LJ v FW de Klerk

Lara Johnson v Frederik Willem “FW” de Klerk et al is an EoP Legal Submission that involves EoP scientific and cultural law recommendations to shut down the WiP Ponzi profiteering of resource conflict and misery economy, by ‘turning off the tap’ — i.e. the breeding / consumption above ecological carrying capacity limitscauses of resource conflict and war; by implementing an Ecology of Peace New World Order Social Contract that (a) requires all citizens of all races, religions, nations, to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits; or be humanely eliminated from the planetary genepool; (b) nationalizes all property and provides all responsible freedom oath citizens: (i) cultural law self rule for groups with subjective racial, religious & gender identities; and (ii) a property ration to enable their shelter and survival self-sufficiency to enable the rebuilding of a relocalized low-tech organic agrarian sustainable future.



Respondents: FW de Klerk, FW de Klerk Foundation, Mahlatse Mahlase, SANEF: South African National Editors Forum, Ilse Schoonraad, The George Herald, Francois Moll, York High School, Western Cape Education Dept, Cameron Dugmore, ANC: African National Congress.



LJ v FW de Klerk et al is an application for damages against consciously intentional fake peacenik activists, journalists and educators for deception crimes of aggression; and a request for information and cooperation from negligent sincere peacenik respondents.

At Issue: Request for Info: Whether peacenik advocacy in violation of EoP Footprint – Ecology of Peace culture Sustainable Procreation and Consumption definition – is a Deception Crime of Aggression.


Request for Order of Damages for Fake Peaceniks deception crimes of aggression.

Request for Information and Cooperation from Negligent Sincere Peacenik Respondents:

[A] Agreement on recommended sincere peacenik legal definition:

A sincere peacenik is someone committed to (a) ego literate (i) scientific truthseeking enquiry; and (ii) advocacy on behalf of; (b) eliminating the root causes of all local, national and international racial, religious, class and gender resource conflict.

[B] Agreement with Ecology of Peace culture sincere peacenik: truthseeking enquiry and advocacy:

[1] EoP RH FR: EoP Radical Honoursty Factual Reality [eop-rh-fr.tygae.org.za ] is the recommended objective reality socio-legal cultural frame of orientation process for implementing EoP SciCult law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] as international law.

[2] EoP Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] – based on EoP Footprint [eop-footprint.tygae.org.za ] – is the Ecology of Peace culture’s answer to the EoP John Brown  – how to get along without deceiving, overbreeding and overconsuming – Question: What is a Sustainable Procreation and Consumption footprint?

[3] Ego Literacy [ego-eco-literacy.tygae.org.za ]: Ecology of Peace culture’s honourable truthseeking enquiry and advocacy communication policy.

[C] Inclusion of Respondents Ecology of Peace Policy Statement [eop-policy-stmnt.tygae.org.za], confirming respondents will voluntarily sign their responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za ] oaths; if or when EoP Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za ] is implemented as international law. Furthermore that they understand that if or when EoP Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] is implemented as international law; and they refuse to sign their responsible freedom oath; they will be charged with deception crime of aggression [crimes-of-aggression.tygae.org.za ] and if convicted: If negligent they will be required to attend Ego/Eco literacy [ego-eco-literacy.tygae.org.za ] responsible freedom education classes; and if intentional they will be able to choose their preferred method of state assisted suicide; by a date as decided by the sentencing judge, and if they fail to honourably depart by their preferred method of state assisted suicide by such date; they shall be humanely and orderly assassinated.

Respondents Ecology of Peace Policy Statements [eop-policy-stmnt.tygae.org.za] are to be used (a) to provide a mandate in support of EoP Applicants [eop-applicants.tygae.org.za] options [eop-nwo-sco.tygae.org.za ] to implement EoP SciCult international law; and/or (b) to provide a mandate for any nations potential sincere peacenik current or former President to begin official EoP TRC to End Abel and Kane Cold War [eoptrc-akcoldwar.tygae.org.za] negotiations to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] as international law.



Filed: Application for Referral to Mediation:

  • Notice of Motion:
    • Notice of Motion [PDF]
    • Founding Affidavit  [PDF]
  • Negotiation / Mediation:
    • Application for Referral to Negotiation / Mediation  [PDF]
    • Invitation to Negotiation / Mediation  [PDF]
  • Update: Invitation to Negotiation / Mediation [PDF]

Not Yet Filed: Draft: Briefing Paper / Background Information Documentation:

  • Statement of Claim: Request for Information
    • Sincere Peacenik / Honourable Warrior Culture [PDF]
      • Accuracy / Error of Ego Literacy Communication Policy [PDF]
      • Accuracy / Error of EoP RH FR Frame of Orientation [PDF]
      • Accuracy / Error of EoP Scientific and Cultural Law [PDF]
  • Briefing Paper / Background Info:
    • Prisoners of Kane and Abel Cold War [PDF]
    • EoP PoW Cold War TRC: EoP Prisoner of Swamp Elections Ecological Overshoot Cold War TRC definitions amendment submission: RE: Geneva Convention relative to Treatment of Prisoner War, Chemical Weapons Convention, Rome Statute of the Intnl Criminal Court [PDF]


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