EoP TRC Draft Statements

EoP TRC Summary / Overview:

All EoP Legal Submissions – eg: The Citizen v Robert McBride, EoP v Nobel, etc – are essentially Truth & Reconciliation submissions; which (a) clearly and simply clarify the – ‘right to breed/consume’ clauses of intnl law – root causes of all racial, religious, etc resource conflict; and (b) provide those guilty – plausibly due to ego or ecological illiteracy – of scarcity combatant crimes of aggression contributions to resource conflict; the opportunity to take responsibility for their breeding/consumption transgressions; by cooperating to implement an EoP New World Order Social Contract that shall require all citizens of all nations, races and religions to procreate and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits. Official responses from court officials to EoP Legal Submissions are available at: Official State Responses.

Imagine: EoP TRC Peace Treaty at 1919 Versailles, 1945 Nuremberg, Cold War:

Imagine if an EoP TRC Peace Treaty process had been implemented at Versailles, Nuremberg, or Fall of the Berlin Wall:

I imagine if the Versailles Treaty had been negotiated through an Ecology of Peace Truth and Reconciliation process, resulting in the implementation of an EoP international law social contract, Hitler would probably have been a happy little yeoman farmer in Austria or Germany, with Blondi and Eva, and nobody would have ever heard of him. Similarly Osama Bin Laden, Ramzi Yousef, Anders Breivik, Che Guevara, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Polpot, Charles Taylor, Fidel Castro, etc, etc, would probably have been happy little yeoman organic farmers in their villages in the Middle East, Asia or Latin America, etc. There would currently be less than a billion people on planet earth, all of them – of all races, genders and religions, entitled to their responsible freedom property ration of 7.2 gha at a population of 1 billion, or 72 gha at population of 100 million as per eco-footprint carrying capacity EoP Intnl law – living in responsible freedom villages and nations, as Aryans lived for thousands of years on the Steppe, Bushmen lived in the Kalahari, Chuckchi’s lived in Chukotka, etc.
– EoP Leg Sub: 26 Jul: EoP v US DoJSC: EoP WinWin v WiP BangBang, William Colby, Vietnam War, John F Kennedy & Oliver Stone; 25 Jul: Re: EoP Response to Rope Culture: James Mason is Back; via West’s Darkest Hour.
» EoP v WiP Neg: 20 Sep: EoP culture re: Trump, Charlottesville ‘cultural relativism’; price of bourgeois culture, etc.

EoP TRC Draft Statements:

See also: EoP NWO SCO: EoP Peace Policy Statements.

Please Note the following are Draft Statements, not Official Statements:

Suggested EoP TRC Draft Statements are an effort to (i) educate and advocate how and why a Responsible Peacenik Freedom Database [responsible-freedom-db.tygae.org.za], for individuals who have signed their Responsible Freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] oaths [eop-axis-oath.tygae.org.za]; can help to lay the foundation for political, religious and military leaders to embark on official national and international negotiations to implement [eop-nwo-sco.tygae.org.za] EoP Scientific and Cultural Law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] as intnl law; (ii) ascertain who may be willing to cooperate [eop-cooperator.tygae.org.za] to setup up such a database; and if so how, where and when, it can be done.

EoP Leg Sub Responsible Peacenik Freedom Database correspondence.


EoP Axis Officials

The first of July 1949 marks the fact that the Communist Party of China has already lived through twenty-eight years. Like a man, a political party has its childhood, youth, manhood and old age. The Communist Party of China is no longer a child or a lad in his teens but has become an adult. When a man reaches old age, he will die; the same is true of a party. When classes disappear, all instruments of class struggle — parties and the state machinery — will lose their function, cease to be necessary, therefore gradually wither away and end their historical mission; and human society will move to a higher stage. We are the opposite of the political parties of the bourgeoisie. They are afraid to speak of the extinction of classes, state power and parties. We, on the contrary, declare openly that we are striving hard to create the very conditions which will bring about their extinction. The leadership of the Communist Party and the state power of the people’s dictatorship are such conditions. Anyone who does not recognize this truth is no communist. Young comrades who have not studied Marxism-Leninism and have only recently joined the Party may not yet understand this truth. They must understand it — only then can they have a correct world outlook. They must understand that the road to the abolition of classes, to the abolition of state power and to the abolition of parties is the road all mankind must take; it is only a question of time and conditions. Communists the world over are wiser than the bourgeoisie, they understand the laws governing the existence and development of things, they understand dialectics and they can see farther. The bourgeoisie does not welcome this truth because it does not want to be overthrown. To be overthrown is painful and is unbearable to contemplate for those overthrown, for example, for the Kuomintang reactionaries whom we are now overthrowing and for Japanese imperialism which we together with other peoples overthrew some time ago. But for the working class, the labouring people and the Communist Party the question is not one of being overthrown, but of working hard to create the conditions in which classes, state power and political parties will die out very naturally and mankind will enter the realm of Great Harmony. We have mentioned in passing the long-range perspective of human progress in order to explain clearly the problems we are about to discuss.

[..] “Don’t you want to abolish state power?” Yes, we do, but not right now; we cannot do it yet. Why? Because [the right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits clauses of international law, the legal foundation enabling breeding and consumption war imperialism] imperialism still exists, because domestic reaction [ to abolishing the right to breed and consume international law social contract clauses ] still exists, because classes [addicted to their economic and socio-political profits from the right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits clauses of international law] still exist in our country. Our present task is to strengthen the [responsible freedom oath database] people’s state apparatus — mainly the people’s army, the people’s police and the people’s courts — in order to consolidate national defence [to enable the President to have a reasonable [responsible freedom] chance of success, in accordance with Just War Theory principles; to militarily, legally and/or politically implement the military necessity national security recommendation to formally and publicly announce domestic and foreign policy education and negotiations to implement an Ecology of Peace international law social contract.]
– [EoP Amended: U:01.08.17] Mao Tse-Tung; 30 June 1949 speech: On the People’s Democratic Dictatorship; made to commemorate the 28thAnniversary of the Communist Party of China.
» EoP Leg Sub: 01 Aug: EoP Axis/App’s: Re: Mao Tse Tung: Abolish State Power via Responsible Freedom Database.


EoP Axis Military Psychotronic Surveillance Officials:

To Secretary of Defence:

If or when the Secretary of Defence of an EoP Axis [eop-axis.tygae.org.za] Nation decides to convene his strategic and tactical advisor Generals, for a Wannsee like meeting to discuss a Final Solution to the Scarcity Combatant aka Degenerate Question [eop-v-wip-mil.tygae.org.za]; we hereby confirm that there are EoP supporting Generals who would be willing to (a) provide the Secretary of Defence with their buck stops here written support and suggested EoP New World Order Social Contract Options [eop-nwo-sco.tygae.org.za] strategy – subject to resources and logistics permitting – for implementing an EoP international law social contract; (b) resign  –  subject to EoP Applicants: Johnstone and McVeigh being granted their preferred Russia assisted suicide departure preferences  – if the Secretary of Defence, President/Prime Minister and/or their oligarch bosses; decline to accept the EoP strategy and tactical recommendations; preferring to proceed with WiP military strategy and tactical plans.

Summary of Egyptian Question: EoP v WiP Global War on Terror Metrics Ethics Question: Is their sufficient EoP – Military, State Official, Media, Academia, Religious, Citizen, etc – support to reform and/or abolish the War is a Masonic Breeding Slaves and Cannon Fodder Fertility Religion for Human Sacrifice and Profit Racket; built upon WiP Intnl law – ‘right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ clauses of international law’ – foundation.

Summary of the War is a Masonic Breeding Slaves and Cannon Fodder Fertility Religion for Human Sacrifice and Profit Racket can be found in EoP Summary of WiP History.

To Supreme/Constitutional Court and Intnl Court of Justice Judges:

If or when any Nation State’s Constitutional Court – in response to the EoP Axis [eop-axis.tygae.org.za] EoP NTE GMLS [eop-nte-gmls.tygae.org.za] polegal process; or from a EoP Legal Submission [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za] application before it;  – recommends such EoP or WiP dispute to it; to the International Court of Justice for EoP or WiP international law deliberation.

And: if or when the International Court of Justice – makes a final ruling confirming or repudiating EoP RH FR [eop-rh-fr.tygae.org.za] EoP Scientific and Cultural Law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za]; related to the EoP v WiP NWO Neg: Military Ethics Q: Whom Should the Military Kill; we hereby confirm that there are EoP supporting Generals who (a) shall obey – resources and logistics permitting – the EoP or WiP international law ruling/orders of the International Court of Justice; and/or (b) are willing to honourably resign – property ration [property-ration.tygae.org.za] resources permitting –  from full employment by the state, to become community low tech organic kibbutz like farmers providing their military skills as unpaid volunteers to local volunteer community police and/or militia; to provide support to communities to obey – resources and logistics permitting – the EoP international law ruling/orders of the International Court of Justice..

Re: Resources and Logistics Permitting:

EoP MILED Clerk’s – thinking attempt to walk in Adm Rogers, Gen Bortnikov, Gen Petr Pavel, thinking shoes – estimates of some of the Resources and Logistics Required by NSA, Kremlin, NATO, People’s Republic of China, etc – Officials, to reasonably, effectively, orderly and humanely obey and implement an ICJ EoP Ruling:

Citizens for Responsible Peacenik Freedom Database:

If all nations alleged ‘peaceniks’ and ‘peace with Russia’ Trump Voters were encouraged and supported to confirm their written cooperative support for a Responsible Freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] future; then state resources currently focussed on management of the WiP Intnl law symptoms; could be redirected to address root causes problem solving to implement an EoP Intnl law social contract, to enable orderly and humane reduction in size of the government work force and corresponding taxes of citizens, aka orderly transition to smaller government.

Military and Juridical Officials WiP management workload would be significantly reduced, enabling EoP Problem Solving:

If all nations alleged general ‘peacenik’ –  oligarchs, citizens, academics, media, religions — and ‘we voted for peace with Russia’ Trump voters, (i) signed their Responsible Freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] Oaths, or (ii) clarified what kind of help they needed to begin to walk their responsible peacenik freedom  eco/ego literacy [ego-eco-literacy.tygae.org.za] talk as enunciated in such intended oath; so as to be able to confidently sign their Responsible Freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] oaths.

If Wikileaks would be willing to create and manage a Responsible Freedom database, pending ICJ final EoP or WiP ruling:

Then citizens who have signed their Responsible Freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] oaths could submit them to Wikileaks, ultimately to be transferred to respective Nation State Archives; pending ICJ final EoP or WiP ruling; publicly notifying their particular secular or religious political party and/or candidate/s and/or leaders; of their buck stops here oath support for an EoP responsible freedom future for all.

Such a Responsible Freedom database would provide religious leaders, afraid of risking their religious political capital – Invictus: Springboks decision – with supportive responsible freedom ethical pressure from their followers; to adopt responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] procreation, consumption and informed consent lifestyle changes, of ultimate benefit for their racial or gender based religious community’s cultural or religious law self rule [cult-law-self-rule.tygae.org.za], to practice their particular religious preservation observances in international law legally approved – racial, religious or gender separate – self-rule communities.

Such a Responsible Freedom database would provide industrial agriculture corporate leaders with access to farmland; or large landowners; the ability to ascertain how many citizens are willing to voluntarily adopt responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] procreation, consumption and informed consent lifestyle changes, enabling such agri-corporate, farmers or landowner, decision-makers to voluntarily begin to allocate partial sections of their farm land property directly to responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] citizens, families or racial, religious, cultural or gender based cultural or religious law self rule [cult-law-self-rule.tygae.org.za] groups of citizens they have interviewed, to start responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] kibbutz style organic self sufficient farming cooperatives.

Such a Responsible Freedom database would provide military leaders a clearer indication where they need to focus their strategic and tactical resources to (a) help racial, religious or ideological individuals or groups who need help to learn to walk their responsible peacenik freedom talk; to get the help they need; enabling them to sign their Responsible Freedom oaths; and/or (b) which groups are beyond the small degree of rationality boundary; and require coercive State mass surveillance or otherwise pressure.

Currently military officials engage in mass surveillance – including psychotronic surveillance – of all planetary citizens – including Americans – personal and business online correspondence and transactions – as disclosed per EoP legal submission to FUC v NSA [fuc-v-nsa.tygae.org.za] & ACLU v James Clapper [aclu-v-jc.tygae.org.za].

» 17 Jul: EoP Axis, Wikileaks, B Blanton: EoP TRC Draft Statements; CC: Gen Hacohen & Al Sisi. [Password for Password Protected Pages at: EoP ADRPassword Protected Pages]; 18 Jul: EoP TRC Draft Statements for EoP Axis Psych Surv, Wikileaks & Radical Honesty & CEU Clarification Edit Updates.



Draft: Reform Minded Lawyers:

Dear EoP Applicants. We are a group of lawyers, prosecutors and judges, who have been informed of, or become aware of the Ecology of Peace advocacy you are, and have been involved in. In studying the Ecology of Peace legal submissions outlining the ‘right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ clauses of international law, as the root causes of racial, religious, class and ideological resource conflict disputes, we have become more conscious of how these flaws in our legal services products, have been, and are a direct and indirect contributory cause of racial, religious, gender and class resource conflict; which our legal services products are allegedly supposed to prevent and/or mitigate. We would like to cooperate with you to correct these legal services product flaws and contribute to the co-creation implementation of the EoP scientific and cultural law international law. Would you be willing to meet with us; to discuss how we could cooperate?
» EoP Leg Sub: 24 Jul: Intl Comm Jurists, Bar Assoc’s: Transparency Notice: EoP App’s Re: Lack of Credibility of WiP Legal Services Cult Law.


See also: EoP NWO SCO: EoP Peace Policy Statements.


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