If EoP correspondence to Bank of International Settlements result in EoP v BIS court proceedings, EoP Applicants EoP Legal Submission shall involve EoP scientific and cultural law recommendations to shut down the WiP Ponzi profiteering of resource conflict and misery economy, by ‘turning off the tap’ — i.e. the breeding / consumption above ecological carrying capacity limitscauses of resource conflict and war; by implementing an Ecology of Peace New World Order Social Contract that (a) requires all citizens of all races, religions, nations, to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits; or be humanely eliminated from the planetary genepool; (b) nationalizes all property and provides all responsible freedom oath citizens: (i) cultural law self rule for groups with subjective racial, religious & gender identities; and (ii) a property ration to enable their shelter and survival self-sufficiency to enable the rebuilding of a relocalized low-tech organic agrarian sustainable future.


Bank of International Settlements Cases:

The EoP New World Order Social Contract Options [eop-nwo-sco] recommendations related to Bank of International Settlements:

EoP v Nobel:
The Bank of International Settlements is one of the Banking respondents in EoP v Nobel et al: eop-v-nobel.

Bank of International Settlements; Inter-American Development Bank; APRACA: Asia-Pacific Rural & Agriculture Credit Association and all their Members organisations Boards of Directors and Management respondents are hereby charged with ‘crimes of aggression acts of war’.

Once Nation State Attorney Generals, ICC Prosecutor and ICC Judges have approved EoP PoW applicants Private Prosecution and Ecology of Peace Decalogue Commandment ‘crimes of aggression acts of war’ definition; respondents have 25 days (which may be reasonably extended upon written request), to “Plead Guilty &Apologize or Object; failing which they shall be convicted and sentenced for ‘crimes of Aggression Acts of War”.

EoP Wealth Transfer Option & Shut Down Ponzi Swamp Economy:
EoP Wealth Transfer Option [eop-wt] & Shut Down the Ponzi Swamp World Economy [eop-sdwipecon] BIS recommendations are:

All Banks from Bank of International Settlements; Inter-American Development Bank; APRACA: Asia-Pacific Rural to the Agriculture Credit Association; to traded and privately owned corporations shall be nationalized. The Derivatives Market will go through bankruptcy proceedings and both the Derivatives Market and Stock Exchanges will be shut down.



EoP Leg Sub EoP v BIS correspondence.