02 Mar: EoP Int: Kent Bierman Lichee Sabra: Sympathy for the Devil: To Whom It May Concern

* Kent Edu: Jilee S Bierman Lee
* 02 Mar: EoP Int: Kent Bierman Lichee Sabra: Sympathy for the Devil: To Whom It May Concern.
* IG: 17-02-15_fuc-nsa-order; 17-03-02_kentedu-sbierman-lee-bcc
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From: EoP MILED Clerk <eop.miled.clerk@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 3:08 PM
Subject: EoP Int: Kent Bierman Lichee Sabra: Sympathy for the Devil: To Whom It May Concern
To: “Jilee.” <sbierman@kent.edu>

Jilee (sbierman@kent.edu)
EoP Int: Kent Bierman Lichee Sabra: Sympathy for the Devil: To Whom It May Concern

I received the email you sent, that was not addressed to anyone; so appears to be a ‘To Whom It May Concern’ email, on which I was copied Blind Carbon Copy.

Herewith my response, depending on whether you are ego literate sincere or ego illiterate insincere.

Need help to learn to become Ego Literate Sincere.

If you are conscious that you are ego illiterate, and want some help to become ego-literate, say so, and I can see if I can help you.

Write: Lara, I am ego illiterate and need help to become ego literate. Can you please help me.

I shall ask you some questions, and give you my answer, as to whether I can or cannot help you, and my reasons why I can or cannot help you.

Insincere: No Interest in Ego Literacy:

If you are insincere; and don’t give a fuck about ever being ego literate.

Not a problem: You are more than welcome to be a slave of your fuck honour ego.

There are billions of others honesty alienated fuck honour ego illiterates, slaves to their egos, beings calling themselves humans out there in the world, kindly fuck off and go and play fuck fuck ego mindfuck games with them.

Sincere Ego-Literate:

If you tried to reach me: Lara Johnstone, individually or as EoP MILED Clerk; could you clarify when, where and how you tried to reach me, to inform me of what information exactly: so that I can provide you with a buck stops here response, in accordance to my EoP Communication policy values, as available at EoP ADR: Ecological and Egological Literacy.

If you tried to reach me with plausible deniable bullshit verbal diarhea, its possible I did not notice it, and/or ignored it, as insincere verbal diarhea. If my interpretation of your possible insincerity was inaccurate, my apologies.

When you communicate to someone using Masonic War is Penis vague abstract plausible deniable verbal diarhea, which you refuse to answer questions and clarify the meanings and definitions of abstract terms, or clarify whom the speaker or writer is, then when your message is inaccurately interpreted, by a sincere person who was willing to buck stops here listen to your message, and ask you questions so as to accurately understand your message; you have nobody to blame but yourself, that you were misunderstood or misinterpreted.


If you subjectively consider yourself ego literate sincere; but refuse to engage in buck stops here communication practices; clarify your reasons for your refusal decision.


If you subjectively consider yourself ego literate sincere; but are legally restricted from expressing your knowledge and information to a civilian citizen of your nation or military or civilian citizen of another nation; by your nation’s Ego Illiterate Military Enlistment and Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement [ 17-02-15_fuc-nsa-order ]:

I suggest you find some cryptic language that is buck stops here clear and unambigouos and cannot be misinterpreted. Don’t expect me to keep your cryptic language secret though. I ain’t into secrets, or keeping secrets.

EoP Interpretation of Sincere Civilian or Military:

I imagine you are saying that you tried to reach ‘To Whom it May Concern’ others, presumably EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations others. If so: herewith a bubble consciousness interpretation: 17-03-02_kentedu-sbierman-lee-bcc. I shall update its information later today.

Did not have space to include Sympathy for the Devil: To Whom It May Concern, so included it below:

Sympathy for the Devil: To Whom It May Concern:

‘It’s not the round with your name on it you gotta watch out for, it’s the one that’s addressed “To Whom it May Concern” was the phrase that contained the two ways of looking at life and death in Vietnam.’

‘The wars change, but never the young men who have to survive them to bring home the bad news: wars are never about peace with honour; they are about death, dying, and terminal sadness; if the human animal can’t live without them, perhaps we don’t deserve to continue.’

‘He was alive and then he was dead so quickly, but it didn’t seem quick to Hanson. It was like watching someone you love turn his back on you and walk away in long deliberate strides and knowing that nothing you do or say can make him stop and turn around, but thinking that there must be something if only you could think of it in time, and then it is too late because he is gone, because in all that long time you watched him walk away, you didn’t do whatever it was you should have done, to say what it was he needed to hear so he could stop and come back.’

‘He was more afraid than he had ever thought possible, not just an exaggeration of the fear he had known in his life before but a whole new emotion, an emotion as powerful and unexpected as love.’

Agent Orange: “The cells of the trees and plants grew until they ruptured and died, like the inner cities of America, the spirit-killing suburbs, the urban freeways and commuter air corridors, as if America’s poison for growth had been concentrated into the oily mist that made the jungle swell like a cancer, burst and die.”


The names of the illegal cross-border [into Laos and Cambodia] units were kept as vague as possible and changed from time to time. The individual soldiers in the units might be referred to in official reports as ‘detection operation systems personnel’ or ‘border control structure components’.

Approximately 80% of the reliable intelligence about enemy troop movements came from these patrols but was attributed to other sources, such as captured documents, friendly villagers, aircraft spottings and enemy defectors. Vietnam, some said, was a “polite war,” and it was illegal to cross borders.

Most of the security precautions were not taken in an attempt to confuse the enemy. The enemy knew the day a unit had its name changed or when a new launch site was planned. Their spies and sympathizers were everywhere, from maids to field grade officers. No, the complex, often ridiculous security measures were part of an effort to protect Special Forces operations from American political and military investigation.

Public opinion about the war could change in the time it took to look up from your potatoes at 10 seconds of garbled film footage on the evening news, and some hustling young congressman would be out to get the truth, once again, on the controversial Green Berets. By the time he got the necessary secret, top-secret and need-to-know clearances to start sorting through hundreds of confusing, euphemistic, and sanitized reports (sentences and entire pages would be missing, blank pages might have been inserted, stamped “pages 12 through 15 have been removed in accordance with letter, MACV 246 HQ US Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, dated 15 June 68, as not relevant to debriefing requirements”) in an attempt to get publicity as a “concerned American” or a peace candidate, the operations would have new names, and all information would have been refiled under “Terrain Studies During Monsoon Conditions.”

Field grade and general officers in the regular Army wanted to see all Special Forces operations discontinued – and the majority did. The regular Army which has always distrusted elite units – had almost as much difficulty as the congressman. With only a year in Vietnam, they had to devote most of their time to trying to devise some tactic, novel and flamboyant enough to justify their promotion, or to orchestrate an operation big and bloody enough to make the headlines, ensuring their promotion and a medal.

[Hanson comments on how there were two sets of ‘official documents’ and WHY.]

NOFORM [classified version, seen only by American personnel] version contained all the facts, while the other set was used to maintain the illusion that the Americans were only advising the Vietnamese in conducting the war, when in fact the Americans seemed to be fighting the war in spite of the Vietnamese.

— ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ by Kent Anderson, about Hanson, a former U.S. Special Forces Sgt. who served in Vietnam.


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