10 Oct: Richard Giragosian … Alexander Soros

* Richard Giragosian … Alexander Soros
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* 10 Oct: Russia Direct: All the Kremlin’s Men: Inside Russia’s political system. Dawn: Dream on. Sputnik: A Tsunami of Finance: German Expert Warns of Imminent Collapse of ‘World Casino’.
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Richard Giragosian: 3 Aug 2016: 09:50 hrs: All the Kremlin’s men: Inside Russia’s political system – via @Russia_Direct – http://www.russia-direct.org/reviews/all-kremlins-men-inside-russias-political-system [Russia Direct: All the Kremlin’s Men: Inside Russia’s political system]

EoP MILED Clerk: 10 Oct 2017: 14:46 hrs: @Richard_RSC @Russia_Direct @zygaro @Control_Risks @raulegallegos @Charles_Hecker Better 2 make $2M w/out risk, than $500M & I got @INTERPOL_EC up my ass – P Castellano pic.twitter.com/ueGYFNKG2j [IG: 17-10-07_eop-v-wip-media-07; 17-09-23_donaldtrump-golfswingkapaernick]


Huma Yusuf: 09 Oct 2017: 08:52 hrs: The dream of democracy may be as elusive as one of a nuke-free world #ICAN #Pakistan #nukes https://www.dawn.com/news/1362526/dream-on [Dawn: Dream on]

EoP MILED Clerk: 10 Oct 2017: 18:25 hrs: @humayusuf @Charles_Hecker @ICAN_UK Nuke free ? is 100% certainty: coop via EoP intl law; coerced: nuke war; Peak NNR chernobyl x100 collapse. https://youtu.be/99WCn_nFSAY [Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oilpic.twitter.com/84N2yWPFEv [IG: 17-04-30_eoporwipnwo-nnrscarcity-2; 17-05-17_putin-objectivetruth-wwii]

EoP MILED Clerk: 11 Oct 2017: 12:38 hrs: @humayusuf @Charles_Hecker @ICAN_UK @NobelPrize @NPPF @nuclearban @ICAN_France @ICAN_Norge @ICANAustria @ican_australia @ICAN_Romania EoP int law? eop-v-wip-charity.tygae.org.za @NATO pic.twitter.com/xP17w0gNYt [IG: 17-07-26_eop-v-wip-media-05; 17-10-11_murderinc-nashequilibrium-bmind]


Marian: 12 Oct 2017: 11:55 hrs: Financial expert Ernst Wolff, author of a bestselling analysis of the International Monetary Fund’s “modern day crus… https://lnkd.in/ej5Yq9n [Sputnik: A Tsunami of Finance: German Expert Warns of Imminent Collapse of ‘World Casino’]

EoP MILED Clerk: 12 Oct 2017: 18:09 hrs: @supratrade @wolff_ernst @SputnikInt @AlexanderSoros EoP Plan 2 Shut Down/Drain the – WiP Ponzi Profiteering of Resource Conflict Misery Economy – Swamp pic.twitter.com/3JECjeDgck [IG: 17-08-05_gsoros-drainswampponziecon-forpol; 17-09-12_eop-v-wip-wealthtransferoptions]


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