05 May: McVeigh 2020: EoP Cabinet Q Re NB-SE: Color Me Purple Un–American Irony

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* 05 May: McVeigh 2020: EoP Cabinet Q Re NB-SE: Color Me Purple Un–American Irony.
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Date: Tue, 05 May 2020 01:33:36 +0200
Subject: EoP Cabinet Q Re NB-SE: Color Me Purple Un-American Irony
To: “Newsbud: Sibel Edmunds” <contact@newsbud.com>
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TO: Newsbud: Sibel Edmunds
CC: Stan McChrystal
Re: Newsbud: CSPN: Color Me Purple!; The Un-American Irony.


McVeigh 2020: EoP Re NB-SE: Color Me Purple Un-American Irony.

29:05: Sibel Edmonds: I read nice, supportive sincere comments; and its heart warming. So I am not saying oh those things don’t mean anything to me. Yes it does. Those things mean allot to me too. And anyone who will say I don’t care if people being nice to me and being so kind. BS, okay.  Don’t buy into that. … Sibel Edmunds: I am not red, I am not blue. I am purple. …. I am not wishy washy. … I’m not centrist. … Correct me in the comments section if you think I am wrong whether you agree or disagree, as long as you do it respectfully and coherently. Dont come and call me names. – Newsbud: CSPN: Color Me Purple!

Summary Req for Info:

The supreme strategic priority for EoP culture is building an EoP Axis Alliance to submit EoP UN Resolution to UN General Assembly; to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law [mcveigh2020: PDF: pp.26-67/71; lj-v-ls: PDF: pp.25-66/70] as international law; to enable orderly and humane deindustrialization to a global low tech organic family farm agrarian economy. The communication process for potential McVeigh 2020 / EoP NTE GMA cabinet members is ego-literacy [mcveigh2020: PDF: pp.37-38/71; lj-v-ls: PDF: pp.36-37/70]; which is not ‘nice’ gobbledygook’ but in your face objective [eop-rh-fr] and subjective [eop-rh-iqo] honesty; to avoid wasting other cabinet members time. .

If you are potential EoP Axis Oath [eop-axis-oath] cabinet [eop-nte-gma-cabinet] member, no problem; If not, also okay, no offence taken. Be Warned: There will be fuck all ‘nice babylon war is peace gobbledygook’ on McVeigh 2020 cabinet. There will be sincere active listening [Edwin Rutsch: Empathy aka Active Listening Circle: 9 min], sincere discussion, which can be sincerely emotionally neutral or not. McVeigh cabinet definition of respect is honesty: objective [eop-rh-fr] and subjective [eop-rh-iqo] honesty. If there are certain words you find offensive, and other cabinet members voluntarily consent not to use in discussions with you; that’s okay. Radical Honoursty culture members do not engage in censoring their objective and/or subjective opinions. For example: If one day they sincerely subjectively think you are dressed like a slut, or acting like an anal retentive tits and ass slut; they will say to your face.

EoP Axis oath [eop-axis-oath] is a promise – a form of labour or information barter exchange reciprocity [Dmitry Orlov Twilight of the Antipodes] – purchase of labour or information sharing cooperation with very clear unambiguous honest communication as to what the collective strategic goal is. If or when there is a mutual overlap agreement on strategic goal between two or more individuals, they can sign an unconditional or conditional cooperator oath, to clarify their cooperator commitment to the strategic goal. The oath is a process to learn to practice in decision-making, communication and relating responsible freedom self government 24/7/365: If or when my ego gets in the way of me cooperating, towards our strategic goal; I will not run away or play some passive aggressive egomindfuck games. I will be my own or your Sgt Major and bitch slap my own or your fragile ego Private through the face with clear sincere verbal feedback, to help quick resolution of our misunderstanding, disagreement with you my fellow Oath co-operator; to enable us to uphold our cooperation agreement towards our shared strategic goal, through potentially difficult times. It’s a statement of: our strategic goal is our cooperative master, not our individual ego’s. …
» EoP Leg Sub: 22 Jul: McVeigh2020 Re: Greg Johnson NB Principles; Richard Spencer: Trump WN Congame; 29 Jul: EoP Obs: Everytime they make it – abolish babylon idea meritocracy – plain kissed, the worlds intelligence chiefs held their breath.

Stan McChrystal: There is a time for dissent and a time to shut the fuck up.
So here’s my view on dissent. Dissent is important. The problem with dissent is that there’s a time and place for it, and there’s a time and place not to have it. I tell people, “When the landing-craft ramp drops and hits the beach, that’s not the time to discuss the plan.” Unhealthy dissent goes away when you show your team respect, engage them in the process and pass information along to them. Give them as much transparency into decision making as is possible and practical to do.But everybody needs to understand that there’s a point–once a decision has been made or a line has been crossed–at which dissent is no longer appropriate, unless it is very carefully and very maturely provided in the right time, place and way. And that takes a deft hand. What I’m saying is that it’s not okay to bitch about everything all the time and fight things. There’s a time to shut up and execute, and the organization should be schooled in that. When we work with companies, we explain that planning and executing a task has three phases. The first phase is information gathering, and the second is considering what information to include. These two phases are when you talk things out; dissent at this point is not only essential but also a moral responsibility. If you’ve got something to say, you’ve got to say it then. After a decision is made, it’s probably no longer appropriate to say anything. In reality, I’m not that black and white, because there might be things emerging after the fact that people should know. But if you didn’t speak during those first two phases, I think it’s inappropriate to raise things that aren’t of an emergency nature. – Forbes: Combat Consultant: Q&A With Retired General Stanley McChrystal.
» EoP Leg Sub: 21 Nov: EoP: Re: Combat Consultant: Q&A With Retired General Stanley McChrystal; 28 Apr: LJ v CRLRC, SGMC, FWdK, TRC & NMN: 31 Apr Vote Deadline: Post Covid Lockdown Courts: EoP or WiP Law.


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EoP Re: Nice and Sincere.

Is it possible to argue with Putin? Gen Bortnikov: Of course, but only if you [are sincere and] have ironclad counterarguments. – [EoP Amended] Vesti: Putin: 01.02

Paolo Frere: Understand your culture; understand yourself. Without a sense of identity and a clear legal measurable sincere peacenik / honourable warrior [eop-rh-fr: mcveigh2020: PDF: pp.26-67/71; lj-v-ls: PDF: pp.25-66/70] legal definition; there can be no real – sincere peacenik / honourable warrior jihad – struggle. – EoP Amended: Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples.
» IG: 15-05-29_tmcveigh-featherculture; 16-09-16_mcveigh-finaljihad; EoP Leg Sub: 21 Apr: EoP Law Re: NG: No one knows with certainty what to do; 21 Apr: EoP Obs: LSOO: Radical Honesty – What If We All Told The Truth?; 04 May: McVeigh 2020: EoP or WiP Law Quality Gov Q for MQGIsrael: Eliad Shraga.

Rosemary Frei: Feynman:”You must not fool yrslf – & you are the easiest person to fool.”. Bertrand Russell’s 1st command’t: “Do not lie to yrslf.” ………. Journalist: Mr Hoffman: You’ve disseminated revealing information on Coronavirus panic but aren’t you discouraged by the tepid response? Michael Hoffman: Not at all. It’s predictable. Suckers will be fleeced. It’s in their nature. In the state of Washington there is a large, elite hospital. As of April 4 it had only ten Coronavirus-positive patients. Six to eight weeks from now the chumps in America will realize they’ve been robbed and tricked. By then it will be too late. The media’s Coronavirus hysteria functions as a vast wealth transfer from the people to the bankers, but the supine credulity of the saps has blinded them to it. Their bondage is certain, and well-deserved.
– Rosemary Frei @RosemaryFreiTO; Revisionist History: News Bureau.
» EoP Leg Sub: 06 Apr: EoP Re: Do you have reason to doubt analysis of Dr Anthony Fauci.

Frantz Fanon: I think it would be good if certain things were said. The struggle between the [WiP law educated lack of ego-eco-literacy character] master and the slave is the struggle for power, party for who possesses the products of the slaves labour. This is the bit that interests Fanon, because he sees that the [WiP law educated lack of ego/eco literacy character] colonizer-colonized relationship is a struggle to the death. And indeed in his life he pursues it to the death. At the same time he sees it is also a struggle by the [WiP law] slave to win [WiP law: flattery / sycophancy] recognition, and also the dependency of the [WiP law] master on the [flattery / sycophancy] recognition from the slave. What Fanon says is In the colonized colonial relationship there is no [sincere ego/eco literate] recognition going on. That is why Fanon is concerned that [WiP law] racism [sexism, classism, religionism, etc] depersonalizes. It is a [lack of ego/eco literacy character] denial of recognition. It is the [individuals ego dictator] master saying ‘I do not see you at all.’  … Black Skin White Masks was not the original title. It was called ‘Essay for the Disalienation of the Black’. But Frantz was too modest. Its an esssay for the dis-alienation of both the [lack of ego/eco literate character] black and white. – [EoP Amended] CNM: Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Masks

The other [Babylonian] character is not presented the truth, but is instead presented with a mask, or to put it more simply: a lie. In the show House, the maverick doctor Gregory House often finds his diagnostic work is challenged not so much by the mysterious nature of the illness, but by the one simple fact that everybody lies. The only variable is about what.  So what are the [sincere peacenik / honourable warrior] things [Babylonians] lie about. – [EoP Amended]: LSOO: Radical Honesty – What if We all Told the Truth?.
» EoP Leg Sub: 21 Apr: EoP Obs: LSOO: Radical Honesty – What If We All Told The Truth?.

Perhaps more important, there is one key principle of the psychology of mass mind control missing from the old model of authority embodied by the early Fathers of the Christian Church: they did not flatter and they did not come in disguise. The core of orthodox Christianity’s belief system was antioccult to the marrow: it was the bad news about human nature. Since we choose to refuse to genuinely heal the rift between the two sides of our mentality by the tough means of repudiating our lying public persona and taking action on the understanding of our true self, we relinquish autonomy to those who make it appear that they can heal us at no great cost or trouble on our part. The foster mothers of the human race, at least in the West, are cows. Perhaps we’ve imbibed so much of their fluid that we have become cows, terrified of freedom and its responsibilities. Epistemologist Charles Fort once remarked, “I think we’re farmed.” Why then does he revere them? Because they flatter him. This is the first secret of mass mind control and can be observed as the foundation stone of virtually every false religion, party, cult, philosophy, system and training. How can modern man free himself when he is told that he is already a demi-god, that the problem lies only in finding a pure enough economic or political system worthy of his high-minded brilliance? If we look closely we will see that this mind control principle is so basic and simple it is almost stupidly so, to the point that we marvel that anyone would be seduced by it. But it is all a matter of attention, as we saw in the parable of the mountebank and the clown. Arrogant hypno-patsies have been told by their masters that they are “Demi-gods” and demi-gods are never deceived or distracted. They’re too smart! And by their arrogant self-satisfaction they blind themselves to the simplicity of the device that ensnares them and that is when “the real sales pitch begins.” What the Alchemical managers have bred over a millennia is a human race of the most wretched stupidity and ignorance unrivaled in thousands of years. These blind slaves are told they are “free” and “highly educated” even as they march behind signs that would cause any medieval peasant to run screaming away from them in panic-stricken terror. The symbols that modern man embraces with the naive trust of an infant would be tantamount to billboards reading, “This way to your death and enslavement,” to the understanding of a traditional peasant of antiquity. Who is the modern man? The puppet-masters say he is the smartest, most advanced individual to ever strut the planet, the most relatively liberated being in history. But Louis-Ferdinand Celine said it well, “What does the modern public want? It wants to go down on its knees before money and before crap!”
» SQ: Michael Hoffman: Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare; IG: 16-07-30_hoffmanm-secsocpsywar-truthorcons; 20-03-28_covid-denverlily-expgrowth.

Sun Tzu: Thus we may know that there are five essentials for victory: (1) He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight. (2) He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces. (3) He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks. (4) He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared. (5) He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.  Hence the saying: If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. – History Channel: Sun Tzu – The Art of War; MIT Classics: Sun Tzu: The Art of War.
» EoP Leg Sub: 11 Apr: EoP Re: Joseph Mosuo support for Tedros Mkhize / Rafael Creecy Africa Covid-19 battle; 11 Apr: EoP Re: Saddam Chirac support for Josep Trudeau EU Covid-19 battle.

Q: How do you create what you call a shared-consciousness culture?
EoP MILED Clerk: If you want to recruit people like me; you are very honest; you answer my questions, you listen to my constructive criticism feedback, and earn my trust, about what exactly our ultimate ‘shared consciousness teams’ goals are. Everyone is required to abide by whatever our team rules are. If you want to recruit a bunch of fragile ego morons addicted to being flattered or bribed with ‘success’ or their ‘career’ or whatever the fuck their fragile little ego’s need to feel part of a ‘[insert feelgood psychobabble bullshit to appease individuals existential economic, racial, religious, class, gender insecurity]’ team; then of course you would tell them whatever the fuck you think the fragile ego snowflakes want to hear.
» EoP Leg Sub: 21 Nov: EoP: Re: Combat Consultant: Q&A With Retired General Stanley McChrystal.

I was confused by your combination of nice and sincere.

In my experience ‘nice’ and ‘sincere’ are very seldom the same.

Generally speaking ‘nice’ is putting on a flattery, sycophantic mask of manipulation, as opposed to transparently and directly asking for whatever you want. Being nice is to manipulate the individual you are being nice to, to project onto them a sense of obligation to be ‘nice’ in response and provide the particular resources being requested – not honestly and transparently – but nicely and manipulatively.

I e-mail Blanton to ask if I can come down to Virginia and get some pointers before embarking on my Radical Honesty experiment. He writes back: “I appreciate you for apparently having a real interest and hope you’re not just doing a cutesy little superficial dipshit job like most journalists.” I’m already nervous. I better start off with a clean slate. I confess I lied to him in my first e-mail — that I haven’t ordered all his books on Amazon yet. I was just trying to impress upon him that I was serious about his work. He writes back: “Thanks for your honesty in attempting to guess what your manipulative and self-protective motive must have been.”
» SQ-Esq: Brad Blanton: I Think You’re Fat.

John Stossel: If grandma makes you cookies, you don’t like em, you should tell her and hurt her feelings? Brad Blanton: Grandma’s that want respect, want the respect of honesty and if it hurts grandma’s feelings, that’s fine, grandma can get over her hurt feelings too. Grandma is a person. ……….. Brad Blanton: That’s what you do when you grow up; you start having enough courage to tell the truth. What is bad about not being honest? You are wrapped up in your own mind. You are trapped in your own mind. You can’t do anything but think about what it is that you havent told somebody and how you are deceiving them. You keep thinking now who did I tell what. You can’t keep track of all the ways in which you modified what you reported to other people and so you end up thinking, what did I say, what am I going to do, what am I trying to get them to do for me, what am I trying to do to manipulate them. You are all wrapped up in trying to get people conned into doing what you want, and when you are wrapped up in that you don’t actually enjoy it when you get what you want, cause you know you just conned them into it. So a way in which you really enjoy getting what you want, is that you ask for it, and they say ‘yeah go ahead you can have it’, then you can enjoy it and be really happy, but if you conned your way into it you can’t enjoy it and be happy. So the idea is being able to be happy and be related to people and not be guarded and careful and protected and afraid of being found out. That’s a lousy way to live. Its a better way to live out loud, let the chips fall where they may, have a few hard times now and then but they get cleaned up when everyone tells the truth. … At about 12 or 13 we start playing a game of pretending that we are not pretending, when we are. We do that in order to play a kind of secret hero role to ourselves and try to get everyone to acknowledge us as being heroic and so we are going to pretend to be whatever we think will help us to get them to give us what we want. So when you learn to pretend that you are not pretending, when you are, thats a big problem, its called the major problem of adulthood, of our whole civilization. .. They lie to get what they want and when they get what they want by lying, they can’t enjoy it. Why don’t they just ask for what they want? Because they are afraid they might not get it. So they build a story to be able to manipulate others to get what they want.
–  Radical Honesty Channel: Radical Honesty 01.02.03. The Importance of Telling the Radical Truth; SHO: Brad Blanton: And Nothing But the Truth [EoP RH FR: Caveat].
» EoP Leg Sub: 09 Nov: EoP Re: eNCA: Springbok support questioned.

EoP definition of a consciously sincere person is an ego literate [mcveigh2020: PDF: pp.37-38/71; lj-v-ls: PDF: pp.36-37/70] person: someone who consciously knows what they want, and clearly asks for what they want


EoP Cabinet Ego/Eco Literacy v WiP ‘Nice Babylon Gobbledygook’ Literacy:

97.5 % of normal people, prefer to obey ethical laws: Nestar Russell and Annette Bolton: Awareness of impending climate catastrophe has greatly increased over the last 30 years. Increasing awareness, however, has not translated into decreasing but instead increasing greenhouse gas emissions.  …… Interestingly, as illustrated by Milgram’s previously mentioned Subject Free to Choose Shock Level condition, when ordinary people at the end of an organisational chain (e.g., consumers) are aware of the harmful consequences of their actions and they are then offered the unimpeded option to act ethically, 97.5 per cent chose to do so. As long as their self-interests are not too heavily compromised by manipulative up-stream meddling, Milgram’s research clearly illustrates that most people prefer to pursue what they understand to be the morally right course of action. Thus, perhaps more than any other factor, our present inability to avert climate catastrophe is largely an abuse of (mostly higher) power and a total failure of leadership. The fish rots from the head down. – MPDI: “Climate Catastrophe and Stanley Milgram’s Electric Shock “Obedience” Experiments: An Uncanny Analogy” [PDF].
» EoP Leg Sub: 23 Feb: EoP Objective Honesty Errors in JP Morgan ‘Risky Business’ Climate Report; 15 Mar: Nobel Peace Prize Nomination: Abel TRC Reason Freelancer.

If or when EoP Scientific and Cultural law is implemented as international law, then its highly possible there may be a significant number of Milgram 98% [15 Mar: Milgram Two, Eight, Thirty Five & Ninety-Eight % Decision-Makers] groups of people who are quite happy to abide by EoP Scientific Law, benefiting from an orderly and sustainable Abel Steppe Aryan peace society; but who culturally want to live in ‘Racially or Religious or Culturally Nice Sycophantic’ Cultural law self rule homelands. That will be okay; they will need to recognize that their ‘nice’ form of communication is their cultural law homeland preference and NOT all cultural law homelands preference; and ‘nice’ cultural communication has failed for 2,000 fucking years to help its practitioners to grow themselves some objective honesty [eop-rh-fr] relating sincere truthseeker spines.

To be or not to be Boesman / Kufr etc: Citizens abiding by EoP Scientific law [PDF: pp.49-52/71] are granted Cultural Law Self Rule Homeland [PDF: pp.35-36/71] rights: Citizens who subjectively (a) believe the word Boesman / Kufr is offensive will be able to choose to live in Bann Offensive Words Cultural law self rule homelands; (b) want everyone in their homeland to be called Boesman / Kufr / Cracker etc or any offensive word to desensitize them to offensive words; or as a form of affection; can choose to live in Embrace Offensive Words Cultural Law Homelands; (c) don’t care about banning words, can live in We Dont Give a Fuck about banning words cultural law self rule homelands.
» EoP Leg Sub: 20 Apr: EoP Law Re: DM-AL: Words Boesman & Kaffir should be outlawed.

If or when they can prove that ‘being fake nice’ is conducive to finding the objective and/or subjective truth, then ‘being fake nice’ can be recognized as a scientific communication psycho-social relating enquiry communication technique for finding objective and/or subjective truth.

Until then, nice will be EoP Cultural law legal in their ‘nice homeland’ but they should recognize that should they wander into other Cultural Law radical honoursty communication homelands, their fragile ego’s may get offended, by people not being fake nice to them.

Ego Literacy [mcveigh2020: PDF: pp.37-38/71; lj-v-ls: PDF: pp.36-37/70] is the EoP Scientific enquiry communication method for measuring fully informed consent, and is the cabinet – direct communication that avoids wasting cabinet members time and resources – communication style.

Vladimir Lenin: No it isn’t what you said, and you must see the difference. The future is less than six months away; and we make the future with every new theory we evolve, every organizational change we set in progress. There will be no [ego/eco literacy] revolution. Millions will not be mobilized against the [Babylon WiP international law oligarchy] Tsar estate unless we make it possible. We are [ego/eco literacy] marxists. We understand as the anarchists and liberals cannot the nature of power, the state and so on. But it is not enough to know the world, we must learn how to [ego/eco literacy revolution] change it, and in order to do that, we must first and foremost build an organization. A party to develop the theory and lead the revolutionary struggle. You see what I mean. Objectively the [lack of ego/eco literacy character] enemy can be your best friend, your lover, your party colleague, the party chairman of your local branch, the editor of your party journal. The enemy is he who impedes the course of the [ego/eco literacy] revolution. Comrade Trotsky, the battle for now is not with the Czar, it is with ourselves. .. The question remaining is who will control Iskra. Primakov: Doesn’t Iskra speak with one voice? Lenin: What do you think? Primakov: You surprise me. Of course there have been personal frictions, the Bauman affair for example, but surely there is no evidence of ideological division is there? Lenin: George Martov has tabled his own draft rules for party membership. Primakov: I’ve seen the agenda. I must say I read them side by side yours and his, and I am damned if I can see much to choose between them, apart of course from a certain stylistic difference. Lenin: I’ll tell you the [ego/eco literacy] difference in a sentence George. His rules allow anyone, any [lack of [ego/eco literacy character] opportunist, any windbag, any professor any high school student to proclaim himself a member of the party; whereas my [ego/eco literacy: eop-axis-oath] rules, our rules George confine membership to a narrow vanguard of professional revolutionaries owing strict allegiance to the [eop-un-res: eop-scicultlaw] party center. Thats the difference. Lenin: Vote for Martovs [lack of [ego/eco literacy character] revolution and you create a teaparty; not a party of [ego/eco literacy] revolutionaries ready to lead a [ego/eco literacy] class into [ego/eco literacy] battle. – [EoP Amended] BBC: Fall of Eagles: 06: Absolute Beginners.
» EoP Leg Sub: 22 Apr: The question is no longer whether Revolution, but how and when and led by whom.


EoP Re: Left Right and Centrist 

McVeigh 2020 / EoP MILED Clerk does not give a fuck if you are Babylon War is Peace red or blue or purple, left or right, extreme left or right. McVeigh cabinet would rather have a cabinet of ego literate Klu Klux Klan and Black Panther Nazis, than a cabinet of fragile ego anti-racists or peaceniks, with fuck all definition of racism, or sincere peacenik.

Demian is my African American husband in California; he did quite a lot of work with California Correctional Officers, Black Guerrilla Family and Aryan Brotherhood leaders in prison who worked cooperatively, working with at risk youth.
» EoP Leg Sub: 07 Mar: Demian Johnson & Anders Breivik: Update Re: EoP TRC to End Cold War Neg’s

Quickly we find that the most virulent white racists can begin to respect blacks who stand up for themselves, and that when blacks meet really tough whites for the first time, instead of middle-class social worker lames, a mutual respect builds to where they can work together. The toughest gangsters are verbally more racist when they come here, and racist in terms of who they hang out with. But the tougher they are, the more quickly they will grant respect to a member of another ethnic group who behaves in a fashion acceptable to their code. … Of course, John Maher is behind all this. They held these seminars every morning, where someone in the house would run it down about what Delancey was doing, for about an hour, except when John did it, once or twice a week, and then it would run three hours. First time I heard John, I thought, “Jesus, they got me in here with a bunch of commies!” The second time he spoke I thought I was hearing Martin Luther King. And his seminars would start to build the unity. He told us where the Foundation was going; we’d ask him questions. He got rid of a lot of my prejudices about blacks, and my ignorance, the labels they put on people. John has a way of carrying everyone in the room. He will say something in three hours to hit all three hundred people, give them something to work on. He speaks to an audience. He can talk about the prejudiced honkies, the prejudiced blacks, the guilt people carry around. He caroms everyone, hits them with something, and when he walks out, he leaves them thinking about themselves and their actions, what they really want to do with their lives, and if their lives are kind of fucked up, how they can change it. The reason John gets to much respect is that everyone knows he is not asking you to do anything he doesn’t do himself. I got so much trust in the man, that he can ask me to do anything, I wouldn’t even question it, and I never felt that way about anyone. John can relate to you, put you through changes, because he’s been there himself, it’s not something he’s read in a book. I’m not afraid of John, but I know if I try to run something under him he’ll say, “Ron, quit bullshitting me. Don’t bullshit a bullshitter,” and that’s frightening, because you got to come right out and level with him. – SQSwans: John Maher of Delancey Street: A Guide for Peaceful Revolution in America.

And McVeigh 2020 cabinet will not be a ‘nice’ cabinet. It will be a got ego literate brains balls to be ego literate stupid or fuck off cabinet.

Gen James Cartwright: The speed of informing someone, of bringing key relevant information was so much quicker in a brutal no rank ready room, the downside that we have found is extremely small, the upsides are the intellectual capital, the speed to which you gain information; and context for decisions, and planning and execution. I have not found anything that comes even close. If you decide to enter into a conversation as a senior person, in at least rank, you can be globally stupid, and you can do it very quickly and if that bothers you, then you are going to have to toughen up the hide. In the military structure, that is something that is a paradigm shift. But if you can’t stand being globally stupid once in a while, this is not the space for you. – BizofGov: US Strategic Command: Gen James Cartwright 01.02.03.
IG: 17-08-05_genjcartwright-perfectinformation.

If you need to take a Radical Honesty [radicalhonesty] workshop course to help you confront your subjective fragile ego reality preferences, fears, etc; that’s okay.

If you are potential EoP Axis Oath [eop-axis-oath] cabinet member, no problem; I shall keep you on the EoP NTE GMA cabinet [eop-nte-gma-cabinet] list. If not, that’s okay also. I have no wish to imply that you may be a potential McVeigh 2020 or EoP NTE GMA cabinet member, if you are not potentially a sincere cabinet member.

So – if you are sincerely not wishy washy – and not a potential EoP NTE GMA cabinet member, please clarify your EoP or WiP not wishy washy status, sooner than later.

If or when McVeigh 2020 wins US General Election, and/or McVeigh 2020 platform to authorize EoP UN Resolution [mcveigh2020: PDF: pp.26-67/71 | lj-v-ls: PDF pp.25-66/70] to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law as international law; is adopted by a US Presidential candidate by or before midnight 31 December 2020 [09 Mar: FilingLetter to Judge Nathan Erasmus: PDF; 16 Apr: CCMA 1063-20: LJ v TRC: Draft Settlement Agreement]]; McVeigh 2020 platform with regard to UN funding and appointments is as follows. All McVeigh cabinet, federal and international agency appointments will be subject to the appointed individuals having signed their unconditional or conditional cooperator EoP Axis Oath [eop-axis-oath]. Judge Nino de Matteo will be placed in charge of administering all United States funding to the United Nations; and all international juridical, economic, military and other institutions; including management of an international EoP Axis Oath office.
» EoP Leg Sub: 14 Apr: McVeigh 2020: Ntc Re McVeigh Admin UN, WHO & UN Surg Gen appointments.

McVeigh 2020 EoP Law: UN, IMF, WB & NATO Defunding Notices.

Re: USHR Comm on Foreign Affairs inquiry [USHCFA: Engel Launches Inquiry into Trump Decision to Halt WHO Funding] into Trump 15 Apr 2020: 01:00 + 0200| 14 Apr 18:00 EST [CD: PT] decision to halt WHO Funding [STAT: Trump announces a formal freeze on WHO funding, pending an investigation]

McVeigh 2020 [mcveigh2020] 14 & 20 Apr 2020 Defund UN, WB, IMF, NATO Notices provided to USHCFA [27 Apr: McVeigh2020: McV20 Info Re USHCFA Enq into Trump Defund WHO Decision]:
» 14 Apr 2020: 01:34 + 0200: McVeigh 2020: Notice: Defund UN; WHO Appointment: Robert Kennedy; US Surg General: Leonard Horowitz; 10:46 + 0200: McVeigh2020: TN to US Pres Candidates: 14 Apr McV20 Notice: Defund UN, WB, IMF, NATO.
» 20 Apr 2020: 16:30 + 0200: McVeigh 2020: TN to WB & IMF: 14 Apr McV20 Notice: Defund UN, WB, IMF, NATO; 19:40 + 0200: McVeigh 2020: TN to NATO: 14 Apr McV20 Notice: Defund UN, WB, IMF, NATO.


McVeigh 2020 EoP Law Covid-19 Lockdown Rules Recommendations.

The supreme priority for EoP culture – including during any national or global resource conflict crisis symptom of WiP international law – is building an EoP Axis Alliance to submit EoP UN Resolution to UN General Assembly; to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law [mcveigh2020: PDF: pp.26-67/71; lj-v-ls: PDF: pp.25-66/70] as international law; to enable orderly and humane deindustrialization to a global low tech organic family farm agrarian economy.

McVeigh2020 / EoP MILED Clerk would – similar to Sweden and Belarus [08 Apr: McVeigh 2020: EoP Re Lukashenko Weimar Herd Culling Q re Gates WHO Covid-19 Lockdown] – not have recommended a tactical lockdown in response to Covid-19 pandemic. Caveat: unless one of the tactical goals of the Covid Lockdown was a global dimming experiment: [25 Mar: EoP Re Covid 19 – measure Global Dimming / educate exponential function – experiment?; 30 Dec: EoP A to McPherson – GHardin Climate Emergency – Paradox Question].

Either way if a – Covid19 or Covid-Global-Dimming-experiment – tactical lockdown was implemented in any nation; to accomplish EoP Axis Alliance strategic goals; then such tactical lockdown should be an EoP Law lockdown. EoP Law Covid-19 lockdown rules submitted to NIAID: Anthony Fauci, WHO: Tedros Adhanom [30 Mar: McVeigh2020: EoP Law Covid-19 Lockdown Rules Recommendations] for Milgram 2% or 35% WHO, Head of State, military, juridical, political and civil society decision makers, who want to include their nation in EoP Axis Alliance.

McVeigh 2020 EoP Axis [eop-axis] Alliance [30 Nov: EoP Re: National Comm on Military, National and Public Service Enquiry; McVeigh 2020: TN to NATO: 14 Apr McV20 Notice: Defund UN, WB, IMF, NATO] advocates on behalf of authorizing EoP UN Resolution: EoP Scientific and Cutlural law [mcveigh2020: PDF: pp.26-67/71 | lj-v-ls: PDF pp.25-66/70| lj-v-sgmc: PDF: pp.17-54/56 | lj-v-shoc: PDF: 43-84/88 | lj-v-nmn: PDF: pp.11-76/83| lj-v-trc: PDF: pp.30-71/137] as international law, to enable orderly and humane deindustrialization and depopulation economic degrowth path to a low tech responsible freedom family farm agrarian economy.

An EoP Axis Alliance nation is a nation whose Head of State – on their own Milgram 2% decision making [Invictus: Dictator; Iron Lady; A Woman Named Golda; The Upright Man; John Brown; Bram Fischer]; or with a Milgram 35% EoP Axis Oath [eop-axis-oath] mandate from cabinet, parliament, judiciary, military and/or civil society [15 Mar: Milgram Two, Eight, Thirty Five & Ninety-Eight % Decision-Makers] – has instructed their UN Ambassador to (a) authorize EoP UN Resolution for submission to UN General Assembly by or before 31 Dec 2020; and/or if already submitted to UN General Assembly by or before 31 Dec 2020 [09 Mar: FilingLetter to Judge Nathan Erasmus: PDF; 16 Apr: CCMA 1063-20: LJ v TRC: Draft Settlement Agreement]; (b) to vote Aye authorizing EoP UN Resolution: EoP Scientific and Cultural law to become international law; at the time of the UN General Assembly – EoP UN Resolution – vote.

EoP Axis Alliance Head of State Legal and Military EoP UN Resolution Mandate Alternatives:
» Judiciary [eop-legcertenq: 21 Apr: DRAFT: Presidents of Russia, China; USA & EU: Joint letter to their Constitutional / Supreme Court Chief Justices. Subject: Re: EoP Axis Truth and Reconciliation to End Abel & Kane Cold War Negotiations; to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law as international law];
» Military [10 Aug: EoP Applicants: Draft: MilDem EoP UN Resolution Martial Law].


Summary: EoP Law – TRC to End Abel and Kane Cold War – Axis Alliance negotiations:

The question is whether EoP SciCult law [lj-v-ls: PDF: pp.25-66/70] or WiP Babylon law should be master intnl law; that’s all. [EoP Summary EoP v WiP Law: eop-v-wip-law: PDF].
» EoP Leg Sub: 30 Jan: EoP v WiP Law Relevance Defns A: Re JManchin: If its relevant I want to hear it.

Lawrence Wilkerson: We need some sort of relationship like that between Washington and Beijing today, I think. And I do not mean in any way that we should rule the world together. What I mean is the [ecological & economic collapse consequences of WiP ‘right to breed/consume above ecological carrying capacity limits’ intnl law] challenges like we’re going to confront in the 21st century, challenges that could be [species ending] existential, challenges like climate change, challenges like enough water to drink, enough food to eat, and so forth — I’ve seen some projections that say — by climatologists whose views I respect, that say we could have only arable land and water enough for some half-billion people. What do we do with the other 9 billion? Where do we bury them? How do we deal with that kind of massive change in human relationships with this planet? So these are huge challenges. So what I’m saying is you need this kind of great-power relationship, this great-state relationship to begin to lead the [EoP truth and reconciliation responsible freedom] way for others to follow. – [EoP Amended] The Real News: Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay: Lawrence Wilkerson: Who Makes Foreign Policy: If We Remain Predators; the Planet Will Cast us off [SQ Copy].
» EoP Leg Sub: 15 Mar: Req for EoP TRC Info: Timberland: J Swartz; Chiquita: C Flores: Nobel Peace Prize Nomination: Abel TRC Reason Freelancer.

EoP MILED Clerk – on behalf of EoP Applicants [eop-applicants] – Ecology of Peace Truth and Reconciliation (“EoP TRC”) to End the Abel and Kane Cold War strategic and tactical – sincere peacenik / honourable warrior [eop-rh-fr] – recommendations to Commanders in Chief of NATO, Red Army and People’s Liberation Army [lj-v-ls] is to form an EoP Axis [eop-axis] alliance to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law as international law, via EoP UN Resolution [PDF pp.25-66/70: eop-un-res]; to enable orderly and humane deindustrialization and depopulation by  (a) requiring all citizens of all races, religions, nations, to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits; or be humanely eliminated from the planetary genepool; (b) nationalizing all property and providing all responsible freedom oath citizens: (i) cultural law self rule homelands for groups with subjective racial, religious & gender identities; and (ii) a property ration to enable their shelter and survival self-sufficiency to enable the rebuilding of a relocalized low-tech organic agrarian sustainable future. With regard to military/national/public service: The implementation of EoP Scientific and Cultural law would allow for orderly and humane abolition of tax funded standing armies and political representatives to be replaced by responsible freedom citizen militia and political representatives. Sincere peacenik / honourable warrior citizens can sign their unconditional or conditional cooperator EoP Axis Oaths [eop-axis-oath] to provide their Heads of State with an EoP Axis Alliance: EoP UN Resolution mandate.
» EoP Leg Sub: 07 Feb: Notice to IA Sec of State: Re: RU Consent to EoP UN Res Denuke Definition Offer: Iowa Secretary of State: Pro Se Filing Notice: McVeigh 2020: EoP / OKC TRC Return to Steppe Aryan Eden Negotiations: Write In Candidate [PDF.pp.24]: Annexure: E1ac [PDF: pp.16] E1c: 03 Dec: McVeigh2020 TN to US Pres Cand. EoP Re: Nat Comm on Mil, Natl & Pub Svc Enq.

FSB Director General Alexander Bortnikov’s EoP Truth and Reconciliation to End Abel and Kane Cold War [Clarkson or ExactlyTN: Endgame: Journey] negotiations preliminary offer on behalf of President Vladimir Putin and Russian Supreme Court: Chief Justice: Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Lebedev; to President Donald Trump, US Senate and Congress; via SCOTUS: Chief Justice: John Roberts: FSB Message: If Donald Trump and Jared Kushner sincerely want an End Abel and Kane Cold War Peace Deal of Century: FSB / GRU / Kremlin preliminary offer: Consent to EoP UN Resolution [lj-v-ls: PDF: pp.25-66/70] Denuclearization Definition [lj-v-ls: PDF: pp.38/70].
» EoP Leg Sub: 02 Feb: EoP Int: Kremlin Consent to EoP UN Resolution Denuke Definition Offer.

Transparency Notification of EoP Int: Kremlin Consent to EoP UN Resolution Denuke Definition Offer – which occurred on the 30th anniversary of Apartheid SA President FW de Klerk’s 02 Feb 1990 End of Apartheid speech to Parliament; which resulted in Post-Apartheid South Africa shutting down its Nuclear Weapons program.
» EoP Leg Sub: 07 Feb: Notice to IA Sec of State: Re: RU Consent to EoP UN Res Denuke Definition Offer; 02 Feb: TN: LJvFWdK/SGMC: EoP Int: Kremlin – Consent to EoP UN Res Denuke Defn – Offer.

[12] The Ecology of Peace Truth and Reconciliation (“EoP TRC”) to End Abel and Kane Cold War Pro Se Amicus submitted – with consent from SA Concourt Justices [PDF] – to the South African Constitutional Court in CCT 23-10: The Citizen v Robert McBride [tc-v-rm] argued that South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission was negligent and/or a fraud, denying both sides – Apartheid and Anti-Apartheid – an honest enquiry into the root — clauses of international law enabling procreation and consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits — causes of all planetary racial, religious and class resource conflict.
» EoP Leg Sub: 18 Sep: Court Filing: LJ v Speaker: George Council & Four Others; 09 Nov: EoP Re: eNCA: Springbok support questioned.

Occidental Hotel: Aleksandr Semyonovich Feklisov aka Aleksandr Fomin: How can my government know that this is a serious and valid proposal?. John Scali: You may say that if Ambassador Stevenson pursues this approach in the United Nations, our Ambassador Soren will be most receptive. – Peter Jennings: The Missiles of October (1992).
» EoP Leg Sub: 15 May: EoP Answer to David Q: Masonic War is Peace Question; 31 Mar: EoP Upd: Sergey Lavrov: Re: EoP UN Resolution negotiations.


McVeigh 2020 / EoP culture re Questions:

Grab an Able Reason Ego Ready Room Death Panel Rock: Draw a Sincere Peacenik / Honourable Warrior Ecocide Footprint Line.
Marcus Luttrell: I was in bad shape, I was dying and I didn’t know what to do. I was lying against this tree and looking at the moon and feeling sorry for myself. I lay there and said you are being a bitch, get up, lets go. What was I going to do, lay down there and die? I was thinking I am still alive, so the mission is still on, lets go. So I reached out and I grabbed a rock, and I reached out as far as I could and I drew a line with it in infront of me. I said I am going to crawl to that line, if my feet hit it, and I am still alive, I am going to do it again. I did that for seven miles. ……….  Gen James Cartwright: The speed of informing someone, of bringing key relevant information was so much quicker in a brutal no rank ready room, the downside that we have found is extremely small, the upsides are the intellectual capital, the speed to which you gain information; and context for decisions, and planning and execution. I have not found anything that comes even close. If you decide to enter into a conversation as a senior person, in at least rank, you can be globally stupid, and you can do it very quickly and if that bothers you, then you are going to have to toughen up the hide. In the military structure, that is something that is a paradigm shift. But if you can’t stand being globally stupid once in a while, this is not the space for you. – Lone Survivor: Trailer: Marcus Luttrell: Draw a Line; BizofGov: US Strategic Command: Gen James Cartwright 01.02.03.
» EoP Leg Sub: 20 Dec: McVeigh2020: Rep Dingell & Sen Graham: EoP Axis – If Hitler Invaded Hell – Q; 22 Mar: McVeigh 2020: EoP v WiP Law Re: Covid-19 Death Panels; IG: 17-08-05_genjcartwright-perfectinformation.

EoP MILED Clerk does not require a formal – service by a sheriff – legal process for any request for information. An email with questions, or for a request for particular information or evidence is sufficient. All emails with a request for information – irrespective of the race, class, religion, gender of the author, or the size of their country, or whether they have zero police wo/men, or nuclear weapons – are given the benefit of the doubt that they are an honourable request for information and responded to in accordance with EoP Ego/Eco literacy [ego-eco-literacy] communication policy. No lawyers or Sheriffs or Judges required to get a buck stops here [eop-rh-cult-info.tygae.org.za] answer to any question.  EoP Responsible Freedom represents ‘walk our sincere peacenik talk’ path towards smallest government in the world. When every citizen in a nation is a responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] oath [eop-axis-oath.tygae.org.za] citizen aka volunteer citizen militia / sheriff: Babylon Masonic War is Peace factory farm slaughterhouse [Obama Deception: False WiP Left Right paradigm; Stefan Molyneux: The Story of [WiP] Enslavement; Human Farming: Our Enslavement; PETA: Sunny Acre Farms; ELS Ref] government is effectively abolished.
» EoP Leg Sub: 18 Mar: EoP Re NZ Police Req to Kiwifarms re 15 Mar Christchurch Mosque attack

EoP/OKC TRC Negotiations correspondence is published at EoP Leg Sub [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za]


Lara Johnson,
EoP MILED Clerk [EoP Oath PDF]
16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, 6529



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