EoP v Dignitas

If EoP correspondence to Dignitas [dignitas.ch] and/or about Assisted Suicide application to Dignitas; result in EoP v Dignitas court proceedings; the EoP Legal Submission shall include EoP scientific and cultural law recommendations to shut down the WiP Ponzi profiteering of resource conflict and misery economy, by ‘turning off the tap’ — i.e. the breeding / consumption above ecological carrying capacity limitscauses of resource conflict and war; by implementing an Ecology of Peace New World Order Social Contract that (a) requires all citizens of all races, religions, nations, to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits; or be humanely eliminated from the planetary genepool; (b) nationalizes all property and provides all responsible freedom oath citizens: (i) cultural law self rule for groups with subjective racial, religious & gender identities; and (ii) a property ration to enable their shelter and survival self-sufficiency to enable the rebuilding of a relocalized low-tech organic agrarian sustainable future.



Summary of Request for Assisted Suicide Help Reasons to Dignitas:

Considering the world we are creating for future generations, procreation today is like renting rooms in a burning building—renting them to our children no less. – VHEMT: Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.

My request for a Dignitas Assisted Suicide, is not based upon physical ailments, but socio-cultural non-violent VHEMT death in dignity preference worldview.

My preference for a Voluntary Human Extinction motivated assisted suicide began many years ago, in about 1999, as I noticed and experienced the violence of overpopulation and overconsumption’s collision with finite resource reality; and how individuals involved in resource conflicts related not in terms of cooperating to address the root causes of resource conflict to implement Ecology of Peace international law; but instead based upon deception and deceipt and viciously maligning the character and reputations of sincere peaceniks and/or honourable warriors.

I have lived and advocated – probably about 70% of my time, labour/financial resources – on behalf of an Ecology of Peace: non-violent life, in terms of procreation and consumption below ecological carrying capacity limits [eop-footprint.tygae.org.za]; and in terms of relating to individuals of all races, religions, classes and genders in terms of fully informed consent relating values. Put differently I have avoided procreation, consumption and deception crimes of aggression [crimes-of-aggression.tygae.org.za].

In the event that my efforts – in cooperation with EoP Applicants [eop-applicants.tygae.org.za] to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za], as international law – fail; my preference is a non-violent death by assisted suicide in Siberia near Lake Baikal, or if not possible, at Dignitas in Switzerland, with Dignitas making arrangements for my urn’s ashes to be sent to Siberia to be scattered in the forests near Lake Baikal.

As EoP MILED Clerk on behalf of EoP Applicants [eop-applicants.tygae.org.za]; I have been advocating and educating government officials and citizens how to cooperate with each other; to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za], as international law; that would require all the worlds citizens of all races, religions, classes and genders to procreate and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits [eop-footprint.tygae.org.za], and relate in terms of fully informed consenting agreements; or be convicted of crimes of aggression [crimes-of-aggression.tygae.org.za]; and if such violation was intentional; to be honourably allowed to resolve disputes with their family members, and voluntarily remove their genes from the planetary genepool, by means of their own preferred assisted suicide preferences.

If or when I receive Dignitas’s so-called “provisional green light”; such legal and medical ‘green light’; could be very useful in my request to Russian officials, for permission for an assisted suicide death in the Siberian forests near Lake Baikal.
» EoP Leg Sub: 26 Feb: Dignitas: Declaration of Membership Form & Summary: Assisted Suicide Help Request.



EoP Leg Sub EoP v Dignitas correspondence.
Dignitas Report: SASOP, Dignity SA, Walter v Min of Health, HPCSA.