18 May: LJ Re: Crawley Family: David: Re: LJ v Estate Gill Elliott

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* 18 May: LJ Re: Crawley Family: David: Re: LJ v Estate Gill Elliott
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Date: Mon, 18 May 2020 14:25:32 +0200
Subject: Re Crawley Family Letter Re: LJ v Estate Gill Elliott
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TO: Crawley Family: David Crawley:
CC: Marais Lamprecht Attorneys: Francois Lamprecht:
CC: LJ v GME et al:

David, Gerda & Crawley Family

Crawley Family Letter Re: LJ v Estate Gill Elliott.

I received your email sent 17 May [17 May: Crawley Family: David: Re: LJ v Estate Gill Elliott], presumably in response to my letter to the Master of the High Court [15 May: Notice Re: ZAWCHC Estate File: 4968/2020: GM Elliott].

Attached are my draft suggestions for Estate File settlement agreement.

[A] Thank you Cheap Labour Option:

Lara was a sincere friend, who Gill would want to see treated as a sincere friend.
Gills verbal Lara-Roy-Adoption instructions; and SQWorms barter exchange agreement should be honoured. The heirs of the estate agree that Lara was a friend of Gill and Gill would want her treated as a thank you cheap labour friend of Gill; not a fuck off cheap labour tenant.
» Master of High Court: Consent to Ghislaine Madelene Elliott 03 March 2020 Lara-Roy-Adoption verbal agreement to be considered a supplement to Gill’s 09 May 2019 written will [PDF]:

[B] Fuck Off Cheap Labour Option:

Lara was just Girl Friday Roy and Dawn Parenting cheap labour to Gill
Gills Lara Roy adoption instructions are not legally heir relevant to Gills’ written will; nor to the Gills Estates SQWorms barter exchange agreement eviction terms. Lara was no special friend tenant. Lara should file any unpaid cheap labour claim with the CCMA.
» CCMA: Demand in terms of Section 29 of Administration of Estates Act: R 262,270 for outstanding Tenant Labour Services Provided [PDF].


CF-DC 01: This is a plea to your good heart.

EoP-LJ 01: If by ‘good heart’ you mean good faith sincere ego literate [lj-v-ls: PDF pp.36-37/70] relating; that is generally my preference in terms of my relating to anyone, of any race, religion, class, gender, physical appearance, age, etc. If my good faith ego literate sincerity is reciprocrated, an extremely high degree of win-win relating cooperation is possible.

If my good faith sincerity is not reciprocated, and the individual chooses to relate in terms of bad faith, then I am capable of being a non-violent Lorena Bobbit bitch on steroids; but its not my preferred way of being or relating.


CF-DC 02: I am sorry we can’t meet face to face.

EoP-LJ 02: I thought you were in Bloemfontein. Either way, I communicate more clearly in writing. Furthermore when dealing with disputes where one or more parties in the dispute has consciously or unconsciously very little ego literate verbal listening skills, keeping everything in writing saves allot of – he said / she said – time and resources.


CF-DC 03: But as it is, we are all in lock down.

EoP-LJ 03: If you – unlike Isobel and her lawyer – recognize the legal reality that there is a lockdown, that legally limits freedom of movement and goods and services; which include all SQWorms property that does not include essential services; then we are making progress as to reaching a reasonably similar subjective reality; with regard to what is a reasonable lawful eviction request and what is not.


CF-DC 04: My aunt, Gill Elliot, was an exceptional person..

EoP-LJ 04: Agreed. Gill was an exceptional person and she was to me a good friend, and I was very fond of her. If I had not cared for her as I did, I would not have made the commitments to her that I did. Initially my barter exchange agreement was a request for her to help me, it quickly became obvious that quite possibly my ‘request’ enabled her to save face, and not have to ‘request’ help from others; because she could now incorporate her labour and security needs within the context of our barter exchange agreement.


CF-DC 05:  created by our God ..

EoP-LJ 05: I don’t know if God exists or not. When it comes to honest relating and legal issues, I prefer to stick with facts that I can prove; and clarify that my subjective reality interpretations of reality are interpretations of reality; not statements of fact..

I don’t have a problem with people who believe that there is a God and a Devil. I do care if they overbreed, overconsume and/or consciously and intentionally deceive.

People who believe in God / Devil may be right, there may indeed be a God. But until its proven, my answer is I don’t know whether God / Devil exist or not. Their belief is a subjective belief [05 Jan: EoP Q: Skip Moen: Is Christianity / Judaism Yahweh a religion / God of peace or war?: PW; EoP Summary: Ecology of Peace v Masonic War is Peace Christianity detailed in Letter to Christian Org: Unashamedly Ethical: 26 July 2015] in an abstract concept [SQ-G2G: John Friedlander: Abstract, Concrete, General and Specific Terms].

I once wrote a letter to God / Allah – in terms of God: deity in the heavens definition concept – and sent it to NASA and FSB-MIR [IG: 14-05-03] requesting they beam it out into the universe. Don’t if they did.

My parents are God believers, my mother once got so angry with me, for not believing in God, she suggested I take God to court. I informed her that I cannot take someone to court, if I don’t believe they exist. If I took God to court, I would have to take her to court, and every Pope, Ayatollah, Priest that says God exists, and that they are God’s Spokesperson on Earth [Man who Sued God], which would include her, since she says God exists, and she disagrees with almost all Pope’s, Rabbi’s etc, about the correct interpretation of ‘Gods Word’ aka the Bible.

So feel free to believe in God if you wish, however you define God, or not; but don’t expect me to share your subjective belief in God, until you define God and provide some evidentiary proof in support of that God legal definition.


CF-DC 06: … to show a side of Him that was lacking in this time she was allowed to live here on earth.

EoP-LJ 06: In the short term, as far as I am aware Gill was born on earth, cause her parents fornicated, and her fathers sperm fertilized her mothers eggs, and that fertilization ultimately resulted in a baby they named Gill. In the long term my working hypothesis is that she, you, and anyone who calls themselves ‘human’ was the millions of years of evolutionary descendant of some gorillas and apes, and the first homo-sapien, which was allegedly a woman in Africa [SDFS: Looking for the Genetic Roots of the Japanese:]

As a gorilla human, Gill chose to be who she chose to be, consciously or unconsciously. Some people loved her for who she chose to be, and others did not. Such is life.


CF-DC 07: And that, Lara, was kindness to every person she met. Giving as much as she could and hard work.

EoP-LJ 07: It would depend on your definition of kindness. Charity is helpful and kind, if it is given to solve problems at their root cause. Charity that perpetuates misery is not – in my view – kindness, but – if intentional – misery profiteering malicious.

Besides our barter exchange agreement; which was not charity, I never poked my nose into her charity giving, it was her time and money to do whatever she wanted with; so I don’t know the amounts or destinations of her charity donations, except for her Wednesday church volunteering. . When I spoke about overpopulation issues, she was always interested, and expressed verbal support. She never provided me with a penny of charity in support of the Ecology of Peace charity work I do, and I never asked her for a penny. I thought she was living on the edge of her pension, which is why I offered that if I die before she does, that my parents use my inheritance to take care of her.


CF-DC 08: She, on the other hand, had a very hard life. Surviving the second world war; her parents’ divorce and after her mother re-married, she helped to raise her half brother and -sister. She did not have much time for herself, but later married her late husband. They settled in George and built up a kennels and doggy salon.

EoP-LJ 08: Hard life is a relative concept. I imagine if you compare Gills life to the average European living in South Africa, she may have had a ‘hard life’, for a bourgeous middle class person. If you compare her to all South Africans, there are millions of people who would consider the few instances of ‘hard times’ in Gills life, to be spoilt privilege they could only dream of. I have a former husband – amicably separated – who spent 37 years in maximum security prisons [Corcoran Gladiator Prison: Independent; Esquire] in America, for a crime he did not commit, which the prosecutor who put him there knew he did not commit. He could tell you stories of ‘hard life’. So can prisoners in South Africa’s prisons, if you want to hear stories about hard lives.


CF-DC 09: They could never have children of their own. Gill had a few miscarriages, but all of this did not make her a bitter person. She made the best of life.

EoP-LJ 09: Agreed she was not bitter about not having children. Sometimes she would say she was pleased she never had any children. She did however generally have a sunny happy disposition. I would agree she made the best of life, in terms of what she considered ‘making the best of life’ to be. Not what Lyudmila Pavlichenko or Maria Bochkareva [TSB: Lyudmila Pavlichenko; RR15: Battalion] considered in terms of making their contribution to ‘making the best of life’ for those with really hard lives; but for Gill, yes, she made the best of the life she wanted in terms of the things she valued.


CF-DC 10: We are saddened

EoP-LJ 10: An honest linguist psychologist providing you with therapy to express yourself more clearly could recommend that your statement ‘We are saddened’ if you were being honest may be – in the context of the rest of your sentence – We are angry by the fact that we treated your friendship with Gill like garbage, which is now burdening us in this time of pretending to mourn her death.


CF-DC 11:  by the fact that you are burdening us in this time of mourning her death.

EoP-LJ 11: What is your definition of a ‘fact’?

If you had asked my advice, after Gill died, I would have suggested: If you sincerely cared for Gill, (a) write a letter of thanks to Lara and Dawn for what they did by doing the jobs of husband, daughter, sister, friend family members; to help Gill to spend her last years living in her own home on her own terms, to die in her own home, which is something that meant allot to Gill; (b) offer Lara and Dawn written references documenting the Crawley family appreciation; (c) cooperate in good faith to understand that finding alternative barter exchange agreements may not necessarily be quick one month options, but that sincere people can find cooperative solutions much quicker when they cooperate than when they are in conflict; (d) honour Gills instructions with regard to her request for me to adopt Roy; and whatever may be a reasonable fair interpretation as to Gill’s adopt Roy instructions related to Roy and SQWorms barter exchange agreement..

What you fail to understand is that Dawn and I actually cared allot for Gill. She was our friend, our aunty, our daughter, our sister, our mother, our child.

If you had made such good faith outreach to me after Gills death, you would have received only cooperation from me. In seven years Gill and I had one argument, which was a misunderstanding. Even with all the arguments Dawn and Gill had, they always made up like lovesick lesbian lovers.

Instead why Crawleys and/or Isobel chose the fuck you – ‘who gives a fuck what your relationship or barter exchange agreement with Gill was: fuck off’ eviction on steroids – instead of the ‘thank you’ relating option. It didn’t work out very well, did it? If Dawn was not in Gills written will, would she have received the same – fuck off – treatment?. How exactly is that Christian kindness. If that is Christian kindness, there are Satanists who are more reasonable and cooperative than that!

To the extent that if you had acted with sincere good faith, and if so; I had not reciprocrated your sincere good faith. If so; then – factually – I would have been the cause of your anger burden. Until then, you and/or Isobel and/or whomever made the original – fuck off – decision is the factual cause of your sadness/anger burden.


CF-DC 12: We want to keep her legacy and extend a hand of good will ..

EoP-LJ 12: You want her to be remembered for kindness, not malice? Is that a reasonable interpretation of ‘you want to keep her legacy’?

I did not interpret Gills will not including me in her will as unkind. She should leave her money and her property to whomever she wants. I only seek that I be treated fairly in the transfer of Gills property process, as I treated Gill, her family and other property residents for seven years.

I did interpret Gills heirs fuck off Lara and fuck Glls Lara Roy Adoption wishes; as: Lara: your cheap labour contributions towards Gill financial security are not appreciated. If so then the fairest option is to retrieve my outstanding tenant labour services, remove my property and fuck off, then you get a fair ‘fuck off’ eviction option. [CCMA: Demand in terms of Section 29 of Administration of Estates Act: R 262,270 for outstanding Tenant Labour Services Provided PDF].


CF-DC 13: ……. that you will ‘pay it fore ward’ as Gill did to you.

EoP-LJ 13:  If you have information as to Gill paying it forward for me. Please confirm such information.

Gill either cared for me as a friend and appreciated me; or she did not.

If my opinions as to my relationship with Gill are inaccurate. If the truth is that Gill had things to say about me, that she said to Dawn and Crawley family members, behind my back, and never said to me to my face, then if that’s the case, then Gill did not share my view of our relationship.

If so: Perhaps for her I was more useful as cheap labour. If that’s reality, then that’s reality. No offence taken. Privileged people don’t get to be privileged people, cause they pay fair wages! They got rich cause they profited from the surplus profit of cheap labour and paying cheap wages.

The sooner Dawn and Crawley family members clarify your reality as to Gills opinion of our friendship, then we know where we stand. If I was cheap labour to Gill, then that’s just reality. No offence taken. [CCMA: Demand in terms of Section 29 of Administration of Estates Act: R 262,270 for outstanding Tenant Labour Services Provided PDF].

I have been paying it forward for forty years. If Gill had been paying it forward like I have, then Gill would be leaving you with fuck all to inherit and renovate.


CF-DC 14: Ample time has been given to remove your worm farm.

EoP-LJ 14: If you sincerely think a Judge will agree with you that 8 days notice is ‘ample time’ for an eviction notice. I doubt the Judge will think an eviction notice of 8 days is reasonable; to the contrary – if you don’t have very good reasons for such decision – I think a Judge will think you are being malicious.

Please take notice that any and every day that is in your ‘eviction’ calendar, where you – or Isobel or Dawn – decide to deny me access to 18 Chestnut St, are days that you and/or Isobel and/or Dawn have chosen to restrict my access to move the SQWorms farm property.

For example: Lets say you find a Judge that says 8 days eviction notice is reasonable: If you give me 8 days notice [8 x 8 = 64 hours], and I am only allowed access to the property once a week, for four hours, then eight days can reasonably be interpreted to amount to 16 weeks [four months: 64 hours = 16 x 4]. If so the Judges ‘ample time’ date for me to be evicted will be: 3 months and 21 days, after the lockdown ends; allowing for movement of nonessential services.

I informed Isobel’s lawyer that the gate was being blocked on 14 May 2020. As of date, I have not received any clarification as to when I will be allowed access.

Please do not blame me for not moving my stuff, when it is you or Dawn or Isobel who is restricting my access to the property to even move essential services stuff that could reasonably be moved under lockdown; meaning that there would be far less to move, once lockdown of non-essential property is lifted.


CF-DC 15: We are sorry if you feel offended by our offer.

EoP-LJ 15: If your offer is the same as Isobel’s offer / orders [12 May: MLA-FM: Estate Late: Gill Elliott; 14 May: MLA-FM Re: LJ#2 Re MLA-FM: Estate Late: Gill Elliott]. See my responses to Isobel’s offer / orders [13 May: LJ#2 Re MLA-FM: Estate Late: Gill Elliott; 14 May: LJ Re MLA-FM: Estate Late: Gill Elliott].

I don’t know what you define as a ‘feeling’. In my culture a ‘feeling’ is a physical sensation, pain in the chest, sweaty palms, runny nose, grinding teeth, etc. In most other cultures; mind ego reactions to people disagreeing with their objective or subjective interpretation of reality are called ‘feelings’.

When the dyke I confronted in prison punched me in the face, my facial nerves experienced a sensate feeling. My mind observed: the dyke punched me in the face. My mind instructed my mouth to ask her: Are you going to punch me in the face again; or are you finished? I was not offended by the dyke punching me in the face, if I was I would have filed assault charges, which would have kept her in prison for a few more years. I did not. I taught her a brief lesson in listening and fully informed consent verbal problem solving.

An offer is an offer. If the offer is crystal clear: the reasoning behind the offer is reasonable and lawful, then there is nothing to be offended by, even if the offer is ‘fuck off’. Sometimes there is justifiable reason to say ‘fuck off’ to a tenant. I am not in possession of any information indicating that is the case in this matter, but if you have evidentiary information in support of the reasonableness for such ‘fuck off’ eviction option, the better option for me to choosing between cooperating and being offended, is choosing to cooperate to enable a clear agreement.


CF-DC 16: We just need closure in this time of mourning.

EoP-LJ 16: I don’t know how to respond to that.


CF-DC 17: We hope you will find it in your heart to help us with this.

EoP-LJ 17: Help Reciprocity is a two way street. I don’t mourn Gill’s departure, she wanted to go, she was tired, and she did not want to suffer. I hope wherever she is, she is happy smoking herself silly, drunk on whisky, in her pink nightgown, with her silly smile, begging god to beam me up, cause I am sick of this place; with her favourite dogs. I miss Gill, and am angry that she was not more clear about my barter exchange with her in her written will; and my Roy adoption verbally; then I could avoid all this – Crawley-Roher-Meyer – clusterfuck will mess.

One way in which people of good faith can sincerely help each other, is by providing each other with honest sincere information, so that they can make fully informed consenting mutually agreeable fair and equitable decisions and agreements that do not take advantage of one party over the other.


CF-DC 18: We can also not be held responsible for any damage that may occur when they start renovating the property.

EoP-LJ 18 A: Don’t forget to pretend how concerned you are about mourning closure!

EoP-LJ 18 B: According to Dawn: Crawleys don’t give a fuck about anything related to Gill; you dumped all Gills sentimental belongings in the trash and all you gave a fuck about Gill was whether she had anything that had a $$$ price tag on it; you could profit from.

EoP-LJ 18 C: I did not want any involvement in Gill’s Crawley – Rowher – Meyer family $$$$ greed clusterfuck – anymore than I wanted any involvement in Gill and Dawns clusterfuck disagreements. I was happy to simply get my three months notice, continue paying my Roy walk tenant rent, while I pack my SQWorms belongings, make the required Roy adoption arrangements; and Roy and I move out, without having any animosity to anyone.

I still don’t want any involvement in Gill’s Crawley – Rowher – Meyer family $$$$ greed clusterfuck – anymore than I wanted any involvement in Gill and Dawns clusterfuck disagreements. I don’t make decisions about anyone’s character or lack thereof; without giving them an opportunity to defend and explain themselves. It’s a medieval just war ethics [IEP: Just War Theory] concept called honour.

At the core of this code stood an ideal that was certainly not characteristic to the Middle Ages alone: “[c]hivalry was often no more, and no less, than the sentiment of honour in its medieval guise’. Thus, to speak of chivalry is to speak of a military code of honour, which already sounds far less archaic. Honour, moreover, has played a key role in military thinking over millennia, so it does not seem out of place to talk about it with reference to modern warfare. …  There is also another, in some sense more concrete, link between chivalry and the modern law of armed conflict. The law that might be called ‘modern’ began life in the second half of the 19th century with the adoption of a number of important documents — the Lieber Code in 1861,6 the Brussels Declaration in 1874, the Oxford Manual in 1880, and the Hague Regulations in 1899. This new-found enthusiasm for the laws of war was certainly quite remarkable. But the innovation of these documents was more in their form than in their substance. Their drafting was to a very significant extent an exercise in reducing to writing — in a distinctly legal language, although not always in a strictly legally binding form — customs already existing within the military community. Certainly, like in any other codification process, the opportunity presented itself to clarify existing practices and to introduce new elements. But the basic rules of armed conflict were not invented in the late 19th century: one of their most significant sources was the medieval code of chivalry. – Rain Livoya: Chivalry without a Horse: Military Honour and the Modern Law of Armed Conflict.

EoP-LJ 18 D: If my property is not removed, prior to your renovations, as a result of your or Isobel or Dawns decision making then you or they will be responsible for any and all damages to my property. If my property is not removed, prior to your renovations as a result of my decision making, then I will be responsible. I have not been obstructing moving my property. You and Dawn and Isobel have.

If there is any damage to my property prior to the resolution of CCMA application, the damages can be added to such unpaid labour [CCMA: Demand in terms of Section 29 of Administration of Estates Act: R 262,270 for outstanding Tenant Labour Services Provided PDF]; or a separate small claims or magistrates court application can be filed, depending on the amount of damages.


CF-DC 19: We, the Crawley family, ask you to respect Gill’s last wishes.

EoP-LJ 19: Gills last written will wishes, or Gills last verbal Lara-Roy adoption wishes?

Gills last written will wishes: See: EoP-LJ 18 C

To the extent that Gills Estate administrator and heirs interpret Gills intentions towards Lara as ‘Lara was only cheap labour to Gill and can be discarded like trash. If so: CCMA: Demand in terms of Section 29 of Administration of Estates Act: R 262,270 for outstanding Tenant Labour Services Provided [PDF]

Glls last verbal Lara Roy adoption wishes. See [11 May: LJ Req for Info to Garden Route SPCA: Dawn Meyer]:


CF-DC 20: We loved Gill a lot and will forever miss her kindness.

EoP-LJ 20: I imagine anyone who subjectively sincerely believes they loved Gill, did so in their own definition of love kind of way. I know what my definition of love is, I don’t intend to force it down anyone’s throat. If Gill was happy with her relationship with anyone else, and they were happy with their relationship with Gill; whether such relationship shared my definition of love or not, it was none of my business; unless she made it my business. .When Gill made her relationships with others my business I told her I could not provide her with a fair reasonable conclusion about who was right or wrong; without hearing both sides.


CF-DC 21: In closing, we would like to quote a verse from the bible ( one cannot go untouched when reading the bible)  which Gill knew very well. John 3:16 For God so loved and dearly prized the world, that He gave His only begotten Son , so that whoever trust in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.  Gill loved and gave of herself .  My we all live like this.   Our prize is in heaven.

EoP-LJ 21: See: EoP-LJ 05:.

I doubt my dead body is going anywhere except to feed worms and be decomposed into compost, in an unmarked grave, somewhere in Siberia [lj-v-ls: PDF]. If spirits go anywhere – reincarnation or something like that – then my request to ET Headquarters [Disclosure Project] is to be sent to a planet where the people have mandated an international law to live in accordance to – in bible conceptual terms: Abel’s law – procreation, consumption and honesty lifestyle. Put differently: I only consent to be born on a planet where being a Babylonian WiP law Kufr [EoP v WiP Law: eop-v-wip-law: PDF] is against international law. If other people want to be born onto Babylonian Kufr international law planets, by all means, go ahead. I don’t.


CF-DC 22: We await your kind response on when you will be able to move your worm farm.

EoP-LJ 22: It was my intention and still is to start moving my worm farm, as soon as:

[A] I managed to make some space for it to be moved to. I have been working on making space at home during lockdown, to move SQWorms property to.

[B] Lockdown ended and I could legally move stuff.

Lockdown 4: Lockdown 4 allows me to move essential services stuff, but (a) access to the property is being blocked by Dawn, last time I went past the house. So I can move essential services stuff, which is probably most of the boxes and bins, but probably not the bricks; during current lockdown stage, but I cannot do so, if Dawn is blocking access to the property. When Dawn allows access, I can start packing, and moving essential services stuff.

Lockdown 3: If lockdown level three allows for moving stuff like bricks, then I can move the bricks then also. I cannot move anything, while Dawn obstructs / denies access to the property.

As a result of lockdown and Dawns denial of access to the property obstruction I unfortunately cannot give you a ‘by when’ date by when I will have finished moving the SQWorms property; however if or when Dawns obstruction stops, then I can start moving; and if my moving is not further obstructed, then at very very most it will be three months, but maybe much sooner.

My original intention – absent the lockdown and denial of access to the property – was that if you did not want the barter exchange agreement to continue, then I would move SQWorms property within three months of having been given notice. Notice was given on 10 / 18 March; which means that if there had been no obstruction, I would have moved out by 18 June. Obstruction denial of access started on 27 March [after 9 days] and continues till today. If obstruction is removed tomorrow, then I have 2 months and 21 days left to move, but hopefully it won’t take nearly that long.


EoP LJ 23:

Please clarify whether any Crawley family member has anything to do with Dawns obstruction of Lara – Roy adoption decisions.

If so: please clarify why you have been obstructing Gills Lara Roy adoption wishes.

If not: please confirm such so that I can focus my questions elsewhere to find out what the reasons are for this obstruction.


EoP/OKC TRC Negotiations correspondence is published at EoP Leg Sub [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za]


Lara Johnson,
EoP MILED Clerk [EoP Oath PDF]
16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, 6529


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