic Crisis Review: Crude Impact. SQ-CS: Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil; Bluemark: Collapse Trailer. Remarkable Encounters: A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash. End of Suburbia: Peak Oil End of Suburbia. SQ-CvC: Eating Fossil Fuels. Incubate Pictures: There’s No Tomorrow].

We watched our neighbor in June decide his future.  In order to retain his employment in the private sector, he had to receive at a minimum the first shot of his choice of poison. Both him and his wife had stated since the lockdowns began here in March of 2020, that they knew this was a scam, and they never would receive a “vaccine”. Now we watched him with a heavy heart as he decided to take the shot– so that he could still provide for his family. He opted to take the Chinese version of it, Sinopharm, “to have the best chance of surviving”. His reasoning is “I’m still strong, so I think I can survive the shot”. Keep in mind, he’s not concerned with surviving covid, he’s concerned with surviving the poisonous shot. The choice between starving or being poisoned to death is how we view it. This is what our life is like being stranded here in Aqaba, Jordan. [Henry Makow: In Jordan, the Choice is between poisoning and starving, via Truthseeker]

Joaquin Flores: It is very difficult for a nominally sovereign government to tell a Thatcherite story of ‘TINA’ – there is no alternative. Cuba lacks alternatives except going either the path of the Khmer Rouge, or the path of laissez-faire. It has chosen some middle-path. It’s been only a handful of leaders, several in Africa, in Haiti, and Belarus, that have openly bucked these provisions. And of these, all have been since eliminated except for Lukashenko in Belarus who no doubt enjoys some security provisions from the Russian Federation.     Cuba produces its own vaccine, one that is not an experimental mRNA vaccine. The US would like very much to force a concession onto Cuba that it accept the mRNA vaccine. Perhaps the Cuban population of 11 million is just too high. Lukashenko in turn revealed that he refused an IMF offer of $980 million to play the lockdown deathmatch. This is a Color Revolution. … for those who understand what the signs are, the signs of a Color Revolution are certainly there. But to understand this requires a long and broad view of the interplay between staged economic crises and the predictable turmoil they create in certain countries. Because turmoil and protests are all but predictable even to OXFAM, once the FAO food index price surpasses about 210 (by 2012 ratios). Then, it becomes a question of which countries global lending institutions deem worthy of borrowing to subsidize against the newly inflated food price, or which countries the food production companies view in a lenient fashion. As OXFAM wrote in 2012: “While concerns about high food prices are foremost about the spread of hunger and poverty, high food prices are also strongly correlated with political instability and have historically been a catalyst for mass protest in countries where legitimacy is already faltering. Research performed by the New England Institute for Science and Society has identified “a global food price threshold for unrest.”  Since 2007, food riots have broken out in more than 60 countries and have occurred with heightened frequency during periods of record-breaking food prices such as in 2008, when food riots erupted from Europe to the South Pacific. The FAO food price index crossed the 210 threshold, for the first time, in February 2008.” Do we need to mention again that global economic crises are staged? Surely, there are structural problems broadly speaking, in the entire Neo-Keynesean system built in some large part from the ideas of Milton Friedman. So it should be clarified that while the timing of these economic crises are planned, they are also bound to happen. But when precisely they happen, and the point of them, would probably shock and confuse, then demoralize anyone who had a naïve understanding of global politics. You see, the point planned economic crises is the upwards redistribution of wealth. Every firm except a handful of ‘zaibatsu’ style state-picked winners must absorb their own losses. This is corporatism 101. Each market crises is structurally predetermined as these bubbles which define them, grow to a certain point. But it is a decision that is made to ‘pop the bubble’ at a particularly more fortuitous time as opposed to some other time – granted that it would need to be popped sooner or later. So these are both features of the structure, but also planned.     Understanding Color Revolutions requires an understanding of this phenomenon. In 2008, the massive bail-outs to banks using currency debasement, led to a geopolitical strategy on the part of the US deep state to buy up and corner the markets on perishable goods, especially those markets and firms which directed their energies towards Turkey, the Arab world, and Iran. This led to strife across the Maghreb region, Egypt, Syria, an increase of problems in occupied Iraq, and a boon to the Green movement in Iran. [Strategic Culture: Cuba and Color Revolution: A Cautionary Tale of the Next Phase of Forever-War]

Frank Serpico: It takes a fourteen shot clip. You expecting an army? Serpico: No, just a division [Serpico: Trailer: IG: Serpico Division]                Richard Manning: The journalist’s rule says: follow the money. This rule, however, is not really axiomatic but derivative, in that money, as even our vice president will tell you, is really a way of tracking energy. We’ll follow the energy. [SQ-RM: The Oil We Eat: Following the Food Chain back to Iraq]                Dale Allen Pfeiffer: Three Choices:     Considering the utter necessity of population reduction, there are three obvious choices awaiting us.       We can-as a society-become aware of our dilemma and consciously make the choice not to add more people to our population. This would be the most welcome of our three options, to choose consciously and with free will to responsibly lower our population. However, this flies in the face of our biological imperative to procreate. It is further complicated by the ability of modern medicine to extend our longevity, and by the refusal of the Religious Right to consider issues of population management. And then, there is a strong business lobby to maintain a high immigration rate in order to hold down the cost of labor. Though this is probably our best choice, it is the option least likely to be chosen.      Failing to responsibly lower our population, we can force population cuts through government regulations. Is there any need to mention how distasteful this option would be? How many of us would choose to live in a world of forced sterilization and population quotas enforced under penalty of law? How easily might this lead to a culling of the population utilizing principles of eugenics?       This leaves the third choice, which itself presents an unspeakable picture of suffering and death. Should we fail to acknowledge this coming crisis and determine to deal with it, we will be faced with a die-off from which civilization may very possibly never revive. We will very likely lose more than the numbers necessary for sustainability. Under a die-off scenario, conditions will deteriorate so badly that the surviving human population would be a negligible fraction of the present population. And those survivors would suffer from the trauma of living through the death of their civilization, their neighbors, their friends and their families. Those survivors will have seen their world crushed into nothing.         The questions we must ask ourselves now are, how can we allow this to happen, and what can we do to prevent it? Does our present lifestyle mean so much to us that we would subject ourselves and our children to this fast approaching tragedy simply for a few more years of conspicuous consumption? [SQ-DAP: Eating Fossil Fuels]

Dmitry Orlov: You will need neighbors to barter with, to help you, and to keep you company. Even a small farm is probably overkill in terms of the amount of farmland available, because without the ability to get crops to market, or a functioning cash economy to sell them in, there is no reason to grow a large surplus of food. Tens of acres are a waste when all you need is a few thousand square feet. Many Russian families managed to survive with the help of a standard garden plot of one sotka, which is 100 square meters, or, if you prefer, 0.024710538 acres, or 1076.391 square feet.  What is needed, of course, is a small town or a village: a relatively small, relatively dense settlement, with about an acre of farmland for every 30 or so people, and with zoning regulations designed for fair use and sustainability, not opportunities for capital investment, growth, property values, or other sorts of “development”. Further, it would have to be a place where people know each other and are willing to help each other – a real community. [SQ-CO: Post Soviet Lessons for a Post American Century; The Six Stages of Collapse]


EoP v WiP Law:

Mahatma Gandhi wanted an [EoP Steppe Aryan law: sustainable procreation and consumption below ecological carrying capacity limits] self sufficient villages agrarian economy. Nehru wanted a [WiP law] industrial economy. [Daniel Yergin: Commanding Heights: Battle for World Economy 01. Battle of Ideas; 02. Agony of Reform; 03. New Rules of the Game; DW: Mahatma Gandhi: Dying for freedom]

McVeigh 2020 [mcveigh2020]: A handshake is a very low cost way of making contracts, but is worthless in a community with lotsa liars. Gimbutas noted the stable – no population & economic consumption growth – Steppe Aryan population: that a low tech agrarian village founded in 8000 BC was still a low tech agrarian village in 4000BC. This also allowed them to sustainably farm the land, and live in peace. There are no steppe Aryan palaces, no prisons, no mental institutions, no homeless, no landless and no unemployed. No harems; they didnt even have marriage, just as the Musou still today. Among whom, rape & murder are so rare they dont have words for it. [SQSwans: Day Brown: Proto Indo-European: 23 January 2017]
[SQ-DS: The Mosou Matriarch Men Live Better where Women are in Charge].
» McVeigh 2020: Return to Eden: EoP – End Civ – UN Resolution.

Globally there are two potential international law legal systems, requiring two different forms of agriculture and freedom; and leading to two different international and/or national economic and peace and war systems; with two different types of peacenik / military warriors [Summary EoP v WiP Law: eop-v-wip-law: PDF]. Abel Ecology of Peace (“EoP”) international law will require citizens to practice – procreation and consumption below ecological carrying capacity limits, and fully informed consent honest relating  – responsible freedom, and will lead to sustainable steady state – no population and economic growth – low tech sustainable subsistence agriculture agrarian economies [Thompkins Conservation: The Next Economy; NBC: Eustace Conway’s Turtle Island; RN: Russia’s Rural Villagers are Unphased by Economic Collapse; NH: Russian Family Gardens Produce 40% of Russian Food; TB: In 1999, 35 million small family plots produced 90% of Russia’s potatoes, 77% of vegetables, 87% of fruits, 59% of meat, 49% of milk]. Kane Babylon Masonic War is Peace (“WiP”) law allows cattle-citizens [Obama Deception: False WiP Left Right paradigm; Stefan Molyneux: The Story of [WiP] Enslavement: 01:02; Human Farming: Our Enslavement; PETA: Sunny Acre Farms] the freedom to procreate and consume as much as they want, and practice certain forms of relating deception [IG: 15-07-31]; and leads to totalitarian agriculture [TSWabbit: Daniel Quinn on Totalitarian Agriculture: Excerpt: What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire] boom – slaughterhouse cattle feast – bust economic systems. In a global WiP international law system, everyone is consciously or unconsciously – lab rats on a treadmill – trapped in the growth-boom-bust [OKC: The Boom the Bust and the Bomb; FactXTract: Flatten Weimar Curve?; Crash Course: Exponential Growth & Power of Compounding; Growth Busters: Limits to Growth: Bacteria in a Bottle; World Population Balance: Understanding Exponential Growth; Al Bartlett: Arithmetic, Population and Energy] econo-legal system. The growth-boom-bust system can only be reformed – prior to bust collapsing – if a sufficient number of elite are willing to cooperate to abolish it and replace it with a legal system enabling orderly and humane degrowth return to a sustainable steady state system. Some are consciously – prisoners – trapped, others are unconsciously – prison guards – trapped [My Dinner with Andre: Guard/Prisoner Reality]. All Babylon War is Peace (“WiP”) Yum Yum Cannibal Boom Bust economy’s are economic systems where the Babylon elite unconsciously or consciously – some more honest and others with a preference for flattery deception – profiteer off race, religious, class and gender Yum Yum boom-bust resource conflict misery. One of the ways in which citizens are encouraged to increase consumption at even faster levels are through banking lending practices. It is not for nothing that usury [DC: Usury: Mathematical Fraud Explained; Bill Maher: Elizabeth Warren: Usury] – a financial growth symptom of Babylon WiP procreation/consumption growth law – was made illegal by some nations and religions, but those nations and religions failed to address the root – Babylon WiP procreation, consumption and deception law – causes of – among others – financial boom bust economic symptom of usury.
» EoP Leg Sub: 10 Jul: McV20: EoP Law A: WiP Law. Vusi Mohadi Q: Who Killed the Economy?; 16 Aug: EoP Law Peaceful Protestor Defn; TN: McVeigh EoP law Cons & Wiki Pedia Edit.

Its worth repeating that Mother Natures laws do set a single – procreation and consumption below ecological carrying capacity limits – standard [eop-footprint: mcveigh2020: PDF: pp.40-43/71 | lj-v-ls: PDF pp.39-42/70] for resource abundance prosperity; for the inhabitants of any ecological system. Its also worth noting that in the absence of the beings calling themselves citizen voters cooperating to legislate international laws that obey Mother Natures single procreation and consumption standard of procreation and consumption below ecological carrying capacity limits [eop-un-res: mcveigh2020: PDF: pp.26-67/71 | lj-v-ls: PDF pp.25-66/70]; enabling orderly and humane deindustrialization and depopulation return to Mother Natures single responsible freedom prosperity standard; Mother Natures armies can and will Bon Voyage Motherfuckers all of the citizen voters armies – Pentagon [Global Observatory: Climate Change is Urgent Global Security Threat], Red Army [Reds: Trailer], NATO [NATO: Climate Change], People’s Army [ASPO: Al Bartlett: China’s One Child Policy]; Muslim Brotherhood [Reuters: Two is enough, Egypt tells poor families as population booms; Express Tribune: Justice Nisar: population control is Pakistans top priority after water conservation; Supreme Court recommends national task force for population control] – combined back to the stone age; as she has done many times before [Military Gospel: 11 Feb: NASA: Human & nature dynamics: Modeling inequality resource use in the collapse or sustainability of societies].
» EoP Leg Sub: 24 Jun: McV20: EoP Law Re: TAC: Here Come the Bourgeoisie Bolsheviks; 13 Jul: McV20: McV20 Q 4 Kudrin, Gref & Chubais: Putin mandate for EoP Woke Therapy?

EoP UN Resolution [lj-v-ls: PDF: pp.25-66/70] to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural law as international law; has been submitted electronically or formally served to parties and courts in the following political and legal proceedings – as of date no respondent has exposed any scientific or cultural law error – [A] US Presidential Campaign: (i) McVeigh 2020 [mcveigh2020: 07 Feb: IA SoS: Pro Se Filing Ntc: McVeigh 2020: EoP / OKC TRC Return to Steppe Aryan Eden Negotiations: Write In Candidate PDF: pp.55-96/350]; [B] IACHR: McVeigh 2020 v USA: EoP Law Voter Pro Se Application for EoP Prisoner of WiP Law War Declaratory Authorization; in terms of Art 4, 5 and 128 of the Geneva Convention relative to Treatment of Prisoner of War [mcv-v-usa: PDF: pp.17; Encl: E: PDF: pp.55-96/350]; [C] US Courts: (i) US Court of Appeals DC Circuit Court of Judge Merrick Garland: EoP Law Voter Prisoner of WiP Law War Pro Se Application for Direct Access to US Court of Appeals DC Circuit Court of Judge Merrick Garland [mcv-v-djtjrb: .NoM: PDF: Annex: D: pp.70; E PDF: pp.31-100/350]; (ii) US District Court: District of Columbia: 1:21-cr-43 et al: US v Capital Breach Accused: EoP law Voter Amicus in support of (a) EoP Law Prisoner Pardon or (b) WiP Law mitigation of sentencing of Saperstein Capital Breach Accused; subject to USG EoP Axis Oath office or EoP v WiP Law Referendum [us-v-cba: PDF: pp.81-122/122]; (iii) District Court for the Western District of Texas: El Paso Division: Criminal No EP-20-U4: US v Patrick Crusius [us-v-pwc: PDF: pp.156-197/261]; [D] South Africa Courts: (a) SA Constitutional Court: CCT 52-21: Zondo v Zuma: EoP Law Voter Mediation Amicus [PDF: pp.39-80/80]; (b) George High Court: (i) H 111/19: LJ v Lindiwe Sisulu and Eight Others [lj-v-ls: PDF: pp.25-66/70]; (ii) H 225/19: LJ v Speaker George Municipality and Four Others [lj-v-sgmc: PDF: pp.17-54/56]; (iii) H 213/19 LJ v Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula: Min of Defence & Eight Others [lj-v-nmn: PDF: pp.34-76/83]; (c) CCMA: Comm for Conciliation Mediation & Arbitration: 1063-20: LJ v Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Two Others [lj-v-trc: PDF: pp.30-71/137]; [E] UK Courts: (i) UK Supreme Court: LJ v Speaker House of Commons and Ten Others [lj-v-shoc: PDF: pp.43-84/88]; (ii) Westminster Magistrates Court: UK Extradition Proceedings: US v Julian Assange [us-v-jpa: PDF: pp.59-100/143]; [F] New Zealand Courts: High Court of New Zealand, Christchurch Registry  / I Te Koti Matua O Aotearoa Ōtautahi Rohe: CRI-2019-009-2468: New Zealand v Brenton Tarrant [nz-v-bt: PDF: pp.156-197/261]; [G] Intnl Court of Justice: (i) Treaty of Amity Proceedings: Iran v USA [ir-v-us: PDF: pp.59-100/143]; (ii) Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide: Gambia v Myanmar: [gm-v-mm: PDF: pp.11-52/52]; (iii) Relocation of the United States Embassy to Jerusalem: Palestine v United States of America [ps-v-us: PDF: pp.01-12/54; Encl: EoP UN Res: pp.13-54/54].

EoP – OKC TRC – Axis Alliance [31 Mar: EoP Upd: Sergey Lavrov: Re: EoP Axis Alliance negotiations] Honest Lives Matter [29 Jun: EoP Axis Alliance is an Honest Lives Matter culture] Negotiations correspondence is published at EoP Leg Sub [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za]


Lara Johnson,
EoP MILED Clerk [EoP Oath PDF]
16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, 6529

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Fridays for Future: Germany (kontakt@fridaysforfuture.de); Russia (fridaysforfuture.ru@gmail.com); Added: Fridays for Future: Botswana (fridaysforfuturebw@gmail.com); Burkina Faso (c.amarna@iso.bf); Cameroon (dzebamjonathan@gmail.com); Ghana (matey.richard@aiesec.net); Kenya (kenya@fridaysforfuture.org); Liberia (chriswasborn@gmail.com); Namibia (fridaysforfuturewhk@gmail.com); Nigeria (nigeriaforfridaysforfuture@gmail.com); Senegal (senegal@fridaysforfuture.org); Uganda (fridaysuganda@gmail.com); Zambia (kalombwanap@gmail.com); Zimbabwe (pepmtisi@gmail.com)

Fort Russ: Joaquin Flores:
Fort Russ: Joaquin Flores (FindMeFlores@yahoo.com)

RU Pres Vladimir Putin, RU-EG Amb Sergei Kirpichenko, RU-PK Amb Alexey Y. Dedov:
Kremlin: President Vladimir Putin via Kremlin Press Office (press_office@prpress.gov.ru); RU-US Emb: Anatoly Antonov (RusPressUSA@mid.ru); Min of Foreign Affairs: Spokesperson: Maria Zakarova (ministry@mid.ru); RU-ZA Emb: Ilya Igorevich Rogachev (ruspospr@mweb.co.za); RU-NL Emb: Alexander Vasilievich Shulgin (rusembassynl@mid.ru); RU-EU Emb: Vladimir Chizhov (russia.eu@mid.ru); RU-UK Emb Alexander Vladimirovich Yakovenko (info@rusemb.org.uk); RU-BE Emb: Tokovinin Alexander (amrusbel@skynet.be); RU-CH Emb: Harmonin Sergey Viktorovich (rusbotschaft@bluewin.ch); RU-PK Emb: Alexey Y. Dedov (pakistan@mid.ru); Alexey Y. Dedov (islamabad@dks.ru); RU-UN Amb Vasily Nebenzya: Fedor Strzhizhovskiy (press@russiaun.ru); RU-ZW Emb: Nikolai Vladimirovich Krasilnikov (zimbabwe@mid.ru); RU-DE Emb: Sergei Nechaev (info@russische-botschaft.de);


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