LJ v Clive Johnstone


EoP Applications in LJ v CH Johnstone is one of the EoP Legal Submission cases involving EoP scientific and cultural law recommendations to shut down the WiP Ponzi profiteering of resource conflict and misery economy, by ‘turning off the tap’ — i.e. the breeding / consumption above ecological carrying capacity limitscauses of resource conflict and war; by implementing an Ecology of Peace New World Order Social Contract that (a) requires all citizens of all races, religions, nations, to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits; or be humanely eliminated from the planetary genepool; (b) nationalizes all property and provides all responsible freedom oath citizens: (i) cultural law self rule for groups with subjective racial, religious & gender identities; and (ii) a property ration to enable their shelter and survival self-sufficiency to enable the rebuilding of a relocalized low-tech organic agrarian sustainable future.


GMC 5048-15 Case Summary:

GMC 5048-15: Lara Johnstone v Clive Johnstone in George Magistrates Court Civil Court, issues in dispute include among others: conflict of cultural issues, Timothy McVeigh’s faked execution, request for assisted suicide financial assistance, mental disorder allegations, evidence for the existence of God, military’s use of psychotronic weapons, etc.

Lara Johnstone hereby requests the following information from American Ambassador in Pretoria: Patrick Gaspard for Lara, Clive and Ann Johnstone and Russian Ambassador in Pretoria: Mikhail Ivanovich Petrakov to make fully informed decisions with regard to Timothy McVeigh Faked Execution and Russia Assisted Suicide Euthanasia Issue in Dispute.
– Amended Notice of Motion & Founding Affidavit PDF; submitted along with a Request for Assistance of Council to Karen Marshall [PDF]

EoP Leg Sub LJ v CH Johnstone correspondence.



  • 15-11-09: Karen Marshall Letter [PDF]
  • 15-11-09 LJ v CHJ: Notice of Motion [PDF]
  • 15-11-09: LJ v CHJ: Founding Affidavit [PDF]
  • 15-11-09: LJ v CHJ: Proof of Service [PDF]
  • 15-11-09: LJ v CHJ: Sheriff [PDF]
  • 15-11-09: Sheriff Balju Invoice [PDF]
  • 15-12-02: LJ v CAJ: Neg Notice [PDF]
  • 15-12-02: LJ v CAJ: Neg: Affid [PDF]
  • 15-12-02: LJ v CAJ: Encl: Court Filing [PDF]
    • A_15-12-02 151024 CCT-2310 BB Perjury [PDF]
    • B_15-12-04 100506 CCT23-10 Radical Honesty Amicus Order [PDF]
    • C_15-12-04 151109 Karen Marshall Letter [PDF]
    • D_15-12-04 151117 LJ-v-FM PoC Encl ABCD [PDF]
    • E_15-12-04 151118 151106 TJM-LM TJM RH Fraud Apology [PDF]
    • E_15-12-04 151118 LJ v CAJ ANoM1 F Affid TJM RH Fraud Apol [PDF]
    • E_15-12-04 151118 LJ v CAJ ANoM1 F Affid [PDF]
    • E_15-12-04 151118 LJ v CAJ ANoM1 [PDF]
    • F_15-12-04 150929 GMC4643-13 EopAxis A-All KMarshall [PDF]
  • 15-12-02 LJ v CAJ  Proof of Service [PDF]
  • 15-12-04 LJ v CAJ Neg Notices – Correspondence [PDF]
  • 16-01-17 LJ v-CHJ Neg Notice PP 04-19 [PDF]
  • 16-04-13 CHJ Notice to Oppose Affid [PDF]
  • 16-04-17 LJ v CHJ LJ Reply Aff A CHJ Corr Dignitas [PDF]
  • 16-04-17 LJ v CHJ LJ Rep Aff B TB Exch [PDF]
  • 16-04-17 LJ v CHJ LJ Rep Aff C SAPS NoI-Enc [PDF]
  • 16-04-17 LJ v CHJ LJ Rep Aff D FSB-NSA [PDF]
  • 16-04-17 LJ v CHJ LJ Filing [PDF]
  • 16-04-17 LJ v CHJ LJ Filing Crt Fil [PDF]
  • 16-04-17 LJ v CHJ LJ Proof of Service CHJ [PDF]
  • 16-04-17 LJ v CHJ LJ Proof of Serivce [PDF]
  • 16-04-17 LJ v CHJ LJ Reply Affid [PDF]
  • 16-04-18 LJ v CHJ Clerk Crt Missing Filings [PDF]
  • 16-04-27 LJ v CHJ Clerk Crt Record [PDF]
  • 16-05-03 Filing Clerk Crt Record Crt Fil [PDF]
  • 16-05-11 Torlage Req Written Order Filing: Crt Svc [PDF]
  • 16-05-11 Torlage Req Written Order: Letter Encl AB [PDF]
  • 16-05-19 5048-15 Clerk Torlage: Letter Eugene de Kock Proof of Service [PDF]
  • 16-05-19 5048-15 Clerk Torlage: Letter [PDF]
  • 16-05-23 Eugene de Kock: CC Constand Viljoen Land Mail Rect [PDF]
  • 16-05-30 Mag Torlage Letter [PDF]
  • 16-06-11 16-04-19 LJ AEJ: Mag Essel 10 May Poss Resps [PDF]
  • 16-08-26 2578-14 Clerk Essel ANoM Letter Crt Filing [PDF]
  • 16-08-26 2578-14 Clerk Essel LJ Affid [PDF]
  • 16-08-26 2578-14 LJ Afd A 14-08-12 Mag Essel Ruling Re-2578-14 [PDF]
  • 16-08-26 2578-14 LJ Afd B FM Corr 30 Dec 2014 – 07 Apr 2016 [PDF]
  • 16-08-26 2578-14 LJ Afd C CHJ Corr 15 Jan 2016 – 09 Apr 2016 [PDF]
  • 16-08-26 2578-14 LJ Afd D 151204-151117 LJ v FM PoC Encl: ABCD [PDF]
  • 16-09-30 2578-14 Proor of Service FT Moe, C Johnstone [PDF]
  • 16-10-15 Clerk Letter: ANoM Summons [PDF]

Documents also filed in LJ v Frode & Talitha Moe; State v L Johnstone:

  • 16-06-17 HCWC A696-04 Admin Heads [P+T+A] OR+MR-Chron [PDF]
  • 06-07-11 State v LJ Crt Rec H4 [PDF]
  • 09-09-11 GG Affd Len Horowitz Iatrogenic AIDS [PDF]
  • 09-09-22 HC-WC 19963-09 NoI PoS Crt Svc [PDF]
  • 16-12-17 Clerk Torlage Essel ANoM2 Filing [PDF]
  • 16-12-17 Clerk Torlage Essel ANoM2 PoS [PDF]
  • 16-12-17 Clerk Torlage Essel ANoM Let 2 [PDF]
  • 16-12-17 Clerk AA 2578-14 Corr FMoe 3009-2810 [PDF]
  • 16-12-17 Clerk BB LJ Affid 572-02 J138A Warrant Encl AI [PDF]
  • 16-12-17 LJ Afd A 020703 Dr Gouzyn Report [PDF]
  • 16-12-17 LJ Afd 020826 O DOliviera Lntg R Let Max Sec [PDF]
  • 16-12-17 LJ Afd 030829 Ofc Surg Gen Iatrogenic Aids [PDF]
  • 16-12-17 LJ Afd 041126 Min Health Req Access Info Docs [PDF]
  • 16-12-17 LJ Afd 041130 Lt. Gen.  J v Rensburg Let [PDF]
  • 16-12-17 LJ Afd 090911 GG Affd L Horowitz Iatrogenic AIDS [PDF]
  • 16-12-17 LJ Afd 090922 HC-WC 19963-09  NoI PoS Crt Svc [PDF]
  • 16-12-17 LJ Afd 161027 Adv G 621 JG B CCT23-10 [PDF]
  • 16-12-17 LJ Afd 690701 DoD Aprp Hrg Synthetic Biological Agent [PDF]
  • 16-12-17 LJ Afd 88-10 Sechaba AIDS Misinformation Racism [PDF]
  • 16-12-17 LJ Afd 88-11 Sechaba AIDS Imperialist Connection [PDF]