Bernard Bey v B & Vicky Manley


EoP Amicus Request to Bernard Bey v B & Vicky Manley is one of the EoP Legal Submission cases involving EoP scientific and cultural law recommendations to shut down the WiP Ponzi profiteering of resource conflict and misery economy, by ‘turning off the tap’ — i.e. the breeding / consumption above ecological carrying capacity limitscauses of resource conflict and war; by implementing an Ecology of Peace New World Order Social Contract that (a) requires all citizens of all races, religions, nations, to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits; or be humanely eliminated from the planetary genepool; (b) nationalizes all property and provides all responsible freedom oath citizens: (i) cultural law self rule for groups with subjective racial, religious & gender identities; and (ii) a property ration to enable their shelter and survival self-sufficiency to enable the rebuilding of a relocalized low-tech organic agrarian sustainable future.


Summary Excerpts:

EoP Amicus request filed 26 February 2013: Brief in Propria Persona by In Forma Pauperis Amici Curiae Lara Johnstone, providing this AnthroCorpocentric court, and its Applicant and Respondents subjects, with a Guerrylla Law Perspective [PDF].

According to NBC News: Man sues parents for not loving him enough; New York Daily News: Homeless freeloader files suit against Bedford-Stuyvesant parents to open two Domino’s Pizza franchises; DailyMail.UK: Homeless man, 32, files $200K lawsuit against his parents for childhood neglect so he can buy a Domino’s Pizza franchise and be self-employed.

32 year old, Bernard Anderson Bey (“Applicant”), from Brooklyn, New York, is suing his parents: Vickie Anderson and Bernard Manley (Respondents) for $200,000 for neglect, claiming the neglect is at the root of his homelessness and unemployment, and is required to compensate him for the lack of love he received as a child.

Applicant has demanded his mother and stepfather mortgage their home and give him the money so he can buy a Dominos Pizza franchise that will employ him and his five siblings.

Applicant’s stepfather, Bernard Manley, allegedly often beat him and called him abusive names throughout his childhood, while his mother, Vickie Anderson, did not show him affection.

Understandably, if true, he feels unloved and abandoned.

Applicants’ mother has dismissed the lawsuit, without directly responding to the claims that he was an unwanted and unloved child; seemingly believing the mainstream media’s propaganda that “Everyone in America has the same opportunity. Don’t blame the parents at this point. The choice is yours. You’re an adult.”

The applicant’s brothers and sisters denied they were all on benefits and one called him a “pathological liar”, without providing any evidence for the allegation. Neither parents, nor siblings confirmed whether the applicant parents actually treated him as (a) a wanted child, and (b) a loved child.

The applicant wrote his application on a laptop, which he borrowed from a homeless shelter where he sleeps.

Summary of Amicus Argument:

A ‘credible’ judicial system – like the gender balanced Mosuo in South West China who have no rape (not even a word in their language for rape, because it does not exist), no murder, no suicide and no unemployment; – is one which accurately applies the relevant natural or scientific laws, to attain a specific related required result of inter-human and intra-species harmony and balance; i.e. (A) the laws of nature/ecology, recognizing that a healthy ecological environment, with due regard for regulating human procreation and resource utilization behaviour in accordance with the carrying capacity laws of sustainability is a sine qua non for all other constitutional rights; and (B) the laws of human nature; recognizing that culture’s and sub-cultures whose members practice brutal honesty, self sufficiency, personal procreation and consumption responsibility, transparency and commitment to root cause problem solving have far greater harmony amongst their members, than tribes or cultures whose members practice political correctness, sycophancy, hypocrisy, parasitism, denial of responsibility, secrecy masquerading as ‘privacy’, and a focus on Public Relations Image Management Pretend problem solving.

A credible Judicial System would find that the Applicant was born unloved and unwanted, as a consequence of AnthroCorpoCentric Legislator’s failure to legislate Breeding / Parenting licences, to protect the rights of unborn and unwanted children, from unloving and incompetent parenting; while hypocritically demanding Occupational Licences for hundreds of occupations, sometimes even from children for lemonade stands, to protect those occupations consumers from alleged incompetent service and products; as a result of their corrupt endorsement of the Corporatocracy’s Human Factory Farming Matrix: Poverty stricken voters for the Slavery Vote Farm ghetto’s; and Surplus labour for the Cannon Fodder War Economy Racket.

A credible Judicial System would find that the Applicant was born unloved and unwanted, as a consequence of the destruction of strong family and culturally homogenous tribal values by Corporate Multicultural Colonialism: the ideal Egotist Consumptionism cultural Ideology for Multinational Capitalism; where all states and all cultures are colonized as consumptionist slaves to Multinational Corporations.

A credible Judicial System would find that the Applicant was born unloved and unwanted, as a consequence of the destruction of strong family and culturally homogenous tribal values by Politically Correct Idiot Compassion – ‘Anti-Racist’ ‘Social Justice’, etc — Lifestyle Politics Activists.

A credible Judicial System would find that the conduct representations of the Republican/Democratic Parties, McDonalds/KFC and NAACP/Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton, don’t give a flying fuck about taking responsibility for how their actions result in the birth of unwanted and unloved children, in fact the more unloved and unwanted children the better for their victimhood welfare-vote-farm, poverty pimping and cannon fodder schemes. If the Applicant is willing to take responsibility for finding love and healing his pain and hurt, by signing up to go to Delancey Street Foundation to find a Delancey Street family; the Republican/Democratic Parties, McDonalds/KFC and NAACP/ Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton, should be ordered to each submit an amount of $25,000 to a trust fund, to be available for the Applicant, should he choose to accept it, once he graduates – healed and loved  –  from the Delancey Street Foundation.



EoP Leg Sub: Bernard Bey v Bernard & Vickey Manley correspondence; includes correspondence to DNC, GOP, McDonalds, KFC, NAACP, Southern Poverty law Center, Jackson & Sharpton.