15 Jul: ASIS-ME Re McV20: Stan Gordievsky: GSX+ MilLaw Keynote: Defund UN WB & IMF Mandate?

* ASIS Intnl, Peter ONeill, Samya AI, Pavan Palety
* 15 Jul: ASIS-ME Re McV20: Stan Gordievsky: GSX+ MilLaw Keynote: Defund UN WB & IMF Mandate?.
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Cc: Becky Mangan; pr; Judy Keithline; McKenzie Shane; Europe; ASIS Emails; ritcheyd@bnpmedia.com; Christina Duffey; Merrill, Gary; Peter J. O’Neil; Samya AI: Pavan Palety; Maria Henriquez; Ben Skidmore
Subject: [Request received] Stan Gordievsky: GSX+ MilLaw Keynote: Defund UN WB & IMF Mandate?.


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From: McVeigh 2020 Exp Comm [mailto:mcveigh2020@tygae.org.za]
Sent: Wednesday, July 15, 2020 12:21 AM
To: ‘ASIS Intnl: Peter ONeill: GSX: Global Security Exchange Plus’; ‘ASIS Intnl’; ‘Peter ONeill’; ‘Judy Keithline’; ‘Christina Duffey’; ‘Becky Mangan’; ‘McKenzie Shane’; ‘PR’; ‘Europe’; ‘Samya AI: Pavan Palety’; ‘Security Magazine: Diane Ritchey’; ‘Maria Henriquez’; ‘Gary Merrill’; ‘Ben Skidmore’
Subject: Stan Gordievsky: GSX+ MilLaw Keynote: Defund UN WB & IMF Mandate?.


TO: Bank of England: Mark Carney, Royal Econ Soc: Carol Propper, John Redwood MP:
TO: World Bank: Anshula Kant; IMF: Christine Lagarde:
TO: Bank of Intnl Settlements: Agustín Carstens; EIB: Werner Hoyer
TO: US Federal Reserve: Chair Jerome Powell; Systemic Risk Council, SEC, Fed, CFTC, et al:
TO: SPJ: Rebeca Baker, US News Media Editors:
TO: Moodys: Raymond W McDaniel Jr.; Standard and Poor: Douglas Peterson:
Re: Politico: Big banks set aside billions for potential loan defaults; Raw Story: Largest bank in the US holds back $10 billion anticipating Americans won’t be able to pay their mortgage; FT: Economists among ‘least trusted professionals’ in UK.
Ref: 20 Apr: McV20: Defund WHO, UN, World Bank and IMF.

CC: ASIS Intnl: Peter ONeill
CC: Chief Medario Arradondo, George Soros, George Floyd Family, Black Lives Matter:
CC: Cohen Race and Reconciliation in America Group: James Mattis:
CC: McChrystal Group: Stan McChrystal:
CC: JCS: Gen M Milley, J Richardson, P Zukunft, R Neller, J Alford, W Clark.
CC: UK PM Boris Blair Nigel McDonald, UK-ZA Nigel Casey, UK-UN Jon Allen
CC: IPF-CIS, IL PM Gantz-Netanyahu; IL-ZA: Lior Keinan; IL-UN Danny Dannon:
Re: Security Magazine: General Stan McChrystal to deliver Leading in a New World keynote address at GSX+ on Military & Law Enforcement Appreciation Day; Foreign Affairs: Stan McChrystal on US Military Strategy; CNN: The prominent former military leaders who have criticized Trump’s actions over protests; Reds: Trailer: Internationale; Smithsonian: Mutiny in Petrograd; ABC: The Gatekeepers: Israel Spy Leaders call for Peace.
Ref: 12 Jul: McV20: Stan Gordievsky: Petrograd GSX+ Call for US-NATO-RU-CN global military EoP Axis Alliance Mandate?.

Pub: 15 Jul: McV20: Stan Gordievsky: GSX+ MilLaw Keynote: Defund UN WB & IMF Mandate?.


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