01 Jul: RHT-B Tel Call: Re: RHT 787-20: LJ v GME & FTM

* Rental Housing Tribunal
* 01 Jul: RHT-B Tel Call: Re: RHT 787-20: LJ v GME & FTM.
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01 Jan 2020: 09:55.

Telephone call from Buhle at the Western Cape Rental Housing Tribunal: 021483 8110.

She said Western Cape Rental Housing Tribunal was no longer on lockdown, and wanted to know how case LJ v Estate Gill Elliot [Case 787:20] was proceeding. Had I been evicted or not?

I said that respondent Isobel Rohwer had informed me that she objected to the Rental Housing Tribunals jurisdiction; so I had transferred the case to the CCMA.

I said that I had sent an email to the Rental Housing Tribunal to inform them that I had transferred the case to the CCMA, subsequent to a jurisdiction objection by respondent Rohwer  [09 Jun: RHT 787/2020: LJ v GME & FTM Case Withdrawn]. She said she would look for the email. She asked if she could close the case. I said Yes, you can document that it was transferred to the CCMA, by the applicant, subsequent to the jurisdiction objection of respondent Rohwer. I provided her with the CCMA case number: 1279-20: LJ v Estate Gill Elliott.


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