EoP TRC: Abel Kane Cold War

EoP TRC: Abel Kane Cold War


Anatomically modern humans have been around for roughly two hundred thousand years. For most of that time, we lived as hunter-gatherers. Then, about twelve thousand years ago, came what is generally agreed to be the definitive before-and-after moment in our ascent to planetary dominance: the Neolithic Revolution. This was our adoption of, to use Scott’s word, a “package” of agricultural innovations, notably the domestication of animals such as the cow and the pig, and the transition from hunting and gathering to planting and cultivating crops. The most important of these crops have been the cereals—wheat, barley, rice, and maize—that remain the staples of humanity’s diet. Cereals allowed population growth and the birth of cities, and, hence, the development of states and the rise of complex societies. ….. It was the ability to tax and to extract a surplus from the produce of agriculture that, in Scott’s account, led to the birth of the state, and also to the creation of complex societies with hierarchies, division of labor, specialist jobs (soldier, priest, servant, administrator), and an élite presiding over them.  … The news here is that the lives of most of our progenitors were better than we think. We’re flattering ourselves by believing that their existence was so grim and that our modern, civilized one is, by comparison, so great. Still, we are where we are, and we live the way we live, and it’s possible to wonder whether any of this illuminating knowledge about our hunter-gatherer ancestors can be useful to us. – NY: The Case Against Civilization [SQ Copy].

Most people in the U.S. cannot survive very long without an income. This may sound curious to some people — how can anyone, anywhere survive without an income? Well, in post-collapse Russia, if you didn’t pay rent or utilities — because no-one else was paying them either — and if you grew or gathered a bit of your own food, and you had some friends and relatives to help you out, then an income was not a prerequisite for survival. Most people got by, somehow. – From the Wilderness: Dmitry Orlov: Post-Soviet Lessons for a Post-American Century.

Responsible Freedom Property Ration will enable basic income self sufficiency freedom: EoP Scientific and Cultural Law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] international law will provide a basic income of a property ration [property-ration.tygae.org.za] to all individuals whom had signed their responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] oath [eop-axis-oath.tygae.org.za] to enable their shelter and survival self-sufficiency to enable the rebuilding of a relocalized low-tech organic agrarian sustainable future.



All EoP Legal Submissions – ex The Citizen v Robert McBride [tc-v-rm.tygae.org.za], EoP v Nobel et al [eop-v-nobel.tygae.org.za] – are essentially Truth & Reconciliation submissions; which (a) clearly and simply clarify the – ‘right to breed/consume’ clauses of international law – root causes of all racial, religious, etc resource conflict; and (b) provide those guilty – plausibly due to lack of ego or ecological literacy [ego-eco-literacy.tygae.org.za] character – of scarcity combatant crimes of aggression contributions to resource conflict; the opportunity to take responsibility for their breeding / consumption transgressions [crimes-of-aggression.tygae.org.za]; by cooperating [eop-cooperator.tygae.org.za] to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] as international law to enable orderly and humane de-industrialization and depopulation.

EoP v WiP: Conflict of Cultures: DeIndustrialization & Depopulation Negotiations: Summary: SS DEFCON Death Spiral Warning Alert: EoP v WiP Deindustrialization & Depopulation Options: Unless Gov’s & Citizens cooperate to implement EoP Truth and Reconciliation responsible freedom path to EoP Scientific and Cultural international law; Gov’s & citizens are likely to end up in the There is No Tomorrow world where WiP intnl law and WiP Media; is leading them: NTE climate change chaos, 509 Chernobyl terror targets and/or industrial accidents, global economic collapse, race, religious & class war genocides, EMP nuke resource wars, etc.

More specifically: EoP Applicants [eop-applicants.tygae.org.za] TRC process advocate’s the implementation of an EoP Scientific and Cultural Law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] international law social contract that shall (a) require all citizens of all races, religions, nations, to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits [eop-footprint.tygae.org.za]; or be humanely eliminated from the planetary genepool [crimes-of-aggression.tygae.org.za]; (b) nationalize all property [eop-sdwipecon.tygae.org.za] and provide all responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] oath [eop-axis-oath.tygae.org.za] citizens a property ration [property-ration.tygae.org.za] to enable their shelter and survival self-sufficiency to enable the rebuilding of a relocalized low-tech organic agrarian sustainable future.

If or when EoP intl law is implemented; EoP Scientific and Cultural Law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] shall allow for Cultural Law Territorial Self Rule [cult-law-self-rule.tygae.org.za] for Groups with Subjective Racial, Religious& Gender Culture-Conflict Identities; as long as such cultural laws abide by EoP Scientific procreation and consumption laws and are based upon fully informed consent of all individuals.

Imagine: EoP TRC Peace Treaty at 1919 Versailles, 1945 Nuremberg, Cold War:

Imagine if an EoP TRC Peace Treaty process had been implemented at Versailles, Nuremberg, or Fall of the Berlin Wall:

I imagine if the Versailles Treaty had been negotiated through an Ecology of Peace Truth and Reconciliation process, resulting in the implementation of an EoP international law social contract, Hitler would probably have been a happy little yeoman farmer in Austria or Germany, with Blondi and Eva, and nobody would have ever heard of him. Similarly Osama Bin Laden, Ramzi Yousef, Anders Breivik, Che Guevara, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Polpot, Charles Taylor, Fidel Castro, etc, etc, would probably have been happy little yeoman organic farmers in their villages in the Middle East, Asia or Latin America, etc. There would currently be less than a billion people on planet earth, all of them – of all races, genders and religions, entitled to their responsible freedom property ration of 7.2 gha at a population of 1 billion, or 72 gha at population of 100 million as per eco-footprint carrying capacity EoP Intnl law – living in responsible freedom villages and nations, as Aryans lived for thousands of years on the Steppe, Bushmen lived in the Kalahari, Chuckchi’s lived in Chukotka, etc.
– EoP Leg Sub: 26 Jul: EoP v US DoJSC: EoP WinWin v WiP BangBang, William Colby, Vietnam War, John F Kennedy & Oliver Stone; 25 Jul: Re: EoP Response to Rope Culture: James Mason is Back; via West’s Darkest Hour.
» EoP v WiP Neg: 20 Sep: EoP culture re: Trump, Charlottesville ‘cultural relativism’; price of bourgeois culture, etc.


Abel Kane Cold War


They are breeding us like [economic & military cheap labour cannon fodder] cattle. — [EoP Amended] Detective Thorn / Charlton Heston: Soylent Green.

“Investigation [of the science of war consequences of nations living in accordance to a Masonic War is Peace international law social contract that allows for the nations citizens to procreate and/or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits] shows that whenever two nations have become engaged in warfare they have been advancing on converging lines of [resource acquisition for growing consumption or procreation] self-interest and aggrandizement. When the contact takes place, the struggle for supremacy, or even survival is at hand. This inevitable hour is approximately fixed and determined by the angles of convergence plus the sum of the relative [consumption / breeding war] speed by which the nations are moving along their respective lines. Thus it is that, when the angle of [breeding / consumption war] convergence of both or even one of the nations is acute and the speed or progress along one or both of the converging lines correspondingly great, war results in a few years or decades.” – [EoP Amended] Homer Lea, Valour of Ignorance.
» Military Gospel According to Homer Lea.

“We must all understand that the most potent weapons of war are the penis, the womb, and the ego. Therefore, if you cannot convince a group to control its population and consumption, to below carrying capacity limits; by discussion, debate, intelligent analysis, etc.; you must consider their action in using the penis and the womb to increase population; or using the ego to consume in violation of carrying capacity limits; an Act of War” – Amended version of quote by Judge Jason G. Brent, in Humans: An Endangered Species.
– EoP NWO SCO: EoP PoW Sub.


“Current [drafted EoP] legislation is strong enough to tackle the [WiP corruption] problem, Putin added, but it has not come into force yet.” – Vladimir Putin, Moscow Times, 27 Dec 2016. — Moscow Times: Russia Loses 6% of GDP to Ecological Problems – Putin.

“We were able to end the cold war, but most probably we weren’t able to build post-cold war peace.” – Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak; The Guardian: Who is Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador rattling Trump’s presidency?.
» IG: 17-03-04_sergeykislyak-kiss-yisforyak.


The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the [WiP right to breed and consume above ecological carrying capacity limits clauses of international law], which means no more and no less than abolishing the [WiP breeding/consuming] privileges of  the [WiP’ness] skin. Until that task is accomplished, even partial reform will prove elusive, because [WiP’ness law privileges] influence permeates every issue, domestic and foreign, in WiP society. – [EoP Amended] Noel Ignatiev, Chris Niles; Race Traitor: Journal of the New Abolitionism.


And so it seems that there may not be a happy end to my story of The Five Stages of Collapse, the first three of which (financial, commercial, political) are inevitable, while the last two (social, cultural) are entirely optional but have, alas, already run their course in many parts of the world. Because, you see, there is also the sixth stage which I have previously neglected to mention—environmental collapse—at the end of which we are left without a home, having rendered Earth (our home planet) uninhabitable.

This tragic outcome may not be unavoidable. And if it is not unavoidable, then that’s about the only problem left that’s worth solving. The solution can be almost arbitrarily expensive in both life and treasure. I would humbly suggest that it’s worth all the money in the world, plus a few billion lives, because if a solution isn’t found, then that treasure and those lives are forfeit anyway.

A solution for avoiding the sixth stage must be found, but I don’t know what that solution would look like. I do find it unsafe to blithely assume that collapse will simply take care of the problem for us. Some people may find this subject matter so depressing that it makes them want to lie down (in a comfortable position, on something warm and soft) and die. But there may be others, who still have some fight left in them, and who do wish to leave a survivable planet to their children and grandchildren. Let’s not expect them to use conventional, orthodox methods, to work and play well with others, or to be polite and reasonable in dealing with the rest of us. Let’s just hope that they have a plan, and that they get on with it.
– SQSwans: Dmitry Orlov: The Six Stages of Collapse.
– 06 Oct: EoP Responsible Freedom TRC Submission to Puerto Rico Debtors and Creditors.


We need some sort of relationship like that between Washington and Beijing today, I think. And I do not mean in any way that we should rule the world together. What I mean is the [ecological & economic collapse consequences of WiP ‘right to breed/consume above ecological carrying capacity limits’ intnl law] challenges like we’re going to confront in the 21st century, challenges that could be [species ending] existential, challenges like climate change, challenges like enough water to drink, enough food to eat, and so forth — I’ve seen some projections that say — by climatologists whose views I respect, that say by the end of this century we could have only arable land and water enough for some half-billion people. What do we do with the other 9 billion? Where do we bury them? How do we deal with that kind of massive change in human relationships with this planet? So these are huge challenges. So what I’m saying is you need this kind of great-power relationship, this great-state relationship to begin to lead the [EoP truth and reconciliation responsible freedom] way for others to follow. — [EoP Amended] Lawrence Wilkerson: Real News: Reality Asserts Itself: Who Makes US Foreign Policy .. If we Remain Predators, the Planet will cast us off.
– The Real News: Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay: Lawrence Wilkerson: Who Makes Foreign Policy? 01:02; If We Remain Predators; the Planet Will Cast us off: 03.
» SQSwans: Reports: Wilkerson: Who Makes US Foreign Policy .. if we Remain Predators, Planet will Cast us Off
» IG: 17-09-08_vic-devilsbridge.


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a (i) 1979 seven-part drama spy mini-series made by BBC TV, directed by John Irvin and produced by Jonathan Powell; which stars Alec Guinness, Ian Richardson, Michael Jayston, Anthony Bate, Ian Bannen, George Sewell, and Michael Aldridge [Trailer], (ii) 2011 Cold War espionage film directed by Tomas Alfredson, starring Gary Oldman as George Smiley, along with Colin Firth, Tom Hardy, John Hurt, Toby Jones, Mark Strong, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Ciarán Hinds, and featuring David Dencik [Trailer]. Both are adaptations of John le Carré’s novel Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (1974); which is set in London in the early 1970s and follows the hunt for a Soviet double agent at the top of the British secret service.

Le Carre’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy series deals with the socio-cultural dysfunctional consequences of Father Son [aka masculine insecurity / fatherhood parenting] relationships. In one discussion between Jim Prideaux and George Smiley; Prideaux is describing the Soviet psychological torture processes; and how initially he simply relied on plausible deniable stories as answers to the interrogators questions. Finally he didn’t psychologically break or crack, he says he just ran out of stories; and started to dig down into the stuff buried deep inside.

George Smiley to Karla: Mr. Guestman: “If you go home to Moscow you will either be shot or sent to die in one of the camps. Wouldn’t you prefer to ask us for protection. …. Arrangement with Americans invitation. I can’t see an alternative for you. If you cooperate; we can give you a new start; a new identity. Seclusion. A modest amount of money. …. Would you like a cigarette. I know you’re a chainsmoker. I know this is what you smoke. Look. I’m not offering you wealth, or smart women or your choice of fast cars. I know you haven’t any use for any of those things. I’m not going to make any claims about the moral superiority of the West. I’m sure you can see through our values; just as I can see through yours in the East. You and I have spent our lives looking for the weaknesses in each others systems. I’m sure each of us has experienced innumerable technical satisfactions in our wretched cold war. But now your own side is going to shoot you. For nothing. For misdemeanours you have not committed. Because of a power struggle within your own hierarchy. Because probably due to someone’s treachory; or sheer incompetence. I am sure both of us when we were young subscribed to great visions. But not anymore. After all you’ve seen? You can’t still be committed to that old grand design. You know it has achieved nothing except new forms of the old misery.”

Bill Haydn/Tailor’s confession why he became a British-Soviet double agent: “Do you know whats killing western democracy? Greed and constipation. Moral, political, aesthetic. I hate America very deeply. The economic depression of the masses institutionalized. Even Lenin couldn’t foresee the extent of that. Britain. Oh Dear. No viability whatever in world affairs. I suppose thats when it began. Turning my eyes to the east. When I saw how trivial we had become as a nation. .. I still believe the secret service are the nations only real expression of a nations character. Until the mid 50’s I still had hopes, lingering loyalties to what we represented. Self delusions of course. We were already America’s streetwalkers.”
– Wikispooks: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Bill Hayden justifies his betrayal.

“I waited at the end of the Cold War for somebody to tell us the world can now be reshaped. That endless standoff as it seemed to us; between the two great economic monoliths of the western world and the communist world was over. The excuses for exploiting the third world, for imposing dreadful little dictators on them, provided they were anti-communist. All those excuses are gone. Now something decent could be put together. A real act of global perestroika could occur. Nothing happened. We went into a kind of collective western atrophy of isolation and self indulgence. Our response was to make ourselves fatter and richer and not to take on the world at large. So I felt that a great moment in history had simply gone by default.” — John Le Carre; Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – The Secret Centre.
» IG: 17-07-05_postcoldwar-eoptrcpeace-lecarrettss.

“Another important point that was raised during all of this is: We have no clear dividing line or frontier. There is clearly something which is legitimate armed resistance, whatever you say, we can recognize that, when we see that. Its enshrined in international law; that people have a right to armed resistance; and the circumstances are specified in law. But where is that frontier and where does terrorism start? I think we have tended to opt for, if you like definitions of terrorism, that are very all embracing, and don’t recognize that there is an area where difficult decisions may need to be made about, which side of the line lie something falls. I think the other element, which was also one that I raised, was that in my thirty years of experience of working with these groups, actually on both sides of radical groups and having been involved with them. Nearly always standing behind radical groups has been a state actor, or an intelligence service of a state actor. They are not just entirely something that has spontaneously arisen. In most cases there are state actors. So sometimes I think the question that one has to put is where do you start solving it? Do you start improving it – as asked by the Prime Minister of Pakistan — by improving education and the economic circumstances; is that enough, or if you have intelligence services actually behind these groups, do you have to resolve the geopolitical struggle, before you can actually find that it works. Which way does it work, bottom up, or top down?
– Valdai Club: Alastair Crooke: We Have No Clear Line Between Resistance and Terrorism.
» IG: 17-07-05_postcoldwar-eoptrcpeace-alistaircrooke.


WiP Gov officials and citizens need to understand the WiP intnl law society they built; Support a change of Attitude between Party Officials & workers: Mr Gorbachev: You start from above, we will start from below:

“Yuri Andropov rose to the peak of Soviet Leadership, when Brezhnev died in November 1982. Before the handover he had handled the KGB, the most powerful and notorious of Soviet institutions. In one of his speeches, Yuri Andropov said this: ‘We need to understand what kind of society we have built. Those were his own words. In the context of those dogmatic times, that sounded like a dissident phrase.” – Nikolai Ryzhkov: Chairman: Council of Ministers of Soviet Union, 1985-1991.

The Kemarova region in northern Siberia is one of Russia’s largest coal producing areas. People going down the mines every day have a particularly strong feeling of camaraderie. The Soviet Union’s first mass strikes began in the coal mining areas. One one occasion half a million workers in various parts of the country, went on strike, almost simultaneously. ‘No-one was working, they said go back, so we took a bus and went to the square. ‘Yes, and do you remember how many people were there?’. Vladimir Zotov, a retired coalminer remembers the events of those days frequently with his former colleagues. His team was the first to go on strike. ‘We didn’t have political demands, we didn’t try to change the system. What we did want was to change the attitude of the party bureaucracy towards us workers. Now a few over there have decided to launch perestroika. Okay, lets do it together. Mr Gorbachov, you start from above, and we will start from below.” – RT: Perestroika: From Re-Building to Collapse.
» IG: 17-08-04_sapersteincompost.


If u r right that Steve Paddock was targeting right wing conservatives; some of yr WiP white supremacist colleagues agree with Steven Paddocks motives to kill white degenerates.. EoP responsible-freedom or death is non-racial. If its ok for WiP RW Anders Breivik and Thomas Mair to kill LW degenerates, its ok 4 Steven Paddock & James Hodgkinson to kill RW degenerates. EoP TRC [tc-v-rm.tygae.org.za] solution: simple definition 2 solve ‘Degenerate Q’ [eop-v-ussecstate.tygae.org.za]. – @EoPMiledClerk 05 Oct 2017.
» EoP Leg Sub: EoP v WiP Military: EoP v WiP De-Industrialization & Depopulation.


William Colby: Wisdom of Seeking Win Win Negotiations Problem Solving

“He was a creature of Washington. You know you look around the world these days, especially America; and they are so contentious. People are at each others throats. I still feel that Washington is a place where people talk to each other and you can have Donald Rumsfeld and Patrick Leahy maybe in the same room, once in a while. I think he wanted to live in that world, where we could have discourse and maybe disagree, but really come up with the best solutions to today’s problems. … He’s not afraid of the American public. Patrick Leahy I interviewed him, and he said ‘What are we Americans afraid of, in terms of determining policy?” – Carl Colby; CSpan: Q & A: Carl Colby.

“I think it’s my mothers indomitable spirit. She’s World War II generation. I’ll give you a little insight. I didn’t put it in the film but while I interviewed her [Barbara Colby], we were talking about Iraq and Afghanistan; and she said ‘Where is my sacrifice? What am I being asked to do, where is my part in this war. If we are at war, give me something to do, and maybe I should ration; or maybe I should go and visit the VA hospital or wrap bandages. If I am part of this, where is my sacrifice?’. – Carl Colby; CSpan: Q & A: Carl Colby.

“The new weapons are more dangerous to the possessors, much more, and that’s why I think it is essential that we stop this mad race in this thing. The race is unwinnable. You cannot win it, because whatever you do, he counters. The weapons are unusable. Unilateral restraint won’t solve anything; and the world we are headed toward is unliveable, resting on a fragile suspicion base, which must be responded to in matters of moments; if we see the wrong signals. … Our general staff decided we need small accurate [MX missiles] one’s and so we built small accurate ones. The Soviets built allot of big ones and so suddenly we say well, we need big ones, cause they have big ones. Not because we need em, but because they have them. That’s a kind of adolescent reaction: he has a bigger baseball bat, so I need a bigger baseball bat. … The Scowcroft Commission looked into the [MX missile] thing and they said it was dangerous and not very valuable, but they said we should build it to show national will and determination. I think there are lots of better ways to show national will and determination than to building useless and dangerous weapons. That doesn’t show much wisdom, it may show national will and determination; but I’d rather show some wisdom with it. [What would be actions of wisdom?] Well reaching across to the Soviets and indicating that we perceive their fears and concerns and insist that they understand our fears and our concerns, and negotiate with them, not from a point of view of one-upping them, but from a point of view of seeking out a relationship, that will be beneficial to both sides, that will save both sides useless and even dangerous activity. [How do you accomplish this? We’ve had three treaties in the past two decades signed by both presidents, but not ratified by the Senate and Congress] Well there you put your finger on how to accomplish this. Either through a particularly brilliant leader, or by pressure from the base, from the population as a whole. … At the moment we really have to have our own negotiating proposals looked at. President Raegan did not realize that his initial negotiating proposal would have required the Soviets to eliminate something like 3/4 of their landbased system; and wouldn’t have affected ours much at all. Now, if our leader does not realize what the impact of his proposal on the other side is; you don’t have a negotiation. You’ve got to think it out and work out a negotiation, that does recognize the concerns of the other side. So that’s the first thing to develop a proper negotiating procedure. They have certainly told us what they are concerned about. …. Out of that realization as to what concerns each side, one can construct negotiations which give a reasonable balance. This does not mean they will immediately accept it. They are very tough, hard bargainers; and sometimes their bargaining is very negativist; and is really not seeking a solution. But then as in any contract negotiation that we all go through, even when we buy a used car, you give a little to get him to come towards you. Thats the nature of the negotiation, there’s nothing unique or mysterious about it, you are just trying to make a deal. … The intelligence business is the country’s mechanic to investigate’s your used car and sees whether its any good or not, before you buy it. And we investigate after we’ve bought it, to make sure its stays good. [A second way that you have indicated that wisdom can be shown is about bringing about necessary social and economic change in countries that are at risk around the world.] That’s not so much a Soviet problems, that deals with the other problem of our national security. Now we receive millions of people in our country every year, as refugees as migrants and so forth. Now we’re not going to solve that by putting up barriers, at our borders. The way in which we are going to solve that, is to get the economies of those countries, particularly in the lands to the south of us, booming so that they have jobs and hope there, and don’t have to come here to seek their livelihood. Now that I think is a move toward our national security. [At one point you informed Soviet leader Brezhnev that the more we know about each other, the safer we will be, what were you hoping he would understand.] Well I was hoping that he would understand that that is the real function of intelligence today, to clarify on both sides, misunderstanding.
– [Bold EoP Amended] Quest for Peace: William Colby.
» IG: 17-07-04_williamcarlcolby


Gen Flynn: US should invest in solutions to conflict, not conflict cannibalism:

Michael Flynn: [TALKING OVER] Yeah. I think that we have invested in, in more conflict instead of actually investing in solutions. So, and when I say that, what I mean is that we invest in more drones, we invest in more bombs, we invest in more weapons, we invest in more ammunition, we invest in more guys to go out and kill more guys. That’s investing in conflict, instead of really taking a serious look and say, “What … what are the big excuses that these guys are using?” And if it’s lack of, you know, if it’s poor economic conditions, if it’s poor social conditions, then let’s fix those. But those kinds of things aren’t gonna get fixed overnight. And the leaders of the Middle East have to decide that that’s what they want to do. – Michael Flynn.
– Al Jazeera: Transcript: Michael Flynn on ISIL [archive.is/JqvFk].


Alt Right Leaders: Do you want Nigger Free, Full Employment Low Tech Agrarian Sustainable Stable Economy World?

So when you hand South African, American and European white supremacists; the opportunity to honourably, ethically, legally and humanely rid the world of 90% of non-europeans [according to their white supremacist beliefs about blacks ‘chimping out’, lacking sexual impulse control, etc]; and their response is: Thanks, but no thanks, what is going on?

Do white supremacists secretly think their own white supremacists friends and followers lack sexual impulse control; to practice responsible freedom breeding and consumption; and/or do they prefer to masochistically and maliciously profiteer of non-european resource conflict misery and cheap labour; closet slavery supremacists; but Jews are the parasites; that need to be sent to concentration camp ovens? Or what is going on?
» EoP Leg Sub: 07 Jul: EoP Re: Patching it Up with Putin; Liberal Jews to Israel: Do It Our Way or Else; 02 Dec: EoP Info Re: ICTY: Prlić et al. Slobodan Praljak Strategic Suicide: WiP Intnl law root cause of all resource conflict.


EoP Summary Interpretation: EoP Garden of Eden v WiP Babylon Law.

Indigenous tribes living in their Garden of Eden’s around the world were obeying EoP [breed & consume below Mother Nature/God’s ecological resource carrying capacity] law, while they consciously or unconsciously required their tribes to breed and consume – in terms of their hunting, nomadic herding, hunter gathering and/or sustainable subsistence agriculture – below ecological carrying capacity limits.

Once one or more Cain tribes adopted totalitarian agriculture; they changed their breeding/consumption to obey WiP cultural / religious and/or national law. Practicing totalitarian agriculture involves intensive cultivation of the land for surplus food production; which then results in growth of population of the tribe, and extension of territory – for growing population / consumption greed – into a neighbouring Cain or Abel tribe’s territory.

Many Cain tribes / religions living in accordance to totalitarian agriculture WiP law; results in resource conflict as tribes demands for expanding territory comes into conflict with neighbouring tribes territory. All tribes can cooperate via a Abel Kane Cold War EoP TRC [eop-trc-ds.tygae.org.za] responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] or EoP Policy Statement [eop-policy-stmnt.tygae.org.za] path to implementing EoP Scientific and Cultural Law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] as international law; to return to harmony with EoP Gaia law for all; or develop their ‘war’ – alienation from honesty – deception skills on their WiP Tower of Babel Four Horses Armageddon journey.

The ‘knowledge of good and evil’ – flattery / spin / public relations – deception resource thieving war skills; are then used to deceive: (a) self: in order to better deceive others, it helps if you believe your own ego ‘its my God given right to breed/consume above ecological carrying capacity’ bullshit; (b) tribal followers: to convince them to be economic brood sow and/or sperm donor or military cannon fodder for your racial or religious political resource thieving campaigns; and (c) other tribes: to deceive their political leaders and/or followers; so as to more easily steal their land and/or cheap labour capital.
» IG: 17-09-04_eop-bible-eopedenvwipbabylonlaw.


EoP TRC Draft Statements:

EoP Truth and Reconciliation End to Abel and Kane Cold War [eoptrc-akcoldwar.tygae.org.za] Draft Statements [eop-trc-ds.tygae.org.za]


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