27 Jan: EoP Obs Re: RT: Who, exactly? Cindy McCain says ‘WE’ all knew about Epstein’s sex crimes / NATO: PS752 shot down by Tor-M1 SA-15 Gauntlet WiP-law missile

* Juanita Broaddrick, Florida State Univ: Center for Advancement of Human Rights, Sumner Twiss, Tess Lawrence, Independent Australia, David Donovan, Margarita Simonyan, Russia Today, National File, Tom Pappert, Lev Parnas, Joseph Bondy, Jeremy Gauntlett, James Comey, Skadden, Patrick Fitzgerald, Dechert, David Kelley, Cindy McCain, McCain Institute, Sedona Forum, Next Generation Leaders.
* 27 Jan: EoP Obs Re: RT: Who, exactly? Cindy McCain says ‘WE’ all knew about Epstein’s sex crimes / NATO: PS752 shot down by Tor-M1 SA-15 Gauntlet WiP-law missile.
* Tygae: EoP Leg Sub: US v Lev Parnas, LJ v Jeremy GauntlettEoP v James Comey / EoP NWO SCO: EoP NTE GM: EoP NTE GMA, EoP NTE GMZA | EoP Axis MilNec Evac: Lotto: EoP v WiP Law, EoP v WiP  Academia, EoP v WiP Media, EoP v WiP Charity, EoP v WiP Peacenik / EoP v WiP Neg.

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Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2020 15:27:07 +0200
Subject: EoP Obs Re: RT: Who, exactly? Cindy McCain says ‘WE’ all knew about Epstein’s sex crimes
To: Juanita Broaddrick <atensnut@aol.com>, “Florida State Univ: Center for Advancement of Human Rights: Sumner Twiss” <CAHR-info@fsu.edu>, CAHR <FSUCAHR@gmail.com>, “Tess Lawrence: Independent Australia: David Donovan” <editor@independentaustralia.net>, Margarita Simonyan via Russia Today <info@rttv.ru>, US Bureau <RT-US@rttv.ru>, Press Office <press@rttv.ru>, London Bureau <LondonBureau@rttv.ru>, “National File: Tom Pappert” <NationalFile@ProtonMail.com>
Cc: Cindy McCain via McCain Institute <info@mccaininstitute.org>, Communication <Meghan.latcovich@gmail.com>, Sedona Forum <thesedonaforum@mccaininstitute.org>, Next Generation Leaders <NextGenerationLeaders@mccaininstitute.org>
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Subject: EoP Obs Re: NATO: PS752 shot down by Tor-M1 SA-15 Gauntlet WiP-law missile
To: Jeremy Gauntlett <jeremy@gauntlett.co.za>
Cc: “James Comey via Counsel: Skadden: Patrick Fitzgerald” <patrick.fitzgerald@skadden.com>, “Dechert: David Kelley” <david.kelley@dechert.com>, “Lev Parnas Counsel: Joseph Bondy” <jbondy@mac.com>
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TO: Margarita Simonyan, Juanita Broaddrick, Sumner Twiss, Tess Lawrence, Tom Pappert:
Re: National File: Cindy McCain On Epstein: ‘We All Knew What He Was Doing’; RT: Who, exactly? Cindy McCain says ‘WE’ all knew about Epstein’s sex crimes; Juanita Broaddrick: 25 Jan 2020.

TO: Joseph Bondy, Jeremy Gauntlett, James Comey:
Re: 03 Nov: Upd Req for EoP TRC Info to J Gauntlett QC / BP-XR Req for EoP TRC 0ºC or No EoP TRC 4ºC Economy Info; 16 Jan: EoP Re US v LParnas et al 19-cr-725; US v RJ Stone Jr: No 19-CR-018; 10 Dec: EoP LJvBB Questions for James Comey; CC: House Judiciary Comm; .

CC: Cindy McCain
Re: 24 Jan: McVeigh2020: EoP Re: Trump to Speak at March for Baby-CannonFodder Fuckery Holocaust Trafficking event.

Margarita Simonyan, Jeremy Gauntlett et al:

EoP Obs Re: RT: Who, exactly? Cindy McCain says ‘WE’ all knew about Epstein’s sex crimes / NATO: PS752 shot down by Tor-M1 SA-15 Gauntlet WiP-law missile.

EoP TRC to End Abel and Kane Cold War Negotiations Observations:

Cindy McCain, widow of the late Republican Arizona senator John McCain, admitted in a recent Q + A session on human trafficking that she and others in her social class knew that the late financier Jeffrey Epstein was engaged in human trafficking. “You know, it’s like everything. It hides in plain sight. Epstein was hiding in plain sight. We all knew about him. We all knew what he was doing. But we had no one that was, you know, um, uh, legal aspect that would go after him,” Cindy McCain stated. McCain presumably made her remarks at her appearance at Florida International University on January 9. Cindy McCain works on an anti-human trafficking initiative at the McCain Institute. – National File: Cindy McCain On Epstein: ‘We All Knew What He Was Doing’; RT: Who, exactly? Cindy McCain says ‘WE’ all knew about Epstein’s sex crimes; Juanita Broaddrick: 25 Jan 2020.

Leonard Cohen: Everybody Knows.
» EoP Leg Sub: 21 Jan: EoP Re CG-PK: Re Notice to EoP App / EoP NTE GMA Cabinet: Re: D2WPsych v DJT.

American, Canadian, and British officials said they believed that Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 (PS752) had been shot down by a Tor-M1 (SA-15 “Gauntlet”) surface-to-air missile launched by Iran. [Wikipedia: Ukraine Intnl Airlines Flight 752] ….. [1+5=6. Six / Sex / Sox] Gen McChrystal: Bite me / Biden [Rolling Stone: The Runaway General] ….. CAS 572-02: On 18 June 2002 EoP MILED Clerk made a – political necessity to disclose the biological warfare origins of AIDS; to educate citizens about the necessity of cooperating to enable orderly and humane deindustrialization and depopulation [31 Dec: TC to NPA WC & HQ, CC: US & RU Attorney General, of Affid ref to Irregular & Illegal Actions of NPA et al in George Case CAS 572-02: PDF] – bomb threat to the George Airport via the George Herald [state-v-lj] .
» EoP Leg Sub: 16 Jan: EoP Re US v LParnas et al 19-cr-725; US v RJ Stone Jr: No 19-CR-018; 10 Jan: EoP TRC Soleimani Re: MHudson: Babylon US Petro$ Escalator; 24 Jan: LJvSGMC Obs: DA v Melvin Naik, CCA Cessna Crash near Mosselbay..

Roger Hallam, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, has said the Holocaust was “just another fuckery in human history”. Hallam: Really, that’s your responsibility as journalists to go and do the math. What I am responsible for is organizing a rebellion against governments. I mean, why don’t you do an article on climate change and rape? DER SPIEGEL: Excuse me? Hallam: What’s going to be the biggest implication of climate change for women around the world? The ecological collapse. Ecological collapse means social collapse. And what does that mean? War, the slaughter of men and the rape of women. DER SPIEGEL: You can’t blame the climate change for the rape of women during war. Hallam: No, climate change is just the tubes that the gas comes down in the gas chamber. It’s just a mechanism through which one generation kills the next generation. – Zeit: Roger Hallam calls Holocaust “just another fuckery in human history”; Spiegel: ‘We Are Engaged in the Murder of the World’s Children’.
» EoP Leg Sub: 20 Dec: McVeigh2020: Rep Dingell & Sen Graham: EoP Axis – If Hitler Invaded Hell – Q.

Who exactly ?????????? knows what Babylonian lawyers, prosecutors, judges and legislators and voters were and are doing: bribing each other to legitimize the legislation of Babylonian WiP laws that allow procreation and consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits to enable Babylon WiP Baby-Cannon Fodder Military Industrial Complex cannibal trafficking fuckery holocaust [Obama Deception: False WiP Left Right paradigm; Stefan Molyneux: The Story of [WiP] Enslavement; Human Farming: Our Enslavement; PETA: Sunny Acre Farms] profiteering.

A WiP Mafia-ocracy is an overt – oligarchy, autocracy, etc – or covert – democracy – secular or religious system of government that consciously or unconsciously legislatively enables citizens to procreate and consume above ecological carrying capacity limits; enabling the WiP Mafiocracy elite to profit from the resulting – overpopulation / consumption collision with finite resources – resource depletion and racial, religious, class and gender resource conflict misery ponzi swamp war economy. – SS DEFCON: Mafiocracy.
» EoP MILED Clerk: 05 Dec: EoP Re: Johann Rupert President of Racist White South Africa.

Timothy McVeigh: If elected, I will faithfully authorize the humane and orderly assisted suicide execution of all Babylonians. Babylonian definition: legal US citizen, or illegal US resident convicted of intentional – procreation, consumption and/or deception – crimes of aggression [PDF: crimes-of-aggression]. – McVeigh 2020 [mcveigh2020].
» EoP Leg Sub: 22 Jan: McVeigh2020: NFerguson: Climate Pollution; DStanhope Incentive based Eugenics.

EoP culture correspondence to mainstream and alternative media publications of sincere peacenik / honourable warrior EoP RH FR [eop-rh-fr] definition of functional objective reality truth, include among others: EoP Leg Sub: 2018: 15 Jun: EoP Re: WiP Media & Charity on WiP Lolita Cannon Fodder Express; 30 Jul: Ted Keller: Draft: Marshall Pledge: EoP RH FR Ethics Control of Media; 03 Aug: EoP Responsible Freedom Silver Bullet Journalism Education solution; 18 Aug: EoP TRC Re: Morandi – FCC Facebook Boston Globe – IQO Pulse Bridge Collapse; 19 Dec: EoP Re: HPCSI: Adam Schiff Re: Louise Mensch, Evan Shapiro, HJC, HPSCI, HCOGR: EoP LJvBB Questions for James Comey; CC: House Judiciary Comm; 2019: 30 May: EoP Re: RSF calls for UN Rep to protect journalists from Press Freedom Predators; 30 Jul: EoP Re: RT: If Greta Thunberg worries about end of the world, why does she pose with status quo politicians?; 01 Aug: EoP Re: RT-GD: Let them sail yachts: Why Greta Thunberg and the environmental elite hate you; 22 Sep: EoP Re: CCN: Covering – 0°C & 1.5°C; or 1.5°C Only – Climate Plans Reporting?; 28 Sep: EoP Req for – United Science – Info to David & Severn Suzuki, Science Mag & AWS; 25 Oct: EoP TN to Ofcom: Sharon White: UKSC: LJ v Speaker: House of Commons; 14 Nov: What is Mavericks – Defend the Truth – Motto definition of truth?; 22 Nov: EoP submission to SANEF Inquiry into Media Ethics and Credibility; 22 Dec: EoP Re: TH-Lies, Newsweek & Control of Media Narrative, via MP; 30 Dec: LJ v SGMC-SWCPP Notice to Cape Times & George Herald Editors; 2020: 12 Jan: LJvLS-NATO Q Re: Piers Morgan objective reality – media & royal – hustler definition; 15 Jan: McVeigh2020: EoP UN Resolution Conservative A to JK Murdoch GOP Climate Change Q.
» EoP Leg Sub: EoP Leg Sub: 16 Jan: EoP FYI Re: Elements of Lost Functional Truth Meaning of Objective Journalism.

The Blaze Q: How to fight cheaters and liars who are hostile to the truth?
EoP A: The concept of ‘truth’ is an abstract concept [SQ-G2G: Abstract, Concrete, General and Specific Terms]. EoP MILED Clerk strategic and tactical method of fighting individuals hostile or potentially hostile to Ecology of Peace objective and subjective truth reality: [A] Provide them with EoP culture legal definition for objective [eop-rh-fr] and subjective [eop-rh-iqo] reality truth. [B] Sincerely – aka: got ego/eco literacy [ego-eco-literacy] character [05 Nov: EoP culture Re: Character] – engage them if they are (a) conscious sincere truthseekers; and/or (b) negligent unconscious truthseekers, who are potentially conscious sincere truthseekers; to (c) cooperate to get honest sincere feedback as to in/accuracy of EoP objective and/or subjective truth reality definitions, and strategic and/or tactical truthseeking relating goals. [C] Avoid individuals who are confirmed as conscious and intentional – truth experts – frauds.
» EoP Leg Sub: 25 Jan: EoP A Blaze Q: How to fight cheaters and liars who are overtly hostile to the truth?.

Summary of EoP Honesty / Psych / Law Fraud Allegation against Brad Blanton [06 Nov: Timothy J McVeigh: Formal Apology: Re: Fraud of Radical Honesty Cult]. Brad knows that EoP RH FR [eop-rh-fr] is objective reality for any individual or organization who wants to represent themselves as a sincere peacenik / honourable warrior individual or organization. Brad and Radical Honesty Trainers fraudulently misrepresents himself/themselves and Radical Honesty as a sincere peacenik / honourable honesty verbal warrior movement, while refusing to educate their fuck honour Radical Honesty fanclub as to EoP RH FR objective reality. Put differently: Brad and Radical Honesty Trainers want to market themselves as Radical Honesty peaceniks without definining whether ‘Radical Honesty’ refers to an individuals subjective and/or objective ‘Radical Honesty’ reality; and if objective reality; without abiding by sincere peacenik / honourable warrior objective reality EoP RH FR [eop-rh-fr]; or exposing the objective reality errors in EoP RH FR [eop-rh-fr]; to reach a more accurate – sincere peacenik / honourable warrior – objective reality definition.
» EoP Leg Sub: 11 Dec: EoP Req for LJvBB info Brad Blanton and Radical Honesty are withholding; 18 May: LJ v LS Req for Info: Blanton & Radical Honesty Trainers; 17 Jun: LJ v LS Req for Info#2: Brad Blanton & Radical Honesty Trainers; 16 Dec: EoP Re: Seeds of Russiagate are in FBI-VA: LJvBB complaint; 23 Jan: EoP Req for – BB-Affid Status; RH Circle Fuckery Complaint – Info; 24 Jan: EoP Re: CNN-CCordero: Dershowitz constitutional expert intellectual dishonesty.


Its not that Bernie Madoff was a [religio-business] ponzi scheme, the whole [Masonic War is Peace] economy is a [Lolita penis/pussy cannon fodder Express] ponzi scheme. – [EoP Amended] Michael Ruppert; Collapse: Trailer; Rebel Skum: The Devil of St James: The True Jeffery Epstein Story; Global Story: Jacob George Returns Medals at NATO Summit; Flux Rostrum: Veteran Brothers Ride to End Wars; Afghanistan Special Ops Report; Minnesota Men’s Conference: Jacob George; Wikipocalypse: The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror; CCHR: Psychiatry in the Military: The Hidden Enemy.
» EoP Leg Sub: 09 May: FBI: EoP Responsible Freedom Next Economy or WiP Family Man Suicide Bomber Jobs Programs.

Bennett Holiday & Danny Dalton: Lawyers say Hey, if you can’t trust a Big Five accounting firm, and accountants say, Hey, we’re not lawyers. Legal didn’t understand. Accounting didn’t understand. And nobody understood anything. .. Some trust fund prosecutor, got off-message at Yale thinks he’s gonna run this up the flagpole? Make a name for himself? Maybe get elected some two-bit congressman from nowhere, with the result that Russia or China can suddenly start having, at our expense, all the advantages we enjoy here? No, I tell you. No, sir! Corruption charges! Corruption? Corruption is government intrusion into market efficiencies in the form of regulations. That’s Milton Friedman. He got a goddamn Nobel Prize. We have laws against it precisely so we can get away with it. Corruption is our protection. Corruption keeps us safe and warm. Corruption is why you and I are prancing around in here instead of fighting over scraps of meat out in the streets. Corruption is why we win. – Syriana: Trailer: Lawyers & Accountants: Corruption.
» EoP Leg Sub: 29 Dec: EoP ICC Private Pros: EoP PoW’s -v- Nobel Committee and Peace Laureates et al; 27 Jul: EoP Re: Tara Smith: Why the ICC need a silver bullet global treaty against ecocide;08 Dec: Upd: H 111/19: LJ v LS: Peacenik Vote: No EoP TRC..


The Blacklist: The next target is Floriana Campos: sex-trafficking activist.
Floriano Campo: I am playing somebody who appears to be a goody, goody anti-sex trafficking human rights activist; but can be quite a villain. … FBI: I should have known. Remington: We never really know anyone do we? ……. Tonight’s Red list item is an assassin called “The Freelancer,” whose MO is to stage large scale catastrophes in order to disguise a single death of a high profile person. …. Then a train derails in the industrial park and kills 60 people, including an Albany politician, and suddenly they’re listening again. …. Reds is in the Feds van and claims he has the name of the next target a Floriana Campos. Campos is a world-renowned human rights activist who fund raises to combat human and sex trafficking. It would appear the Freelancer plans to off her at her upcoming gala. She says the gala must go on but agrees to let the Feds be there which includes Red and his two person security detail– a body guard who himself was a human slave and a hot jill of all mercenary trades– and Mira, the CIA agent foisted on him by the FBI. (He also got his high tech tracker surgically embedded.)  They head to the party where Red seems more interested in hors d’ouevres than nabbing his man. And there’s a reason for that. When he finally sees his “contact” Ressler chases him down. He and Mira interrogate him, leaning heavily on his broken leg, and he says Red hired him. Liz wheels around and heads back to Floriana’s room where she stashed her to be safe. Red is already there. Red uncovers that Floriana is a fraud: she has been masquerading as a savior to those who have been human trafficked but in fact she has been the one doing the trafficking herself and that she is the head of nefarious cartel. When they were in Montreal, Red actually hired the Freelancer himself to kill her. But instead of creating a catastrophe, he targeted Floriana directly, poisoning her champagne at the gala. Red claims he has an antidote but won’t give it to her until she confesses to Liz. She confesses but it turns out it wasn’t really an antidote, he just wanted her to confess and she dies.  Later Liz and Red chat, and she seems torn up that she had long admired Floriana for her human rights activism never knowing she was a monster. Red says you can never know anyone. – The Blacklist: Season One Trailer: I’m Ahab; SonyChLA: The Blacklist: The Freelancer; Copy: guncel vidyolar; Doug Barron; IMDB: The Blacklist: the Freelancer.

The Blacklist: Understand Zimani was only the first. First what? Name on the list. What list. My wishlist. The list I have been cultivating for over twenty years. We have our own list. Agent Dressler: Please, we all know your top ten is nothing more than a publicity campaign. Its a popularity contest at best. I am talking about the criminals who matter. The ones you can’t find because you don’t even know they exist. Lets call it the blacklist, that sounds exciting. Zimani was a small fish. I’m Ahab and if you want the whales on my list, you have to play by my rules. I never sleep in the same location for more than two nights in a row. I want a fully encrypted 8mm tag embedded in my neck, not that garbage from Alfa chip you stuck in my shoulder. I want my own security. I compiled a list of five acceptable applicants, pick two. Whatever I tell you falls under an immunity package that I negotiate myself. And finally, most importantly I speak only with Elizabeth Kean. – The Blacklist: Season One Trailer: I’m Ahab; SonyChLA: The Blacklist: The Freelancer; Copy: guncel vidyolar; Doug Barron; IMDB: The Blacklist: the Freelancer.

The Blacklist: Living Invictus Proof that there is another Way of Being / Living:
Its good business. But at the end of the day, its just business. In service of what? Safety? Security? The health and wellbeing of the ones we love. Well, I really only have one friend.  You’re my friend and I, I misjudged you in a way that no apology can suffice. I’m ashamed of that. I want you to keep that box and on the day you decide to leave. I’m not going to leave, but you can. Whether its today or tomorrow or ten years from now, thats when you open the box. Ever wonder why anyone so decent would spend his days at the side of someone so indecent? You saved him. He owes you his life. He protects you because you protected him. No, Elizabeth. Dembe didn’t stay with me because he saw me as his saviour. He stayed with me because he saw me for the man I really was. A man surrounded by darkness. No friends who could be trusted. No faith that loyalty or love could ever truly exist. I was, well I was younger then, angrier. Dembe connected his life with mine to show me that day, and every day that the world is not what I fear it to be. He is the light in the darkness. Living proof that there is another way. That life can be good. That people can be kind. That a man like me might one day dream of becoming a man like him. He pledged his life. Offered it up as evidence that I was wrong about this world. Dembe guards my life because he’s determined to save my soul. … I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul. … How do we inspire others to do the [eop-axis-oath honesty test confession] impossible? –  [EoP Amended] ]JS 1974: The Blacklist: When Reddington talks you listen; Invictus: Trailer.


As of date – EoPeaceWarrior [fully informed consent relating] or WiP Babylonian [Fuck Informed Consent relating] – vote with regard to – wanna fuck [SQ-Esq: I Think You’re Fat; The Most Honest Conversation in the World – sincere peacenik / honourable warrior [eop-rh-fr] definition [Tehran Times: Iranian writer says wars happen because of West’s fake definition of peace: ELS: 19.08.12, 20.01.08] – gender, race, class, religion – relations Is as follows: * Harvey Weinstein [us-v-hw]: WiP Babylonian; * Rose McGowan [eop-v-ram]: WiP Babylonian; * Me Too Movement [eop-v-mtm]: WiP Babylonian.
» EoP Leg Sub: 08 Jan: EoP/OKC TRC Soleimani Negs Notice to US v HWeinstein, NIAC, AIPAC.

Muammar Gaddafi: All it takes for evil [EoP SciCult law: Cult law defn: violation of fully informed consent] to succeed is for good (wo)man to do nothing. – [EoP Amended] Ind AU: Libya, Iman Al-Obeidi and the penis as a weapon of war.
» EoP Leg Sub: 26 Jan: LJ Re: BE-JB: BoerExtinction Walk & Tailgate Update: Amb Lana Marks is a liar.

A summary overview of Ecology of Peace Radical Honoursty culture language policy: …. If it is harmful intentionally dishonest: Under Babylon international & national Law: File a Fraud complaint. If or when EoP SciCult is international & national law: File a Deception Crime of Aggression [crimes-of-aggression] complaint. If the individuals are conscious and intentional BDSM practioners [Seb Ronin: 21 Oct 2019: archive.is/4FWqZ]; as long as they are abiding by EoP SciCult law; their fully informed consent  deception cultural law [cult-law-self-rule] practices are restricted to fully informed consenting adults; the EoP culture appropriate response is to mind our own business.
» EoP Leg Sub: 26 Jan: LJ Re: BE-JB: BoerExtinction Walk & Tailgate Update: Amb Lana Marks is a liar.

As for fuck up. Depends on your definition of fuck up. My definition of a fuck up is someone who is a hypocrite, who does not have the courage to be honest with themselves and with others; whose total life is filled with nothing but lies and deception, self deception and deception of others. To most mainstream people, Rob Potylo [Rob Potylo: Phil Collins] or Armin Meiwes [Barcroft TV: Interview with a Cannibal] probably appear as monumental fuck ups; but to the extent that Rob and Armin have a clear goal as to who they are and want to be, get what they want out of life, no matter how weird, by means of fully informed consenting relating agreements and remain true to themselves, I would say they have lived massively successful lives. To the contrary other individuals who are considered by mainstream society to be ‘successful’; who have made fuck all enquiry into who they want to be, only following one or other motarded brainwashed cultural script, engaging in never ending two faced non-consensual relating agreements [Syriana: Trailer: Both My DNC-GOP parents are professional Liars]; are well and truly fuck ups. ….. EoP Applicant [eop-applicants] do not give a fuck whether the individuals who sign up to be EoP unconditional or conditional cooperators [EoP Axis Oath] are trans, straight, gay, white, black, green, pink, religious or secular, old or young, etc [Rolling Stone: The Runaway General: The Profile that Brought Down McChrystal: Stan McChrystal didn’t care when his teenage son came home with blue hair and a mohawk.]. We care about whether you are willing to join a – unconditional or conditional cooperator – EoP Axis [eop-axis-oath] team to get the strategic EoP goal job done. …… If they all cooperate to implement EoP SciCult law, then it wont’ be long where they all are able to live in their own cultural law self rule homelands [cult-law-self-rule], and won’t have to put up with each others ‘vile langage’ or other offensive cultural practices.
» EoP Leg Sub: 26 May: EoP Re: Ronan Harrington: Does XR have a Hippy problem?; 26 Jan: EoP Re: RHallam: Greta and I have courage; BBlanton: I am a coward; 07 Oct: EoP TRC Negotiations Informed Consent Courtesy Notice to Ashley Kavanaugh; 28 Dec: EoP Re: Alana McLaughlin: A note on transgender military service.


Benjamin Luten Honesty / Sanity Test Question: Where does the – Andrea Faucet Victory innocence / Machel Genocide Mop guilt – procreation & consumption below / above the ecological carrying capacity limits waterline crime begin?

28 Oct John McCain, FSB & NSA heart attack:
On 23/24 Aug 2018 I drafted an EoP TRC to End the Abel and Kane Cold War [eoptrc-akcoldwar.tygae.org.za] document – 23 Aug: MEGA: Draft: EoP Helsinki JCPOA ParisCop Exit Summit: EoP Axis MilNec Evac Authorization to FSB & NSA – for the attention and authorization of Vladimir Putin, Ray Dalio, Michael Portillo, Michel Barnier, Shabtai Shavit, Avi Mizrahi, Imran Khan, William Rees, Mathis Wackernagel, Sayid Khamenei, Vladimir Gundyayev, Nino di Matteo, Sandile Ngcobo, Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf and Xue Hanqin; for them to legally grant the FSB and NSA authorization to eliminate any individual consciously and deliberately obstructing EoP TRC negotiations to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] as international law; by giving them a fatal stroke / heart attack using psychotronic technology.

The following day, on 24/25 Aug 2018, Senator John McCain dropped dead. On 28 Oct 2001 I provided the NSA and FSB legal authorization – CC: Office of Senator John McCain – to psychotronically monitor my thoughts if they had any doubts about my support for a fair – the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth – trial for Timothy McVeigh [us-v-tjm.tygae.org.za] sincere peacenik / honourable warrior [eop-rh-fr.tygae.org.za] intentions; and give me a fatal heart attack / stroke if or when they observed me to consciously tell anyone a lie.
» EoP MILED Clerk: 16 Sep: EoP TRC Info: Re: Auth to FSB & NSA Re: Obstruction of EoP TRC Negotiations; 02 Sep: EoP Obs Re: Tweet of loaded gun pointed at Meghan McCains head; 26 Sep: EoP TRC Re: Rachel Mitchell v Christine Blasey and WiP ego/eco illiterate legal, psych, media Swamp; 22 Jan: EoP Re: 20 Jan Hacking of EoP MILED Clerk computer hardware; 16 May: EoP Obs Re: Donald Rouhani Honesty / Sanity Test Question.

At least two intelligence agencies have a video record of todays events. I granted such intelligence agencies such surveillance authority, via Senator John McCain on 28 Oct 2019. Basically their monitoring system works similar to a police body cam, except that their surveillance is not external, but internal. Their surveillance video sees whatever I see or look at.
» EoP Leg Sub: 26 Oct: Dog fight in Ash St Park on Thurs 24 Oct 2019 [published 28 Oct after receipt of 28 Oct: Yolanda Hamilton: Nugget injuries claim]


As EoP MILED Clerk – on behalf of EoP Applicants – I formally objected to the mental disorder allegations leveled against your client: Donald Trump by Duty to Warn Psychiatrists [eop-v-d2wpsych]. I am hereby notifying you of my withdrawal of Ecology of Peace culture objections to the mental disorder allegations leveled against your client: Donald Trump by Duty to Warn Psychiatrists. In the context of EoP Culture Honesty Test, based on Luten Conservation Sanity Test; both Donald Trump [20 Jun: EoP LJvLS Offer for Pres Trump: If Trump wants EoP honesty USvIR negotiations] and Duty to Warn Psychiatrists [22 May: LJ v LS Req for Info: Duty to Warn Psych] fail to the pass the EoP Culture Honesty – reach for the mop sanity – Test. [34.1] “… an organization cannot have a conservation policy without having a population policy. … the sanity test—in which the candidate, confronted with an overflowing sink, is classified according to whether he reaches for the mop or the faucet.” – Daniel Benjamin Luten; Chemist & Resource Assistant to General Douglas McArthur; The Sierra Club Bulletin; Paul Ehlrich: The Population Bomb: Population Control or Race to Oblivion? ; William Cooper: Behold a Pale Horse . A different Daniel B Luten was the ‘Luten Arch’ Bridge Builder Engineer. [D2W Psych v DJT: Summary of EoP Radical Honoursty Psych Info PDF]
» EoP Leg Sub: 22 Jan: EoP Apps: Draft: Withdrawal Notice Re: Duty to Warn Psych v Donald Trump.

EoP [McVeigh2020] recommends abolition of the Babylon WiP Slaughterhouse for Profit industrial healthcare model [CCHR: Psychiatry in the Military: The Hidden Enemy; Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging; Psychiatry: An Industry of Death; Vaxxed TV: Vaxxed; Vaxxed II; Len Horowitz: Manmade Origins of Aids and Ebola] in favour of responsible freedom organic healthcare model [NBC: Eustace Conway’s Turtle Island] low tech agrarian economy [Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil]. EoP TRC Negotiations is effectively a recommendation [30 Nov: EoP Re: National Comm on Military, National and Public Service Enquiry] for abolition of the Babylon WiP defence economy [CNN: Zakaria: Americas defense budget is out of control], in favour of a responsible freedom – aka sincere peacenik / honourable warrior – bathtub government [02 Dec: EoP – Bathtub Gov – UN Resolution TN to Dick Cheney & Grover Norquist] sustainable agrarian economy [Thompkins Conservation: The Next Economy]
» EoP Leg Sub: 29 Dec: McVeigh2020 Re: Seth Moulton: Bipartisan Bills Waiting on US Senate.

EoP/OKC TRC Negotiations correspondence is published at EoP Leg Sub [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za]


Lara Johnson,
EoP MILED Clerk [EoP Oath PDF]
16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, 6529

Sent per electronic notice to:

Juanita Broaddrick, Sumner Twiss, Tess Lawrence, Margarita Simonyan, Tom Pappert:
Juanita Broaddrick (atensnut@aol.com); Florida State Univ: Center for Advancement of Human Rights: Sumner Twiss (CAHR-info@fsu.edu); CAHR (FSUCAHR@gmail.com); Tess Lawrence: Independent Australia: David Donovan (editor@independentaustralia.net); Margarita Simonyan via Russia Today (info@rttv.ru); US Bureau (RT-US@rttv.ru); Press Office (press@rttv.ru); London Bureau (LondonBureau@rttv.ru); National File: Tom Pappert (NationalFile@ProtonMail.com)

Joseph Bondy, Jeremy Gauntlett, James Comey:
Lev Parnas Counsel: Joseph Bondy (jbondy@mac.com); Jeremy Gauntlett (jeremy@gauntlett.co.za); James Comey via Counsel: Skadden: Patrick Fitzgerald (patrick.fitzgerald@skadden.com); Dechert: David Kelley (david.kelley@dechert.com)

Cindy McCain:
Cindy McCain via McCain Institute (info@mccaininstitute.org); Communication (Meghan.latcovich@gmail.com); Sedona Forum (thesedonaforum@mccaininstitute.org); Next Generation Leaders (NextGenerationLeaders@mccaininstitute.org);


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