31 Jul: ELV Re AR-BS Re ELV Re: Amerika: Why do White people hate themselves?

* Amerika, Brett Stevens
* 31 Jul: ELV Re AR-BS Re ELV Re: Amerika: Why do White people hate themselves?
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To: ‘Amerika: Brett Stevens’
Subject: ELV Re: Amerika: Why do White people hate themselves?


TO: Amerika: Brett Stevens

Brett Stevens:

ELV Re: Amerika: Why do White people hate themselves?

* 30 Jul: AR-BS Re ELV Re: Amerika: Why do White people hate themselves?
* 30 Jul: ELV Re AR-BS Re ELV Re: Amerika: Why do White people hate themselves?.
* 29 Jul: AR-BS Re ELV Re: Amerika: Why do White people hate themselves?.
* 29 Jul: ELV Re: Amerika: Why do White people hate themselves?.
* Amerika: Why do White people hate themselves?.

EoP law voter active listening [Edwin Rutsch: Empathy aka Active Listening Circle] reply.
AR-BS: Alt Right: Brett Stevens
EoP-LJ: Ecology of Peace: Lara Johnson


AR-BS 01: I’m a simple man.

EoP-LJ 01: Noted: You believe yourself to be a simple man.

Cross-culturally objectively or cultural specific subjectively?

Cross-culturally objectively: Do you think all men from all cultures who call themselves ‘simple men’ share your ‘simple man’ values?

Cultural Specific subjectively: Do you think all men from your racial, religious, class or religion sub-culture who call themselves ‘simple men’ share your ‘simple man’ values?

In terms of your cultural existential identity: subjectively: what does ‘I’m a simple man’ mean to you?

If you don’t know what it means to you; how the fuck do you expect me – someone from a totally different culture – to know what the fuck you are talking about; when you say ‘I’m a simple man’?

For example: Does I am a simple man mean:

* I am a simple man: I want a WiP law social contract so I can have cheap labour from those I consider myself superior to; so I can have a porche in my driveway, a rolex on my wrist, a tits and ass slut wife shopper who keeps the Federal Reserve wanker bankers employed and sucks everyone’s dick except mine; 2.2 kids for ego-cheap labour and a 5000 square meter property, etc.

* I am a simple man: I want an EoP law international law social contract, that provides all responsible freedom [responsible-freedom] oath citizens of all races, religions, classes and genders; with a property ration [property-ration], in their cultural law self rule [cult-law-self-rule] homeland of their choice; to enable my own labour shelter and survival self-sufficiency in a relocalized low-tech forty acres and a mule family farm economy future.

I, Brett Stevens, am a simple man: I want …………..


AR-BS 02: My first statement was honest: you spread the word about my writing to others. That helps me at least, or I think it does, and I wanted to express appreciation.

EoP-LJ 02: Noted: I did spread the word about your article [Amerika: Why do White people hate themselves?] and consequently your website [amerika.org] to others [29 Jul: ELV Re: Amerika: Why do White people hate themselves?]. You believe that helps you to spread your message, or you think it helps you, and you wanted to express appreciation.

I do think the – why does anyone of any race, religion, class or gender love/hate themselves and/or others – is an idea worthy of further enquiry, discussion, truthseeking, to enable further self and/or cross-cultural understanding.

In that context: No problem. Your appreciation accepted.

EoP law culture [elvcc] / McVeigh 2020 [mcveigh2020] is not afraid of ideas and does not act as a gatekeeper to suppress ideas from EoP law voter readers.

EoP law culture readers who do not sincerely consider EoP law culture voter stupid consciousness – love / hate; ally [eop-axis] / enemy [eop-v-wip-enemy] – ideas as cultural values they want to adopt; are welcome to explore other cultural values. In fact the sooner they fuck off to such other cultural values venues, experiment with those cultural values, either sincerely adopt those cultural values, or realise those cultural values are not what they sincerely value; the sooner they will return and sincerely value EoP law cultural values; or at least be a sincere cultural opponent to the extent that they know EoP Law Culture did not manipulate them to be an EoP law culture voter member.

Black Five: Since this is an IO post, it’s worth noting that those methods are generally more effective than white IO for taking on groups that you don’t want to risk legitimizing. White IO v. hostile groups is best reserved for occasions when you are the weaker group, or when the stronger group is actively trying to raise the stature of a group. Why would they wish to do so? If you google “the Gravity Well” at Blackfive [Blackfive: COIN: The Gravity Well], you’ll find an essay I wrote that might explain why. Sometimes the most effective thing you can do is choose the one of your enemies that you prefer, and raise their stature so that they begin to draw in more of the people who are predisposed to the hostile cause. For example, you may find that one group that is overtly hostile to you nevertheless obeys certain rules of engagement that makes them a more honorable or preferable opponent. By raising their stature as an enemy, you may undercut the recruitment of other hostile groups — and thus get to fight the opponent you prefer to fight. [Black Five: A Lesson in Information Operations].
» EoP Leg Sub: 02 Aug: EoP Re: WiP Law White / Black Live$ Matter Global Networks.


AR-BS 03: I have to admit to being not a big fan of video, but the idea behind “radical honesty” is the same that exists behind my “radical realism”: humans are self-deluding.

EoP-LJ 03: You are presumably referring to Brad Blanton’s Radical Honesty culture [Radical Honesty Channel: Radical Honesty 01.02.03; SHO: Brad Blanton: And Nothing But the Truth; The Importance of Telling the Radical Truth; SQ-Esquire: I Think You’re Fat; The Most Honest Conversation in the World] videos and ideas.

I don’t know if Brad Blanton shares your – Amerika: ‘radical realism – views as expressed at: Amerika: Fear of a Black Pill; Legalize Slavery; Inside the Battle for the Soul of Conservatism.

Slavery will only be legal under EoP SciCult law, in a cultural law self rule homeland [cult-law-self-rule], where the master/s and slave/s have signed a fully informed written consent agreement, as to the terms of their master / slave relationship. The chances of an individual with their own property ration [property-ration] basic income entering into a slavery agreement with someone else; is unknown; however if that is their sincere fully informed consent preference they will be welcome to do so. If however either party engaged in negligent or intentional deception with regard to their agreement; they will be able to file a crime of aggression [crimes-of-aggression] complaint.

EoP law voter definition of a human is someone who has signed their EoP Axis Oath [eop-axis-oath].

As a matter of ethical [18 Jun: LJ Costs Q’s Filing: B: EoP Law Voter Pro Se Applicant: [a] Juror Magistrate Integrity Ethics definition; [b] EoP Law Voter paralegal – EoP TRC – expertise legal services] stupid consciousness human relating to another individual, calling themselves human or not:

I don’t make allegations against anyone, without providing the individual so alleged with my cultural law definition for the allegation: if ‘delusion’; I start with my cultural law definitions of objective [eop-rh-fr] and subjective [ego-literacy] reality; and ask them for their objective and subjective reality definitions. How can you make a sincere allegation of delusion against someone if you don’t know what their definitions of objective or subjective reality are?

Individuals who sincerely existentially identify as scientific sincere peacenik / honourable warriors; may share my cultural law objective definition of reality [eop-rh-fr]. In certain circumstances observing a particular event, some individuals observing the same event may or may not share my subjective reality conclusions; related to that particular event.

If Stanley Milgrams studies are correct: generally speaking Milgram 98% [15 Mar: Milgram Two, Eight, Thirty Five & Ninety-Eight % Decision-Makers] beings follow orders; including orders about objective and subjective reality: Some people can accuse them of being delusional, others recognize that they are simply following – biological, racial, religious, or socio-cultural – orders; which may or may not be delusional, depending on the particular individuals scientifically in/accurate definitions for objective and subjective reality.

If you want to change the alleged ‘delusional’ behaviour of the ‘cultural law’ human or soldier-ants; you speak – to the extent that you speak Bee language – to the ‘cultural law’ Queen Bee; and/or her ‘cultural law’ Generals.

Defining the Enemy: Whom should the military kill?:
Mattis stated in an interview with the author of the Mattis Way of War case study that if he could outfight the enemy commander; he wouldn’t have to fight his troops. [Military History Visualized: General Mattis’ Way of War (2001 – 2003)]. In the context of outfighting the enemy commander, which is – if you are an honourable warrior – always to find a win-win just solution to the resource conflict dispute you are engaged in: I don’t think it matters if the General or Admiral in charge of the troops has a vagina [Russian Resurrection: Battalion; The Great War: Russia’s New Offensive – The Russian Women’s Battalion of Death; Battle of the Camel: Mohammeds Wife Aisha] or a penis, or both or none, if the General or Admiral’s ego’s are capable of confronting Ecology of Peace Radical Honoursty Factual Reality principles. In that context, the only operative question for such military commander’s honourable discussion, between themselves and with their troops; is: Whom should the military kill?
» EoP Leg Sub: 16 Aug: EoP TRC Info: USCAAF Judge Stucky; US Fed & State Judges.

[00:34:08] Mark Ellis: I guess that’s the point of saying… certainly there are countries in the world that one would question the integrity, the ability of the judicial system… [00:34:16] Julian Assange: All of them – there is no exception. Let me give you a type of proof. A military invasion will remove every judicial system. No exception. So you actually see that the administration of the law, judges, all that, comes as a result of the military domination of a particular area of life and to more efficaciously administer that military domination and more efficiently and to have less opposition from the population that are there… there is a construction of various lightly armed forms of military, we call them police, and delegated decision making, so you don’t have to have your top power figures constantly making decisions, and instead you create standardised rules and people to administer them. So when everything starts getting up near this level of the fundamental underpinnings of where legal systems emerged from, they break down. No exceptions. [IBANet: A Conversation with Julian Assange].
» EoP Leg Sub: 24 Nov: IBANet Julian Assange Conversation: EoP Re: EROEI Root Cause of Legal System Collapse; 16 Aug: EoP TRC Info: USCAAF Judge Stucky; US Fed & State Judges: DRAFT: Military Democracy EoP UN Resolution Martial Law; 28 Nov: McV20: EoP Law Voter Q Re: Voters Ballots, not Lawyers Briefs decide Elections..

My interpretation of Garrett Hardin’s Tragedy of the Commons thesis [One Minute Economics: The Tragedy of the Commons; human4832: Garrett Hardin on Tragedy of the Commons] is that his conclusions are that there will be nuclear war [CA: The Day After] unless delusional humans change their procreation, consumption and relating behaviours.

In the context of Clotaire Rapaille – I don’t listen to human neo-cortext-alibi or limbic-emotional brains; I listen to their Reptilian brain [Archetype Discoveries: Mission] – observations: Garrett Hardin’s Tragedy of Commons theory that nuclear war is a result of ‘human-delusion’ may be incorrect:

Clotaire Rapaille: It’s always a pleasure to discover a new tribe. Some people see things that other people don’t see. How do some people see the world in one way and other people see it in a totally different way, from one culture to another and that’s why we don’t understand one another. [Microsoft Research: Why People Around the World Really Are Different, and the Hidden Clues to Understanding Us All]             Clotaire Rapaille: The reptilian brain comes from biology. The reptilian brain is the oldest part of your brain, which has been here for thousands and thousands or millions of years. So we cannot argue with this guy. My theory is simple. The reptilian brain always wins. There are some priorities. You cannot go to the opera, if you don’t breathe. You have to breathe first. Its a biological priority. Drinking is more important than eating. You can last longer without eating than without drinking. So there are some priorities that are worldwide, but what I want to drink is not the same as what the Japanese want to drink, or the Chinese want to drink. That is interesting. So at a certain time you might want to have fulfills your needs, but you want an emotion. That is the second brain. The notion of culture. The culture is telling you something. At the biological level we are all the same. At the cultural level we have something in common with different groups. I have been studying Swiss for many years. They are incredible, but the German Swiss are more German than the German German, and the Swiss French hate the French French. So this is very interesting, but they have a unifying culture.  How do they create this unifiying culture? Through the reptilian brain. .. The ideal brand is a brand that gives you the reptilian trigger, the logic of emotion and a good intellectual alibi, to do what you want to do anyway. So we need to combine the three. One element that is very important in reptilian marketing is because we are in a time where we are losing our identity. We need to reconnect with identities. We need to have a brand that is to give me my identity. I usually say you don’t buy a brand, you join a brand. ..  Turkey’s higher purpose or higher mission is to bring the world together, to bring all the cultures and religions together, to make them respect and understand each other and succeed in creating what I call a peace of culture; to make this world where we can learn from each other, where we can share with each other the value of each culture.  [Clotaire Rapaille: BrandWeek Istanbul: Deglobalization and Cultures].

If Garrett Hardin’s Tragedy of the Commons thesis is correct; and if Generals and military lawyers would prefer to Tragedy of the Commons nuclear war:

The NSA / FSB could request any nation to hold a Milgram 2% – EoP v WiP law referendum – to identify the – my tits and ass slut has fuck all blowjob skills, so I want nuclear war misery blowjob – WiP law oligarch, ceo, religious, lawyer, judge misery reptile parasites.


AR-BS 04: That’s where this is interesting…

> EoP Axis oath [eop-axis-oath] is a promise – a form of labour or information barter exchange reciprocity [Dmitry Orlov Twilight of the Antipodes] – purchase of labour or information sharing cooperation with very clear unambiguous honest communication as to what the collective strategic goal is. If or when there is a mutual overlap agreement on strategic goal between two or more individuals, they can sign an unconditional or conditional cooperator oath, to clarify their cooperator commitment to the strategic goal.

EoP-LJ 04: Anders Breivik regarding ‘interesting’: One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100 000 who have only interests [IG: 15-05-29_tmcveigh-featherculture].

The full eop-axis-oath quote:

EoP Axis oath [eop-axis-oath] is a promise – a form of labour or information barter exchange reciprocity [Dmitry Orlov Twilight of the Antipodes] – purchase of labour or information sharing cooperation with very clear unambiguous honest communication as to what the collective strategic goal is. If or when there is a mutual overlap agreement on strategic goal between two or more individuals, they can sign an unconditional or conditional cooperator oath, to clarify their cooperator commitment to the strategic goal. The oath is a process to learn to practice in decision-making, communication and relating responsible freedom self government 24/7/365: If or when my ego gets in the way of me cooperating, towards our strategic goal; I will not run away or play some passive aggressive egomindfuck games. I will be my own or your Sgt Major and bitch slap my own or your fragile ego Private through the face with clear sincere verbal feedback, to help quick resolution of our misunderstanding, disagreement with you my fellow Oath co-operator; to enable us to uphold our cooperation agreement towards our shared strategic goal, through potentially difficult times. It’s a statement of: our strategic goal is our cooperative master, not our individual ego’s.
» EoP Leg Sub: 22 Jul: McVeigh2020 Re: Greg Johnson NB Principles; Richard Spencer: Trump WN Congame; 29 Jul: EoP Obs: Everytime they make it – abolish babylon idea meritocracy – plain kissed, the worlds intelligence chiefs held their breath.


AR-BS 05: Strategic goals: the idea of binding the discussion to those alone is very interesting.

EoP-LJ 05: Are you referring to EoP law voters policy that EoP law policy can only be changed by EoP Law voter unconditional cooperators?

If not: What do you mean by: “Strategic goals: the idea of binding the discussion to those alone is very interesting”

Different people learn differently. Some learn from reading. Others learn from listening. Others learn kinaesthetically.

If you learn kinaesthetically; the chances of you learning unconditional co-operator eop axis oath [eop-axis-oath] fully informed consent ego literacy skills – i.e. giving up your dominatrix addiction preferences; or learning monkey rank decision making – will only occur once you have spent some time in a dormitory prison cell as the only individual from your culture, amongst individuals with very different cultures, and experienced some of their ‘fuck reading / listening ‘ kinestheatic fuck fully informed consent rape or gang rape or equivalent dominatrix addiction communication relating preferences.

People do not give up their dominatrix addictions easily.

If you haven’t found yourself in an overcrowded dormitory prison, where you are the only white non-violent accused amongst 40 black predator murderers; only black non-violent accused amongst 40 predator klansmen murderers; only christian non-violent accused amongst 40 muslim predator murderers, only muslim non-violent accused amongst 40 buddhist predator murderers, etc; with no Magomed or Caruso steel bridge prison guards; you probably don’t have any complaints yet about your nation’s ‘fuck honour factual reality’ matchstick bridge legal system. [eop-rh-cult-info]
» EoP Leg Sub: WiP Law Collapse.

Some cultures have a – Don’t fuck with the Dominatrix Pope – hierarchy.

Robert Ardrey: We turned to speculation concerning the life of a monkey in a society of 700. And the psychologist CR Carpenter made a memorable analysis of monkey decision-making. “You are a monkey,” he said, “and you’re running along a path past a rock and unexpectedly meet face to face another animal. Now, before you know whether to attack it, to flee it, or to ignore it, you must make a series of decisions. Is it monkey or non-monkey? If non-monkey, is it pro-monkey or anti-monkey? If monkey, is it male or female? If female, is she interested? If male, is it adult or juvenile? If adult, is it of my group or some other? If it is of my group, then what is its rank, above or below me? You have about one fifth of a second to make all these decisions, or you.could be attacked.” I have never encountered a more eloquent, more realistic, or more humbling tribute to the capacities of the animal mind. In any social group that includes rank order as its structure, every animal must know every other animal individually, and be aware of himself at the focus of the varying relationships. Thus, through social ranking, natural selection places a premium on intelligence, for the animal too stupid to meet the competition of Carpenter’s decision-making process will probably be eliminated as a breeding factor in the group. To the successful organization of unequal beings in confrontation with common needs, hierarchy makes many a contribution. It reduces fighting. Once the order of dominance is established, serious aggression becomes rare, since each member knows too well his own capacities in relation to the next fellow’s. Rank order sorts through competition the unequals, placing in positions of influence those with superior assets for the group as a whole. Then, through social learning and the following response, it makes their achievements available to become individual assets of every last member. There are genetic consequences as well, since in most species the sexual attractiveness of high rank and unattractiveness of low favors a disproportionate contribution to the gene pool on the part of the highly endowed. Hierarchy even disposes, in the strangest of ways, an animal justice, and we shall look at that in a moment, but perhaps the most significant contribution to the species as a whole, and to evolution in its long upward sweep, has been the demand placed by status on intelligence.
» SQSwans: Robert Ardrey: The Social Contract: A Personal Inquiry into the Evolutionary Sources of Order and Disorder.

Other cultures have a – Who the fuck is the Stupid Consciousness Co-Learner Pope on this question of fact / law? – issue in dispute?

[15] Gen James Cartwright: Two hundred years ago Napoleon designed a command and control system for military forces to work out the ambiguity of information. We’ve pretty much left it alone. Its still here. So how do you start to change a system that starts at the bottom of one cylinder, moves to the top over and down and up again. I know it sounds familiar because every bureaucracy basically does that and the size of the Headquarters is directly relevant to the amount of ambiguity that you are dealing with and you’re trying to wash it out. Unfortunately if you put a line of people together in junior high school and they tell a secret at one end, what comes out at the end, doesn’t often have any relevance to the problem you are trying to solve. That was the activity that pushed me that pushed me to see what was out there, to challenge the culture to move to the three week problem, not the thirty year problem. …. What tools will have the greatest leverage, the quickest. At the end of the day, that is what we are looking for. So those were the types of things we were looking for. Its not just blogging, but it became the most leveraging tool of them all. …. The speed of informing someone, bringing key relevant information was so much quicker in this environment, than it was in a phone conference.           If you decide to enter into a conversation… as a senior person, in at least rank, you can be globally stupid, and you can do it very quickly and if that bothers you, then you are going to have to toughen up the hide. In the military structure, that is something that is a paradigm shift. But if you can’t stand being globally stupid once in a while, this is not the space for you. The other piece was that people in the rank structure worried that they would somehow breach it, and you would have inappropriate comments. What we did was that we turned it into — for an aviator what was called a ready room — where we have an environment, where for training purposes we wash off the rank stuff; and it is brutal. And we just turned this environment into that; and it is brutal. If you are misbehaving it gets policed so quickly. That the downside that we have found is extremely small. The upsides are the intellectual capital, the speed to which you gain information; and context for decisions, and planning and execution. I have not found anything that comes close, not even close. Many people use this for many reasons, I can focus on the enemy, got that, can focus on higher headquarters, and the organization can turn on a 24 hour clock, very very quickly. …. the conversation is going in real time; you can get to a decision; you can understand the parameters of your problem, very quickly. It is perfect information. No. Do you understand the pedigree of the data that you are dealing with? No. Welcome to real life. If I had perfect data. If I understood the pedigree of all that data I might be able to make a better decision; but it would be perfectly irrelevant; because the time would have passed. We get paid to take risk, to manage the risk. Having no information is a lot worse than having a broad array of information; that you start to understand the error of the bar, and you get good context; and then you make the best decision that you can. [BizofGov: US Strategic Command: Gen James Cartwright: 01:02:03]

[16] It was just weeks after James Comey joined Bridgewater—whose corporate culture of high-achieving intellectuals resembles a moneyed management cult that shares more in common with the 1970s personal-improvement fad est than it does with a typical Wall Street firm—that Comey was cornered by a similarly new 25-year-old employee. The junior associate interrogated the former Justice Department official on a seemingly illogical stance that Comey had taken in an earlier meeting. “My initial reaction was ‘What? You, kid, are asking me that question?’ … I was deputy attorney general of the United States; I was general counsel of a huge, huge company. No 25-year-old is going to ask me about my logic,” he recalled. “Then I realized ‘I’m at Bridgewater.’”     Comey said that, even though he was excited to embrace the new way of thinking, it took him at least three months to settle in with Bridgewater’s culture. “I finally relaxed and untied the knot in my stomach that would instantly appear when someone questioned me,” he recalled. “Bridgewater’s a hard place. … It’s a place filled with really smart people who are always going to tell you the truth, and that’s hard.”       Inside Bridgewater, the culture of questioning is known as “probing,” a chance to understand the deeper “whys” inherent in an individual’s thinking or a corporate process.      “I’ve been ‘probed’ in this strange field trip through life that I’ve had a lot of different places. I’ve testified in court, I have briefed the president of the United States repeatedly, I’ve argued in front of the United States Supreme Court, and I’ve been probed at Bridgewater. And Bridgewater is by far the hardest,” Comey says. “You combine that intelligence, the depth and the almost 360 [degree] vector of the questioning, there is no more demanding, probing, questioning environment in the world than Bridgewater.”        “Sometimes I felt my head spinning when people were questioning me, but it’s uniquely demanding,” he said in the video. “If you say something stupid to the president of the United States, he may backhand you and say that’s a dumb answer, but he doesn’t want to know why you said that and what does that tell me about the way that you’re approaching your work, and what does it tell me about you. He’s never going to ask that.”       “I went to Bridgewater in part because of that culture of transparency,” he told Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley during his confirmation hearing in 2013. “It’s something that’s long been part of me. I think it’s incumbent upon every leader to foster an atmosphere where people will speak truth to power.       One common Washington joke about officials who mostly dread testifying on Capitol Hill is that they all immediately commit perjury by proclaiming that they’re “pleased to be here before the committee.”       James Comey may be the exception. In fact, he may welcome the chance to engage in verbal judo with inquisitors. [Politico: The Weird Hedge Fund That Prepared James Comey for His Capitol Hill Hot Seat]
» EoP Leg Sub: 08 Jun: LJ Costs Orders A’s Filing [C3] Conflict of EoP Law and WiP Law Cultures Authorities


AR-BS: I will think on this, since it’s all I can take on for now, but please keep me in mind and feel free to drop a line anytime. We are all the freaks on the periphery, not fitting in, yet still believing, and that makes us an important group.

EoP-LJ: Not sure what you are going to be thinking about. However if you know that’s quite okay.

I have not asked you to take anything on.

I am EoP MILED Clerk on behalf of EoP Applicants [eop-applicants]. In such capacity I have simply shared information about EoP Law Voters Truth and Reconciliation to End the Abel and Kane Cold War information.

In this case, I provided you with the Ecology of Peace law voter culture reply to ideas and concepts in your article [Amerika: Why do White people hate themselves?]

As a multi-tasking correspondence: I also provided EoP TRC negotiations [eop-leg-sub] readers with EoP Law Voter culture answer to their racial / religious / class / gender question: Why does anyone of any race, religion, class or gender love/hate themselves and/or others?.

I am not looking for pen friends interested in – fuck definitions and fuck listening – verbal diarhea.

There are EoP law voter freaks and WiP law voter freaks, and they have very very different ‘important is first’ [mcveigh2020] definitions.

If you subjectively consider yourself to be a Milgram 2-35%; your opinion is of EoP v WiP law referendum interest, to NSA and FSB.

If you subjectively consider yourself to be a Milgram 98%; you follow orders.

If you consider yourself a Milgram 2-35% simple man: If EoP law goals are not of interest to you; no offence taken. Apologies for bothering. If they are, if or when you have a question, feel free to ask.


EoP – OKC TRC – Axis Alliance [31 Mar: EoP Upd: Sergey Lavrov: Re: EoP Axis Alliance negotiations] Honest Lives Matter [29 Jun: EoP Axis Alliance is an Honest Lives Matter culture] Negotiations correspondence is published at EoP Leg Sub [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za]


Lara Johnson,
EoP MILED Clerk [EoP Oath PDF]
16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, 6529

Sent per electronic notice to:

Amerika: Brett Stevens:
Amerika: Brett Stevens (editor@amerika.org)


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